State of the Collaboration, April 29, 2023

We’re working on Rocky Start and talking about moving, not together obviously, but really great planning for both of us to shift housing at the same time. But we are keeping stiff upper lips:

8 thoughts on “State of the Collaboration, April 29, 2023

  1. Yes, but think what life would be like if nothing ever changed? How on earth would you get to the next chapter?

  2. I thought Bob was the dystopian one in your collaboration. And I can handle your version of Susie Sunshine. When it’s so sweet your teeth ache…yuck.

    I just thought – your version could be Crusie Sunshine!!! It’s there but sometimes there’s cloud cover.

  3. Can we expect a series of Home Moanership posts? I was as bad as a Facebook poster about my move. Packing. Unpacking. Leetle bitty problems… with everything. Are there bears in Pennsylvanity?

    1. Bears tore down Pat’s bird feeder in her last house which wasn’t far from where she’s living now and that’s where I’m moving, too. But it’s a much busier neighborhood, she lived out in the country, so maybe not. I would like bear-free living if only so I didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to put my garbage out.

  4. The prospect of a cross-country move, even though approximately 2 years in the future (unless there’s a parental disaster necessitating swifter action), already has me looking at every single possession, and every unfinished project, with a merciless eye. If I haven’t used a thing or finished a task in the 5 years we’ve already lived here, that’s a pretty good sign that I don’t need to take it with us or finish it before we go.

    Case in point. During move-in prep, when many (MANY) renovations were being done, I wanted to refinish the cabinet doors for above-closet built-in storage. Long story short, never done. The cabinets have been doorless for 5 years. Obviously that doesn’t really bother me, or I would’ve done something. Decision made: into the Habitat for Humanity collection with all that shit.

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