Argh Author: Jilly Woods The Seeds of Destiny

. Our own Jilly Wood has a new book out this week, The Seeds of Destiny.

Some secrets are too dangerous to share.

Annis Benkith sacrificed her future as a healer to prevent her tribe’s ruthless leaders from exploiting her powers. But when an energy-sick nobleman visits the Kith’s trading camp, she covertly reads his lifeshadow and barters her help for a new life in the lowlands.

The fascinating blueblood is Daire, crown prince of Caldermor. At his side Annis can be valued, even happy—provided she can keep him alive. She uses her own life to save his, unaware that her desperate act will leave Daire unable to fulfill his duties under a vital, age-old pact. If Daire’s stewardship fails, Caldermor will fall.

Daire is offered a reprieve if he banishes Annis. Instead, he vows to keep her close and save the Legacy. But as time runs out, Annis must choose whether to leave the life—and the man—she has grown to love…or risk everything on her last, most fiercely guarded, secret.

The Seeds of Destiny wraps up the Elan Intrigues fantasy romance series. If you like brave heroines, bighearted heroes, hard choices, and powerful magic, you’ll enjoy this dramatic historical fantasy by award-winning author Jilly Wood.

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