State of the Collaboration, June 9, 2023

So we got an offer on Lavender’s Blue, with a pub date of Fall, 2024. Bob and I looked at each other over the Internet and shook our heads. So we’re going to self-pub because we can have Lavender out at the end of July, Pink at the end of August, Vermillion at the end of September. Preorders are up now and people are actually preordering it, which boggles my mind because we didn’t tell anybody we were putting up preorders. Unless Bob did. You’re the first people I’ve told (of course). So now I can go back to moving and finishing Rocky Start. Also my internet is screwed up–time to move!–so if I’m erratic coming in here, that’s why. One damn thing after another.

But at least the Liz series is finally moving toward publication. Publishing is slow.

Lavender’s Blue, out on July 25, 2023.

ETA: Bob says they will be available in hardcover, trade, and paperback.