Argh Author: Lian Tanner’s Spellhound

Our own Lian Tanner has a new book out with an amazing cover, Spellhound. She says it’s for readers 7-11 years old, but c’mon, it’s called Spellhound. Readers from 7-111 years old.

There are Three Great Secrets in Hallow, a country that loves secrets almost as much as it loves green jellybabies. No, I’m not going to tell you anything more about them. I am a loyal citizen of Hallow, and would never betray—

Oh, you have jellybabies? Green ones?

Well, I suppose I could tell you a little more.

Come closer. Open your ears and your heart, and pass the green jellybabies. I will tell you the story of an enormous magical pup, a child queen and a very small minch-wiggin with the unfortunate title of Destroyer-of-Dragons.

A fascinating tale filled with falsehoods, fortitude and friendship, and just the right number of green jellybabies, from the award-winning author of A Clue for Clara and Museum of Thieves.

It’s not available on Amazon US yet, but you can get it here.