Rocky Start, Chapter Three: Rose

Chapter 3

Momentum from the missed swing to the nuts kept me moving and I staggered a little, but I could see Junior sprawled out in the street now, courtesy of the new guy who turned to look at me with no expression at all: Middle-aged, dark-hair with grey at the temples, tall, weather-beaten, tired-looking and gaunt as all hell, dressed in dusty black, a man who looked like he’d traveled far and hadn’t enjoyed it and hadn’t eaten much on the way. And he had a dog with him that looked like a big black wolf.
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Happiness is Simple Clean

I’ve decided to sell this house which won’t be easy for any number of reasons, but a big one is that it’s full of stuff I’ve accumulated for years. I’ve tried sorting things out into separate piles, finding new ways to store things, prioritizing, and none of it worked. So this month (and next) the things in my house come in two categories: Things I Need To Take With Me When I Move and Dumpster. No trying to value things, predict future usability, remember how much I dropped on the damn thing, nothing but “Am I willing to load and unload this in the next move?” If no, it goes into the dumpster regardless of value, monetary or sentimental. The simplicity of it makes me happy. And the dumpster makes me ecstatic.

What made you happy this week?

Happiness is Progress

So this week two guys came in and basically scalped my yard, getting rid of a ton of limbs and grass and miscellaneous trash, and then I ordered a dumpster to put it all in along with all the stuff I’m discarding as I empty out this house. It’s stressful, but it also makes me happy. PROGRESS!

How did you progress on happiness this week?