Happiness is Restaurant WiFi

My wifi is screwed up, which means my life is in chaos. VERY grateful for restaurants with free wifi. And they have food, too.

What made you happy this week?

101 thoughts on “Happiness is Restaurant WiFi

  1. The thing that made me muito feliz this week was finding out that I passed my Portuguese A2 exam. I was cautiously optimistic after the exam, but in the interest of not counting ones frangos before they’re chocados, I didn’t allow myself to get excited until I actually got the word. A2 is still quite low level, so I’ll be continuing my studies, but this makes me eligible for Portuguese citizenship, which is the eventual goal.

    1. Congratulations! I am very glad that you are happy enough with your move to want citzenship.

  2. What’s making me happy is breaking out the paddleboards and going for a paddle up river today with my stepdaughter and her friend.

  3. It’s « la fête des mères » today in France so what makes me happy is being able to spend today with my mum in Paris.

    And I finished my marking for this year this week, so that makes me happy too.

      1. Normally it is the last Sunday of May unless the Pentecost falls on that weekend, in which case it is moved to the first weekend of June.

    1. This is why I can’t claim fluency in French — I read it as “feast of the seas,” (mers, instead of meres) and thought, yeah, that would be a lovely holiday, although it’s a bit damp and chilly to visit the beaches in Massachusetts today.

      1. I also read it as feast of seas, and so thought there was a large buffet of shellfish shared with LN’s mother. Sounded delicious.

        1. Well, there is apparently a « fête de la mer » which is in July but that’s not a national occasion :).

      2. I applaud your misreading, and feel sure there is some sort of sea celebration at the edges of the ocean, but shouldn’t we in the middle of continents do this too?

  4. I had a breakthrough on the genealogy information and managed to get back to Spain and Germany in the 1600s on my mother’s side. For an adopted kid who never felt she fit with her adoptive family, it’s a big deal.

    1. Judy, are you researching your adoptive family’s family tree or do you have enough info to research your birth parents’ backgrounds? Either way, good on you!

  5. A bottle of black currant soda which DH left on our dining room hutch exploded late on Wednesday night. It went everywhere and looks like a murder scene, even after clean up. We’re both still laughing about it. I’ve been wanting to re-paint for several years and this is the push we needed to pick a colour.

    It went from frost at night to record-setting heat in less than a week. I’m very happy the temps have normalized and I can plant my veg seedlings without worrying about them frying. I planted a small garden bed for my neighbour. My vegetable garden is in his yard so it’s a small repayment for his generosity.

    To avoid the heat, my boss and I went to see a local jazz band one afternoon. One of her son’s is the guitarist and it was lots of fun. One of the other members is a tuba player – jazz tuba is a thing.

    1. I have fond memories of hearing a jazz band, with tuba, in London 40 years ago play “The Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gave to Me”.

  6. Happiness is the balcony/deck is filling up with wicker planters and flowers and green foliage and I’m making colourful cushions and repairing the sun umbrella. And morning coffee, (and studying), breakfast, lunch and dinner outside in the sunshine. And watching the hummingbirds drinking from the fuchsia. Listening to the birds. Hanging up a Sid Dickens bird tile from Nana.

  7. Happiness this week was loading up my refrigerator with jugs of decaf tea and coffee and then having the heat back off so that I don’t need them as much. Today I will experiment with the new herb tea I ordered over the internet until I find the concentration I like.

    1. I’m also happy that my new batch of tee shirts arrived. Last summer I was too scared to order a white background shirt because I am a stain magnet,but this summer I ordered one.We’ll see how long it remains legible.

      1. I once made a chocolate cookie recipe that involves melting the chocolate and pouring it into the batter– while absent-mindedly wearing white jeans. Without spilling a drop on myself, or even on the counter. I will never take such a risk again.

        Wishing your white shirt the best of luck, my fellow stain magnet.

  8. Had a productive week at work and even did some overtime, which helps with the bank balance.

    It feels like summer outside and we had bacon and tomato sandwiches so it feels like summer inside as well.

    Finished two partly made baby sweaters, which may give me the internal fortitude to look at and fix the two problematic ones I have stashed. Who knows, I may even get to the mending some day.

