Working Wednesday, June 28, 2023, a little early

I have had a very frustrating week already, and it’s only Tuesday afternoon. People continue to thwart me as I’m trying to move. I wasn’t going out today because I’m so frustrated I’d start aiming for people with my car, and then I had to go out anyway and I didn’t hit anybody, so more frustration. So I’m putting up Working Wednesday early and going Zen for the rest of the night.

One good thing: we have a cover. I think the only change yet to come is going from “A Novel” to “A Liz Danger Novel.”

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  1. That is a stunning cover!

    Working on the house, i.e., it is our summer to Just Get Stuff Done. We did miracles with the master bedroom and now the bed doesn’t make my back hurt. In progress: laundry room and youngest kid’s room. By next Wednesday things will be MUCH further along! Plus the usual garden stuff. I harvested the plumcots yesterday and now I need to prep them for freezing because it’s 4x what the tree produced last year. This is proof the garden is starting to really mature and pay off after 4 years of effort.

  2. I’m still trying to memorize my lines. It’s hard, yo. I know some of them/the shorter bits, but longer bits are harder to bake all the way through.

    I auditioned for another show (Something Rotten) this week, asking if I could do two at once and do rehearsals half the week for one and the other half of the week for the other for just over a month. I probably won’t hear about it until the end of the week, but the director didn’t express objections right off the bat and just said give me a list of conflicts, so…who knows. I’m just a warm body there so it’d be less of an issue.

    I’m sewing a ton of flowers onto my Halloween costume and still trying to figure out a new “portable” yarn project since the one I have been trying to do I have given up on trying to get to work. God, I hate trying to get fingering yarn gauge to work, I just can’t seem to do it.

      1. Well, at least not about the tentacles…. When you and Lupe get each other going there are times when I doubt your sanity, even if I do enjoy the entertainment.

  3. I’m back at actual work after four glorious weeks away, and it’s really not so bad. Now that I’ve said that things will inevitably go to hell, but so far so good. Positive attitude holding firm.

    The fun work has been collecting my cats from the cattery and making ALL the green foods. Scottish food is amazing, but it was really hard to find greens. Good to have gone, good to be home.

  4. Great cover. I had already pre-ordered mine and now just counting down to 7/25/23.

  5. Terrific cover!

    I’ve pulled down 13 plastic containers from the attic and am trying to throw out a lot and condense what I need to keep. When we moved 7 years ago, I just shoved stuff into boxes and brought them along. Now it’s time to commit to major reduction.

    I think I have around 40 boxes left to go through.

    Also, it’s time that I identify the stuff that we want to keep. Valuable stuff will need to be appraised for insurance. Stuff we don’t want needs to go. Small problems are that (1) I don’t know what’s valuable and what isn’t, and (2) although my kids had said they didn’t want anything, now that I’m talking about getting rid of stuff, they’re beginning to reconsider.

    I knew this situation would come around at some point. It’s not earth-shattering, but I don’t want to leave a huge mess when my husband and I die. ‘

    I’m already chuckling at myself — I’ll probably get halfway through, then stop. At least the mess won’t be quite as big as it was.

    1. I did the same thing when I moved! “My daughter isn’t going to want to deal with this, so I’d better do it.”

      What I’m most proud of is that I went through 16 linear feet (several bookcases) of photo albums, took out the pictures I loved most and had them scanned to a DVD – which I now don’t have a DVD player that will play them ;-). They now reside in chronological order in boxes and occasionally I am asked for copies of things like a preschool graduation or recital. Daughter’s children are fascinated to see their mother at that stage and I’m so glad that I can (kind of, sort of) find them easily.

      [The chronological order thing was easy. Someone at my baby shower told me to arrange them that way from the start and I bless whoever that was.]

      Also love the cover and spotted the noose right away. So clever to add in the flower buds as well! I can’t wait for a paperback release date, but will order a Kindle copy if I have to. NOT my most favorite way to read, and usually only used while traveling, but I will be more than happy to make an exception for Jenny and Bob!

      1. I think the paperback will come out early, but it’s going to be expensive (not our fault, it’s the price of paper and ink and production, I swear).

    2. Going through some of my moms stuff I have found that the internet is your friend on figuring out if something could be valuable.

  6. Now that’s a brilliant cover. Especially if the pearls are meant to be a noose re mystery. Perfect combo of women’s fic/romance feel with mystery elements. Kudos to the designer!

