State of Collaboration: Character Argument

So Bob has the master and he’s telling me the scenes he’s adding (which is good) and then he tells me he’s put Rose in a scene when I had her asleep, and it was important that she sleep late.

I may have lost my cool a little bit. It was one of those man vs woman things. There was something about Bob asking me why she isn’t fixing him breakfast that set me off. Bob, as always was patient. And answered with zombies.

As he would say, “Sigh.”

Usually, we’re in sync, but every now and then one of us hits a nerve and the other one gets snarky. It’s a process.

12 thoughts on “State of Collaboration: Character Argument

  1. And a darn good process, as seen from the outside.

    On a different topic – you mentioned liking a cheaper Apple laptop – which one? I’m being forced to laptop shop for the first time in years…

    1. I got an Air this time, and I actually like it better.

      My MacPro is huge and very heavy. The air really is light and responsive.

      There is no “cheap” at Apple, but depending on what you need it for, a bottom of the line Air is probably the best you can do. If all you’re doing is word processing, playing games, and surfing the net, you don’t need the mega RAM and memory.

      ETA: Also, Apple ships overnight for free.

      1. My reason for having a Pro was to have a DVD player…and then they stopped doing that. I have been happy with the Air ever since.

      2. I’ve had an Air for years, and love it. I’ll have to update at some stage, but will definitely get another Air if they’re still making them.

  2. I have two Chromebooks, A Windows laptop, and the HP All in 1. One of the ChromeBooks is on loan to the grandkinder so they can Zoom classes… which they aren’t doing this year, so it’s a game computer. The Curmudgeon in me wants to take it back, because games! The grampa says, “If you took it back, what would it do besides sit in the carrying case and get older?” Kondo says, “No joy? Let it go!”

    I left it with the young’uns.

    The last Apple I owned was an Apple //e back in the ’80s and ’90s. It cost a nominal egg.

    1. Thank you. The cookbook “Death by Chocolate” is one of my favorites, although I like Desserts to Die For” even better. And I miss Shoe.

  3. Happiness was an as-advertised sunny Saturday (finally!) facilitating four solid hours of yardkeeping resulting in Weeds Managed and Seeds In. The front yard looks *much* tidier. Of course, because we ran out of bird food, the birds are now doing their best to find all the flower seeds I tossed out, but I have more. 🙂

  4. I wonder what it says about me (or my current work environment) that I didn’t read the above as if anyone was on anyone’s nerves in particular or that anyone was being unduly snarly. It just read like a workout of who thought what needed to happen in the story and why to me – perhaps pointed out by being sharply funny in spot spots – but not seeming like anyone was angry or legitimately upset.

    Tone in text is so weird.

    My expectation is that you’re having a productive (if passionate to your point of view) exchange, and that’s totally how it reads to me without any additional context added.

    But you say you were upset, and when I read it knowing you said you lost your cool, I can see that a bit more and tell that Bob definitely caught it & modulated based on his responses.


    1. I may have spent a good piece of my life getting out of bed for other people. But yeah, I over-reacted. Sorry, Bob.

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