    1. For me, the mending is a way to procrastinate on getting new sewing projects finished.

  9. I’m happy because one of my fencing students just top 32 at a Junior national competition.

    It has been a pretty rough weekend other than that. Our five year old Maine Coon cat had lost interest in wet food, and when he wouldn’t even eat treats I took him to the vet and discovered he had masses in his liver, spleen and stomach and we had to put him to sleep.

    I’m grateful for the two cats we have left, but we thought we’d have Toby for another decade.

    1. I’m so sorry Gary; it’s tough to lose a fur kid and yours was so young. He should have had several more years of healthy life with you.

    2. I’m sorry. Cats are so good at hiding pain that it always seems to come as a shock when they’re terminal at a young age, with little in the way of warning except weight loss.

      I always thought my Jazz (slim build, energetic, no known diseases) would outlive her brother Todd (enlarged hear since birth, plus several years of diabetes), but she’s been gone for more than two years now, and he’s chugging along (age 14 now, when initially I didn’t think he’d make it to 10).

    3. We’ve done that, taken a pet in expecting minor fix, then leaving without said pet. The shock of it. The heartbreak of missing beloved pet. The mix of shock and heartbreak.

      All condolences. The heart recovers, the mind recovers. A bit. Eventually.

      How fortunate you had the foresight of acquiring a spare two. They help with healing.

    4. Oh, Gary, I’m so sorry. When we lost Lyle at three, I felt so betrayed. You know you’re going to lose them when they’re old, but losing a young one is such a shock. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    5. Always hard to lose a loved one, even more so when unexpected. Many sympathies.

  10. I’m very blessed to live near the beach and on such a warm day it was so lovely to walk along the shoreline.

      1. High School. 🙂
        She is the third grandkinder to graduate. Her older sister graduated from a cooking school as well. She bakes.

        1. How lovely. Congratulations.
          Also on having a professional baker in the family .

  11. Surprisingly many happies to share! …especially as opposed to last Sunday.

    I’m happy because Argh saved my sanity. Again. <3 You're all superheroes.

    Sven and I played the new Street Fighter-game together night before yesternight and we had a lot of fun. Even though he beat my butt (or rather, my character's butt) blue, I enjoyed it. It's been a long time since we played a fighting game together and had fun, both of us.

    I'm happy because the documentary-people are turbo-nice and make me feel seen and included in the project as well. I've been hanging out with the girl from the group in our backyard with Triple and Matcha, talking and bonding over music and crafting and cats and books and our "secret" love of plushies. She was crochetting and I did some work on a mosaic piece. She's gonna crochet a fox-plushie for me, she said! It's a bit sad that she lives in France (WHY can't I find any friends in this freaking country?!), but I do think I've found a new friend. Cautious, because I've thought this before, but… I have some hope. And that is a happy, too.

    There might also be a music project coming up sometime in the future – it's a bit hush and also not sure yet, BUT the documentary-people said they'd love for me to sing the "ending song" of the documentary once it's finished. I'm very honoured just to be asked, but imagine it will actually happen! Gonna be …an experience. And, that might also need to more connections within the music world – one never knows!
    Cautious here as well because of past experience, but very honoured to get the question.

    My sib has offered to help me out with some crafting projects I'm eager to work on. They're super-supportive, and since our relation and contact has become so good over the last year, I'm happy they're on board with the stuff I come up with. I love them. <3 Also a happy.

    Wish you all a lovely rest of your Sunday, and a wonderful week ahead!

    1. So glad things have turned around for you. And happy that you updated us!

      I’m claiming your being happier as my happy for the week. (It’s been an annoying week, nothing terrible, just lots and lots of mildly annoying stuff, so while I’m sure there have been good moments, I can’t think of them right now.)

      1. Thank you! I’m trying to stay in the happies!
        I’m sorry your week was annoying. Hopefully this one has got off to a better start.

    2. Shass, I’m very glad to hear you are doing better this week, and re able to recognise happies when they occur!

      1. Me, too! I’m struggling not to start doubting things again, but some of them were so clearly good that not even I can make anything else out of it. That’s pretty amazing in my book.
        Now I just wish I could find some (or one! Just one!) friend that lives a bit closer than 2, 3, 4 country-borders and/or oceans away.

    3. I am so glad to hear that you can enjoy things again! Hooray for another step out of the Dark!

      1. I’m trying to not pin too much hope on the music, but it would certainly be great IF it did become reality. In the meantime I’m planning to take a course in editing music as an assistive tech-user, so I eventually may be able to upload new material to Youtube. Or not. But at least I’ll learn something.