    1. They’re meant to be a noose, but we weren’t sure if anybody would catch that. So thank you!

      1. The knot in the strand is a giveaway:)

        If it helps, hubby (also a designer in one of his many hats) says if the lower part was a bit more circular rather than oval it may be even more clear without being too obvious or taking away from the overall feel. (Partly I think as another clue for the eye–defies the gravity of pearls hanging elongated below knot.) But to me it worked as is and not sure it would look as good.

        Also, gotta say the cover colour is striking. Fab use of the gradient. I’ve been in a retooling mode for my series covers so totally in the cover mindset these days and this one truly is great.

        1. I like it that the whole noose of pearls bit is subtle, that you probably don’t get the noose until the second look. And the cover works if somebody doesn’t see the noose; then it’s just a traditional romance cover.

          1. Totally agree. The noose this way adds a clever touch. The cover worked for me as a reader the second I saw it.

      2. It’s beautiful! Okay, I did miss the noose, but it’s early here. Just a thought, instead of “a novel,” could that read, “a mystery” or something like that to add to the tip-off? Either way, it’s a beautiful cover.

        1. It’s going to read “A Liz Danger Novel” because the mystery is a subplot, it’s really a romance novel. Well, it’s pretty much half and half, but it leans toward romance, and the romance arcs over all three books, although each stands on its own and has a definite ending, no cliffhangers.

  7. Ooh, I like that cover.

    Working: put in 3 hours in the yard last weekend so I can stay indoors with the AC on while people are blowing shit up outside next weekend. Got another chapter of the novel-in-progress written. Tiny bits of decluttering & reorganizing accomplished. Cooked (actually cooked, vs assembled from prefabricated components) dinner last night.

  8. The cover is a beautiful colour, and looks both modern and yet traditional and bridal with the pearls.

  9. I am so looking forward to reading that book! (those books)

    working: I’ve asked three people for quotes to put floating vinyl floors in this house.
    First included labor and supplies excepting the flooring itself. Difficult as it was through a trade only company that won’t even tell me prices of their flooring, much less sell to me.
    Second wanted to put down plywood sheets and screed throughout without coming to the house to notice that we actually have decent subfloors
    Third sent a quote for materials but not a digit about what he’d want for labour.
    there’s one more coming but his boss is totally against floating vinyl and wants to sell me waterproof laminate. I have doubts. And old, messy cats.
    Revisiting the possibility of doing it myself. The only power tool I’ve ever used is a drill…

    1. Clancy, I put down floating floors in my kitchen years ago with the help of a handy male friend, and there was still cursing. You’ll need a circular saw with a diamond-tipped blade (the cursing was because the place I bought the flooring from forgot to add that last tidbit, and so we broke a bunch of regular blade and splintered the edges of some of the flooring). It’s not quite as bad if you have a new build with straight walls (my old farmhouse doesn’t have straight anything), but it is still tricky.

      As for floating vinyl vs waterproof laminate, they actually look very much the same these days, especially if you are going for the wood look. The floating floor is great if you are going over existing flooring, or if your floors are uneven. Otherwise the laminate should work fine. And waterproof is great for old messy cats. You’d probably still want to pay someone to install it. I hope this helps.

    2. Most types of vinyl flooring are really easy to install. You should be able to search installation guides for various brands to see what’s involved. The kind we put in is not a click together but rather the pieces have straight edges that butt together and we cut most of them with an x-acto knife. The click together might need a circular saw or jigsaw.

  10. Nooses are associated in this county (US) less with murder (notwithstanding Jan 6th) and more with lynching. A fraught image, to put it mildly. Beautiful cover colors and I’m looking forward to reading the book, but that noose, arghhh.

    “Westerns” (the genre) have a bit more leeway when it comes to noose imagery (e.g. Loren Estleman’s book “The Master Executioner” is as compelling a read as it is harrowing), but even scaffolding (“His Girl Friday!”) is less fraught than “just” a noose — where “strange fruit” imagery follows. Nooses make a lot of us shudder, in a very bad way. Body counts in mysteries and romances are to be expected (seemingly), but ….

    1. I don’t think a lot of lynchings were done with pearls. You read the pearls first and then the noose.

      1. I did a long comment this morning and then deleted it. I was cranky last night, and my reply was snarky and therefore rude, so I apologize for that. I’ll just leave it that I respectfully disagree.

        1. The first thing I noticed was the noose. Not sure what that says about me. Because they’re pearls, I also thought femme fatale. It’s a beautiful cover and I think it conveys (what we know thus far about) the story.

