Happiness is a Second Look

As I have whined to you all before, so far 2023 has kicked me in the teeth, or at least it felt that way. I’m handling it, my teeth are loose but not lost, and one of the ways I’ve been handling it is working my way through Rosalind James’s New Zealand rugby romances. Full disclosure: I know zip about New Zealand (yes, I was there once, for a couple of days of romance conference and book tour which means I saw most of it through a car window and met most people signing books; it was beautiful and the people were wonderful, but I still know zip) and even less about rugby (I grew up in Ohio and went to school just south of the Canadian border, I know football and hockey, that’s it). James’s books are gentle, based on family and even the rugby stuff is about teamwork, plus she’s a good writer, so that makes her good recovery reading. Also, I have some major rewrites coming up there and it’s good to read somebody new that you like to see how they do things. Think of it as a second look at romance writing. Times changed, what’s happened? Continue reading