Happiness is Fleeting; Be Content

The Washington Post had an essay on happiness and why it’s not a goal: Happiness is an emotion, not a state of being. I’m not sure I agree with this, I’ve definitely been happy as a state of being many times, but I get the idea: emotions come and go, satisfaction tends to hang around if you work on achieving it. Fulfillment is the goal.

According to Gregory Brown, the essayist, “Fulfillment is a state of being. It is achieved when you accept who you are, make the most of what you have and are optimistic about the future.” Probably because you feel fairly sure you can keep what you have which, let’s face it, is not that guaranteed in these times. But there is a bright side to fulfillment, a side effect if you will. According to the essay, it often brings you moments of happiness.

How were you fulfilled this week?