          1. I’m very happy with the way it reflects the story. It’s a little more elegant than the story, but it’s got the right vibe.

        2. I don’t think lynchings (although I’m not US!). Grimly, I think suicide, but not with pearls. To me it read as death is afoot – but cosy. Also, about ‘running your head into a noose’ – ie, a trap of your making, and ‘feel the noose tighten’. And I can see how going back to your home town and getting trapped in a murder story is both those things!

          I can’t wait!

      2. I agree, Jenny. Definitely the pearls strike you first, and because it’s not a rope, I don’t think I had any kind of association with lynching. I absolutely love the cover. Very striking.

      3. And women, at least in my experience in the northern part of the US, do knot long strings of pearls, flapper style.

        1. But nobody has enough pearls to wind around that many times if they aren’ t going for a noose. I think it is very classy.

    2. I can see where the noose might be fraught for people, especially given that nooses are being hung in work places and college and so forth to intimidate black people. I don’t think lynching would be the first thing most white people would think of but for both black people and for white people who were part of an institution where that happened, it might be.

      We had an ugly incident at a local college about six years ago where a noose was used to intimidate the first female, African American student body president. That kind of hate crime sticks with you.

    3. For what it’s worth, when I saw the noose, I was thinking a suicide that turned out to be murder. Lynching did not occur to me at all. But that’s just me. I think the cover for Ring Shout by P. Djeli Clark bothers me a lot more. Hmm.

    4. Thanks for pointing this out, Laura and Debbie. I’d been struck by the gorgeous shade of blue, and support Jenny and Bob’s creative decisions, but personally, now I’ll avoid nooses for my own books unless it’s a deliberate choice.

      An orthopedic surgeon in Alberta, originally from South Africa, hung a noose on an operating room door of a Black surgical assistant originally from Nigeria.
      The surgeon got away with it for years and claimed it was a lasso. Finally got four months’ suspension.

      Very sorry to hear that people used the same tactic against the first African American student body president at another college.

      Virtual hugs to all.

  11. Is there someone who’d like to describe the cover to me? I have no idea how any of Jenny’s covers look, and would love to hear about this new one. Pearls in a noose, oh my!

    I made pulled chicken in the slowcooker yesterday. It was very good. Will use a little less salt next time, but generally very happy with the result.

    Haven’t made so much more progress on the plushie yet. I need to make a back-piece that will allow me to attach the wings (unless I wanna cut holes in the body and sew them in), and I’m thinking perhaps I should also make a top-of-head-piece so the head won’t be so…2-dimentional. Still figuring things out. I also need to create arms for this pattern; the original dragon had four feet, but I want it to have arms instead.

    Did some more glueing on the dragon-egg I’m mosaicking. About 85 % done with the second half now. Whew. Still need to figure out what to do with the insides of it. It’s a two-piece styrofoam-egg which you can open like an Easter Egg, so the insides are now just white and uninteresting.

    Mostly I’ve been binge-rewatching Heartland. The only thing that occasionally really annoys me with that series is all the added-on neighing and grunting and snorting of the horses. Horses really do not make that much noise all the time, AND sometimes you hear so clearly that it’s an added-on neigh that it’s ridiculous. Except for that, I really like that series.

    Also been training the cats on coming when I call their names. Matcha is hard to get inside when she’s in the backyard, and I need to be able to rely on them to come when I call, so we’re practicing a little every day. I slacked off a bit on these kinds of things over the last months, so it’s more a matter of relearning than learning something new, which is good. Were making progress.

    1. Think lavender (color) background with lavender flowers/buds sprinked around and, in the center, an ornate string of pearls knotted in a noose shape which really pops once you notice it.

    2. Are you giving them a treat when they come? My cats will come when I yell “Treats!” At other times, they will come if they feel like it. Cats.

      1. It depends a bit. Triple usually comes anyway, with or without treats. I’ve had to go back on giving Matcha treats, or she won’t come. Not guaranteed she’ll come even if I have treats it seems, so we need to practice this some more. Fortunately she seems fine hanging out with us/me inside too, not asking to go outside at all. I figure the problem in her case is that she is too smart: “Aha, a treat means I have to come inside again and I don’t feel like that right now, so I’m not gonna!” where Trip is like: “TREEEAAAAATTTTTSSSSS” *swooosh* “okay I am inside now can I have it please yes meow?! MEEEEOOOOOOWWWWW!” Matcha is too smart for everyone’s good. Argh.
        (Triple came to stand beside me now as I was typing this and MEEEEOOOOOOOWed in my ear. Sheesh. Cats.)

