Happiness is Thunder Road

Sometimes I get so far up in my own orifices that I forget the basics of happiness. Like music. I know nothing about music, but (sorry) I know what I like. I tripped over Bruce Springsteen’s Barcelona performance of “Thunder Road,” and the sheer exuberance of the band and the crowd, coupled with how much I love that song–it’s a novel in itself and had a huge impact on my first single title–just cleared out all the tension and left my brain bright again. Listening in my bedroom isn’t quite as good as blasting it as I sail down the road with the windows open, but it’s still damn good. So even though things are rocky right now, I’m going to have faith because there’s magic in the night. (I’m not a beauty but hey, that’s all right.) And from now on I’m going to do a lot more dancing in the dark, too.

What made you happy this week?