  12. Like Gin I’m claiming everyone’s happiness. Except for keeping up reasonably well at home, election stuff has been one loud and often antagonistic discussion after another. With any luck the PA primary will be history tomorrow.

  13. My biggest happy was taking black cat to the vet and having the vet talk about him as if she expects him to keep living. He nearly died in January from heart failure but he’s acting almost normal now.

    Other than that, it’s a public holiday and I’ve slept most of the morning 3 days in a row. I’ve almost caught up on sleep.

  14. We went to Boston for DHs 40 college reunion and DD and foster daughters 10th. It was badly organized and DH found it depressing. I however only went to one event. I also caught up with two good friends I haven’t seen in a long time , went to a birthday dinner with DH for another mutual friend, saw foster daughter’s other foster mother who we adore, saw more of DS and DH and foster daughter, and spent some time in the hotel room catching up on planning the August commitment ceremony. I had a lovely time.

    On the way up we stopped for lunch at DH’s cousin’s pizzeria. Her husband was there; in 25 years I don’t think he has said a word to us beside hello and goodbye . Not rude, just absolutely quiet. On our lunch stop he bubbled at us for almost an hour. We couldn’t believe it. We got back in the car and we all giggled hysterically. I think it made up for the depressing reunion for DH. (DD thought hers was mediocre—foster daughter had a great time.)

    Tuesday we leave for the London commitment ceremony. I think we are mostly ready? Fingers crossed !

    1. Also, some of my hearts come pre liked and others I can like. What’s up with that ?

      1. Hearts funked out recently. Mine are binary: red or black, +1 or blank.

        This makes me a little lonely.

        Debbie, I can’t quite tell when the commitment ceremony is going to occur, but best of luck with it! You’ve been prepping for a long time.

          1. Wow! It won’t be long, now. With all the work you have done, I’m sure they both will go very well. Best wishes.

  15. All of Audible is on sale and I am trying to decide what I can’t possibly live without. I have pretty much all of my favorite rereads already, but… Suggestions welcome.

    1. Murderbot?

      I’m also in the middle of Michelle Obama’s autobiography “Becoming” and it’s fascinating; all about her anxious girlhood and college/lawschool days of “am I good enough?” and her first meeting with a new lawfirm intern/job prospect who was late to his half-hour appointment with her. He had a funny name. 🙂

    2. Lady Sherlock! (Sherry Thomas is the author; Kate Reading is narrator.) The audio versions are so, so good.

  16. I am happy to have found a therapist I think is really going to help me.

    I had a good conversation from a friend I haven’t talked to in a long time. She is doing well which makes me happy.

    To fill time when I would normally be overeating – I’ve decided to learn a new art thing. An artist I know does the most amazing collages. He uses things like old wallpaper sample books. He doesn’t cut out a star from a design with stars and put it on the page. Rather he cuts out shapes. And when he’s done there is an amazing collage of a scene like Don Quixote jousting with windmills.

    I am enjoying writing with my accountability partner and benefitting from it also. She expresses it is working well for her, too.

    Lots of happies.

    Jenny – I sure hope you have more reliable wifi in Pennsylvania. I get so frustrated for you.

    1. You have made some excellent changes! Congrats, and I hope all goes well for you.

    2. Hurrah for finding a good therapist! Best of luck with the work ahead – we’re all with you. <3

  17. If anyone is interested Susan Elizabeth Phillips book Fancy Pants is on sale for $1.99. Today, June 5th, is the last day. I went to my bookcase of paperbacks, and I already have it but bought it anyway. Paperbacks, like my clothes shrink over a season the words in a paperback have also shrunk after time.

  18. Jenny, that is devastating. I hope you get WiFi again, soon. I had that same problem when I was moving in 2016, and I ended up spending a lot of time in Target’s little cafe, signing documents electronically, or photographing them to send to the real estate people. A “real” cafe sounds marginally better for that, and other work.

  19. My happiness is finding an allergist who, although he isn’t sure what’s going on, believes me and is willing to try different things. Also, feeling good enough to ride my horse through the mountains behind our house with my husband.