        My cat Chili, who still lives with my mum in Sweden and really is an outdoor cat, always came when I called just because I called*. No treats needed. He could teach Matcha a thing or two. Sigh.

        * He’s 16 now and more or less deaf, so those days are over. His age is also the reason he is not living with us – he’s too old with too many age-related ailments to travel here.

    3. Elinor pretty much got it for you.

      The things I like about it:
      The background is a rich lavender-purple, more blue than red, and it’s fairly dark, enough to be dramatic.

      There’s a pearl necklace in the center top two thirds that the designer photoshopped into a noose by putting rows of pearls where normally there’d be just a knot. They’re really beautiful and glossy and pop nicely against that rich background. Scattered around the pearls are small lavender flowers, not the big spikes but the individual tiny blossoms. One thing I like: the pretty traditional romance flowers against the pearl noose, both fun and ominous.

      The title has “Lavender” in an elegant, upper case serif type in white, and under that has “Blue” in lower case sans type, creating the same contrast with the image and the background, dark and light, classic and modern, and like the pearls, the white pops against the dark background. Our names are under that in the same sans serif font, in standard upper and lower case, much smaller than the title but clear. She also added “From The New York Times Bestselling Authors of Agnes and the Hitman” in small black italic serif lower case letters between the title and our names, the black helps them disappear against the background and cuts down on the busyness of that much type. Off to one side there’s a slanted green leaf, and the words “A Novel” in black slanted at the same angle.

      It’s mostly monochromatic, purple and white, with just a few dark green leaves for minimal contrast.

      The changes I asked for were to remove the lavender flowers from around the title because I thought the flowers scattered over the letters made the whole thing too busy, but otherwise, the design in hers. Mollie said to change “a novel” to “a Liz Danger novel” and she’ll do that in the final.

      And then there are two more books, but we already know a lot about them:
      They’ll have mostly monochromatic covers, pink for the second one and orangish red for the third.
      We’ll use the same fonts and placement.
      We’ll figure out something to use at the main image and then something small to scatter around it, so when the books are placed together, they’ll be clearly different but still related.

      The key is figuring out what to use for the images. I still want the one ominous, one light idea. There’s a giant red teddy bear in all three books, so we could do the bear with matches scattered around it (crime in this one is arson). We could do a large matchbox with matches and red gummy bears scattered around it. The key is making the central image a little off kilter, the bear with a threatening expression, one of the matches in the box burned. And we can put a logo on the box from one of the places the characters hit frequently, a diner and a dive bar. The box the designer found is black, which would look great on an intense pink background.

      The last one is going to be harder, but we’re working on it.

      1. Thank you so much for going into more detail! It sounds stunning and, as you say, both light and ominous, which can’t be an easy combo to pull off. If the picture you create inside my head is even remotely like the actual picture, it’s great.
        Very interesting to hear that there are no people on this cover. I always imagined everything that falls into the romance-category would have humans (or the other romantic beings) on the cover.
        So out of all of your books up to date, Jenny, which cover is your favourite?

  12. Love the cover!

    My hubby defrosted and cleaned out the chest freezer. He sent me a picture and told me it’s ready for bodies…

    I am not doing much this week besides the day job. We are down three people and I am tired.

    A local tea shop I had contacted to show art with had initially told me next Spring, with the possibility of October or November if they had a cancellation. Well, I got a call and they need someone for August, which is great, but has me a bit panicked coming off of my other show so soon. I like to do about one per quarter because it allows me to do finish more new work. Ah well. We take what the universe gives.

      1. Lol. He is not much for fiction, though I did talk him into reading Agnes. He just knows me. And I have been very crabby this week… No blood on the walls yet though.

    1. It sounds like we’re going to have to break both you and Jenny out of jail this week the way things are going. Preparing a great breakout outfit as we speak….

  13. I think the cover is striking.

    I spent an extended weekend at a small cabin in the woods with my close quilting friends, doing what we do. The first day I worked diligently on an older project until I hit a stumbling block – didn’t have all the pieces cut. So, then I moved on to the new and shiny project

    I’m about to embark on a mystery quilt, and I had a bunch of fabrics that didn’t make that team, but were in a similar color. So, I found a pattern that could use some of these up. There are twelve blocks, each block made of four sections. It was taking me about 1 1/2 to 2 hours to get to the completed sections done. So, four more to go. Maybe this weekend. It will be hot and sticky (like last weekend), but since I’ll be inside the air conditioning, instead of out of the porch, I think I’ll deal with it better.

