Exploiting You: German Breakfast Food

So in Rocky Start, Coral, a German expat, runs a bakery/coffee shop called Ecstasy. Yes, it’s still called Ecstasy.

At this point in the writing–you all know how things change radically after our first drafts–Coral opens at 7AM and closes at 3PM, and while people drift in all afternoon for pastry and coffee, her big draw is her take on German breakfasts.

So what I need here is feedback from people who eat or have eaten breakfast in Germany, or just want to talk about eating breakfast in Germany, or talk about breakfast in general and why they’d go to a coffee shop for it, or you know, just discuss Coral’s Ecstasy as a community center. . .

Below are the dishes I’ve found after a short (4 sites) google. Please weigh in on as to whether (a) these are actually German breakfast dishes and (b) what you think about them. Thank you.
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