    1. I envy you for the allergist and send wishes that the first thing you try provides relief.

    2. A mountain-ride on horseback sounds wonderful. Hope you’ll feel better soon!

  20. I’m not happy about anything in particular. Nor an I unhappy. I’ve been very busy with June type year end projects, committee reports and just fixing a lot of stuff folks in my org have dropped the ball on. I’m feeling tense and annoyed, and sort of nervous as I have a presentation tomorrow morning. I’m just waiting for June 16 when it will all be over. Apparently, I cannot be allowed to enjoy June. On the plus side, dearest dog had a growth removed and it wasn’t anything bad. She’s elderly so its all so much harder on us all. Yet she’s still got a spring in her step. Anyhoo, have a great week, all.

  21. Happy was spending Saturday afternoon with my BFF, mostly just talking, and making a date to watch ‘Hamilton’ together on TV (she’s seen it on stage, I’ve seen it on Disney+, that’s how we’ll watch it in 2 wks).

    Also major yard improvements this weekend, and DH did a long-abandoned small project in the house which feels major. To celebrate friend visit and successful DIY, I have done more housework.

    And Mom & I are exchanging questions, answers, and reminiscences, which makes me happy because for a lot of years there has been NO talk about family history, and for Reasons I think now is a good time for it.

  22. Happiness: there was a new Martha Wells book out, the garden is growing, kids are thisclose to done with the school year, husband finished flooring my office and now it just needs trim and I can move back into it. Happiness is a cat on my foot and bees in the flowers.

    1. I love the image of a purring cat and buzzing bees. The sound track of contentment.

  23. Background of a long spring of grey days extending now into summer. Sometimes the sun appears in late afternoon which helps with the battle to keep happy. What a draggy color, grey. Good news is the battle can be won, especially if one stays busy. Also helping is the tradition of sun breaking out for good noon on July 4th just as the parade ends, so keeping that thought. Nothing but good times ahead!

  24. Twenty hours into Monday, I looked at the Farm and remembered that Ranch Two and Ranch Three were empty. No water, no plants. No problem – I had a full box of Romaine lettuce seed pods, so six of them went into the empties. While I was doing that, I noted little green peppers on the Red Sweet Pepper plants in Ranch Four and Ranch Five.

    That made me check the Red Fire Peppers in the Harvest Sisters, and I harvested three ripe ones.

    Over in the LOOp*, the broccoli plants are getting too tall. The arugula are finally all out from under their domes. The green Chard is starting to look harvestable, but the lettuces are still a bit short. I wonder, do broccoli leaves taste anything like heads of broccoli? I guess I’ll find out.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    * Lupe, Lucy, Lulu, and Louise, the iDOO 12-pod units.

      1. Jenny names a character after Lian; you get a garden. Remember, all glory is fleeting.

        1. Oh look! It’s the Tammy ‘n’ Lupe Hour! Where’s my popcorn?

          Except…. This must be the sequel…. the Tammy ‘n’ Lupe ‘n’ BAIF show…. We’ll see if the popcorn holds out….

  25. I was checking out Amazon Prime for a movie to watch and made a discovery. Shark movies. Not all are listed here.
    Sharknado 1, 2, 3 and finally The Last Sharknado I couldn’t believe they made the first one, but sequels?
    Landshark – blame it on a government supersoldier project.
    Virus Shark – A shark bite spreads a virus across the globe.
    From The Depths – A young waman is plagued by nightmares after surviving…
    Avalanche Sharks – Mammoth Mountains annual bikini ski day runs afoul of creatures (sharks) summoned as a curse…
    Noah’s Shark – televangelist and film crew seek the ark, but find it is guarded by…
    6-Headed Shark Attack – A marriage boot camp/couple’s retreat on an island…
    Santa Jaws An aspiring comic book artist is gifted with a magic pen…
    Saving Jaws – a documentary
    Rise of the Great White Shark – another documentary
    Jaws 1, 2, 3D, the Revenge – the classics
    Cruel Jaws – some knock-off
    Deep Blue Sea 1 & 2 – GMO Sharks
    The MEG – that’s about a megalodon
    Shark Bait – scary
    47 Meters Down – also scary

    I decided to watch Netflix instead.

    1. The only film shark I always enjoy watching is Bruce the shark and his goon gang in Finding Nemo. Not only is he voiced by the late lamented Barry Humphries but his appearances just torpedo the basso profundo “duh DUH duh DUH-UH-UH!” that Jaws bequeathed to every other damn scary shark movie made ever since.

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