    1. Nancy, will those lovely squares each contain only a single pattern or are you mixing patterns in one square (which is what your second photo looks like. I love the look of the all-one patttern version on the first photo, so I vote for the former. 🙂

      Person with no actual vote….

      1. Jinx – my intention is to have each square made up of one fabric, like in the first photo. I just didn’t get around to doing that part with the pieces in the second photo.

  14. I like the cover.

    I’ve been working in the backyard take me up dead branches of a huge butterfly bush, deadheading roses, generally cleaning up detritus. It’s exhausting work, that needed to be done.

  15. I saw the cover on Amazon before seeing it here, and it made me so happy. Love, love, love the color and imagery.

    I’ve got so many things on my list, I don’t know where to start. Well, prioritizing what has to get done first, then tackling it bit by bit. That’s the plan, anyway.

  16. I love the cover. Really striking and eye-catching.

    Frustration R Us. I paid a lot of money to have a company come snake my clogged kitchen drain last week. Then it promptly clogged back up again two days later. On the bright side, the guy is coming back today to fix the plumbing issue that is causing the problem (and if I ever find the plumber who installed my kitchen 21 years ago, we’re going to have words…and some of them are going to be rude).

    Speaking of covers, I got a few advanced copies of my next Llewellyn book, which is coming out in September, and while it looks fine, the cover which was supposed to be a beautiful deep purple is actually a sort of reddish brown. It probably doesn’t matter to sales, but still…purple.

    It has been a week and counting of multiple small frustrations. I hope the universe is getting it out of its system before I have to fly across the country and back in July.

  17. I got tired of watching my evergreens turn brown, one limb at a time, and googled it. Evidently they are stressed from the really hot summer and low snowfall last winter. They may also have pests, and I have a spray for that. I spent the morning cutting away all the brown, spraying, and watering them, and they look better today. I also cleared out “the back 40”, which was full of creeping Charlie and another invasive weed. The Purple Love Grass I planted there this spring is thriving, which is great news. That back corner of my yard is very dry, and now gets a lot of sun, since the Mulberries got removed. The Purple Love Grass was touted to love dry ground, and it does! Today, I am watering other trees, and places where the grass has turned brown.

    Jenny, I have had days and weeks when it felt like the universe was conspiring to frustrate me. Things just don’t seem to work the way they used to. It feels like every business has invested in long voice messaging, or Asian-accented phone answering people. I hope you get past this blockade and can once again go full speed ahead. I’m also grateful you missed with your car. I think that would have been a bit messy, and caused the police to arrest you.

  18. I’m trying to catch up on job work, complete the planning for the August commitment ceremony, rescue the garden from the weeds that took it over while I was gone, and get ready for next week’s parathyroid surgery. All of which feels more urgent since the surgeon said it could take 2 weeks to recover —the endocrinologist had told me 3-4 days.

    The garden has also suffered from an invasion of deer and possibly bunnies, probably because I wasn’t here to do my usual weekly organic spraying (made of rotten eggs and garlic). Almost all my lilies were neatly cropped and are now charming arrangements of stems. Half my border of portulaca is nibbled to the ground. I made the mistake of leaving some newly purchased market flats outside without spraying them and less than 24 hours later the flat of portulaca had been reduced to some elegant stems. You gotta admire their industry.

    I’ve also been trying to swallow my indignation and tactfully persuade my mom to live up to her commitment to provide each of the grandkids still to enter college with some financial support . She didn’t help the oldest five . But when she offered #6 help (meaningful but nowhere near the full cost) we agreed she would also do it for 7-9. She followed up with 7 but is now claiming it was one kid per family meaning she won’t help 8 and 9.

    I’m furious, because she absolutely can afford it (it just means she saves less this year than in past years — she and my dad had good jobs and saved a lot —not talking inherited wealth) and I’m pretty sure that it’s partly to get back at my brother father of 8 and 9 because of his role in getting her license suspended. But I can’t just tell her what I think — as the kid who is her financial advisor and has no personal stake in it I need to be tactful and persuasive. So please excuse my whining here.

    1. Better to whine at us and get it out of your system. It sounds like she is more interested in scoring points than honoring promises.

      1. Exactly. And even more annoying when she claims she is absolutely fair to all kids and grandkids. Thanks for listening!

