Pssst: You Can Order the Lavender Trade Paperback Now [ETA: And Hardcover]

You can order Lavender’s Blue right now in paperback because Bob uploaded it last night. Warning: It’s $15.99 which seems high for a paperback, but there it is. He’ll load the hardcover up in the next couple of days, I think, but that’s going to be somewhere around $26.00 (I had to lie down when he told me that) so if you want print, the trade is probably the way to go. And the e-book will go live on the 25th for $4.99, so there’s that.

I just can’t believe that book is finally going to be here. Here’s your link.. (No, I haven’t seen it in real life yet, fingers crossed it looks good. Amazon says mine will be here Saturday, but Bob says not until the 17th and Bob is usually right.)

ETA: And the hardcover is live now, too.

Important Announcement

Turns out Emily is a boy. That’s okay, his full name was Emily William since I wasn’t sure, but it was still a shock, though I don’t know why. It wasn’t like the cat had been playing with Barbies and wearing pink. In fact, Emily William is pretty comfortable being gender neutral, possibly because he’s been spayed. (We found out a lot at the vet’s.) Anyway, Emily is taking it in stride, much better than he took the trauma that was the cat carrier. He seems to have forgiven me now, but it took a while.

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