Questionable: How Do You Use Doppelgängers?

Kat wrote:
“Have you used a doppelgänger before? . . . I’d love to hear more about the specific pairings in your books.”

First, let’s define some terms. A doppelgänger is a double, a character who is the duplicate of another character, often an evil twin or a supernatural entity that tries to take over its twin’s life. The term is from the German, meaning “double walker,” and it’s often creepy, but it can also be use used as a story-telling device: here are two characters who are essentially the same; watch one of them change while the other one stays the same and acts as a foil or point of comparison to its twin. I’m not a big writer of evil, so I use it to show character, not as an actual plot point; that is, Liz never thinks, “My god, I have a doppelgänger,” but people do point out some of the similarities to her. Continue reading