      1. My grandfather cut my father out of his will when my Dad (a long time real estate broker) pointed out that my 90- something grandfather was about to sell off his house without a lifetime tenancy clause. At that point neither of my grandparents was particularly mobile and moving out of their long time home would have killed them. Since my grandfather split my father’s share equally between my Dad’s children, it wasn’t really a fairness issue, but more one of thumbing his nose from beyond the grave.

        I just don’t understand the need to make spite the most lasting memory of a long life.

        1. Going through boxes in the attic, I’ve thrown out tons of paperwork concerning family estate battles that lasted from 1988 until 1994. Now-dead relatives stopped speaking to each other during that time, never reconciling.

          But in my attic cleaning I’ve finding treasures, too.

  19. As I said somewhere above, I love the cover! I’m so excited to read this series.

    I am in week 4 of working on healing. As of this Friday, it will be 4 weeks since my knee surgery (my meniscus had torn away from the bone and had to be surgically re-attached). Recovery is non-weight-bearing for 6 weeks! Which means a straight-knee brace and crutches when I’m ambulatory, and lots of physical therapy to get back my ability to bend my knee.

    Most of the hours of my days are taken up with the basics and PT exercises, but I do try to spend a few hours each day on writing/marketing tasks. November should be my “return to sport” date (I don’t have a sport; that’s just what they call it). I am planning so many amazing things to do then! But for now, healing. And patience. Argh.

    1. So frustrating! You have my sympathies. I hope you have one of those grabbers for picking stuff up off floors …

    2. May your recovery be quick and your physical therapist kind (or as kind as one in that sadistic profession can be).

  20. “I’m older, and I have better insurance.” Words to live by…

    I love the cover! I immediately assumed someone was going to die by pearls, though I wasn’t totally sure a noose was implied.

    I’m revising my reader freebie short story this week before I move it to a different distribution platform. I did a full pass yesterday. Just need to have the computer read it back to me today to make sure I’m happy with the changes. I’ve also been doing website updates and tweaking a cover. Sounds very productive, but it’s all mostly in aid of avoiding the WIP…

  21. The cover’s great, and I can see it’ll work for the series, too.

    As usual, I can’t think what I’ve filled the week with. Well, there’s the proof-reading job: I did the notes section last week, then switched to the text, which is really interesting; but my nice, steady, 3 hours a day schedule has had to turn into full days, since they told me late yesterday that they want it back a.s.a.p. So have just had to postpone a garden visit with my garden photographer friend that we wanted to do next week.

    Otherwise, more jam making, watering, weeding and harvesting.

  22. Last year we started a pollinator garden on part of our mini-park/traffic island. This year, even though I live about

    1. Oops cat nudged my hand and posted for me. I live about a 1/3 block away from the pollinator garden and I have been having swallow-tail butterflies flitting in my back yard now. I have a lot of flowers myself but not the right kind. I have a minuscule clump of red milkweed that I put in last year. What we did in the pollinator garden seems so effective I am going to add a clump of showy milkweed and another clump of red milkweed. I did see a painted lady but no monarch butterflies.

  23. My writing continues to go well with my awesome accountability partner.

    A few months ago I had an internal implosion which led to my hearing the voice that has been at the bottom of my making 60 years worth of mostly bad decisions regarding my health. I got myself into therapy right away because I need to change that mindset while the door is open for that change.

    As a result this week I started an Atkins shakes only diet. I need to step out of making any decisions regarding food for a while to reset my software. I feel very healthy on this diet. So far I am able to counter any hunger or discomfort with different thoughts such as: Hunger indicates that my body is moving toward better health.

    I’ve already lost a bit of weight but I have in excess of a hundred pounds to lose so…

    I am obsessing over my next collage – poem idea. How to make it look how I want it to look and say what I want it to say.

    Still bouncing back and forth about whether or not to leave Florida when we move next year. The governor is an idiot that is making life harder and more expensive but there are a lot of pros as well.

    Love the cover Jenny and Bob. Counting the days until I can read the book!

    1. Good luck on your diet journey! Finding a diet buddy to help you tweak your routines as you hit the inevitable plateaux can help a lot,

  24. My main accomplishment this week is that I have almost finished the annual sweater wash. With the exception of one spot on one sleeve, they are all clean. fresh smelling and dry. Now I just have to teeter precariously on my step stool while I try to stuff them all back into hiding. I must remember to start this earlier next year!

    1. The month of June was/is so bad this year that I didn’t get around putting the winter clothes away till this past Sunday.

      I just love, love that cover.

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