Happiness is Something Exciting Ahead

I like quiet. Peace. Silence. So I’d forgotten what it was like to be looking at a major life change, happy to be going toward it. By this time next week, I should be in a new place, trying to peel a freaked-out Veronica off the ceiling, explain to Emily William that yes, that is her cactus cat tower and her food dish is inside it as usual, full. That makes me happy, along with the new office I’m going to set up, and the new kitchen I’ll have, and two bathrooms so when Krissie comes to stay, she’ll finally have some privacy. And lunches with Pat Gaffney and heated swimming pools and lot of restaurants and a whole new town to discover. I should have done this YEARS ago. And more books to write and read and new recipes to try and . . .

This week I am very happy about next week.

What made you happy this week?