Happy New Year’s Eve; I Have Questions

I don’t believe in resolutions, they just spit all over the new year with obligation and guilt. But I do believe in looking back and taking stock. So here are five looking-back-and-taking-stock questions designed to make 2022 look better while you’re looking forward to 2023.

What was the best advice you got this year?
What was the best decision you made?
What was the best food you cooked/ate/bought?
What was the funniest thing you saw or read this year?
What’s the best thing to look forward to in 2023?

So here are mine:

What was the best advice you got this year?
Hmmm. Probably to stop obsessing and let Bob do the plotting. That was Bob’s advice.

What was the best decision you made?
To collaborate. Writing is fun again. Anytime I start to freak, Bob slaps me in e-mail and tells me to snap out of it. And I don’t have to plot.

What was the best food you cooked/ate/bought?
So many, but I think I’m going to go with the Chocolate Hazelnut Kouign Amann. It’s such comfort food.

What was the funniest thing you saw or read this year?
Possibly Oona Mae on WeRateDogs.com. Damn. I can’t remember the last time I laughed out loud. Must do something about that.

What’s the best thing to look forward to in 2023?
So many things, but probably my talks on the phone to my kid. We catch up once a month for a couple of hours and just natter away, no focus, just whatever we think of next. I love those talks. And also finishing another new book. And going back and finishing Nita. And having Krissie come for a visit. And . . . I am really looking forward to 2023.

52 thoughts on “Happy New Year’s Eve; I Have Questions

  1. Wow, I’m the first one to comment? My answers may take a while so let’s see if it stays that way. Of course the time difference helps ;o)

    Best advice: to not stop trying als long as I have the power to go on.

    Best decision: to follow that advice. It let me focus and dare to do things I hadn’t tried before.

    Best food: an eggplant pasta sauce which I will probably never have again because the restaurant closed and the chef moved away.

    Funniest thing: listening to my little grandson giggling. Also watching his face while he is trying to poop. This may change when he gets older.

    Best thing to look forward to: more time with aforementioned grandson, a family weekend in May, a trip to New York with my son in September, a number of projects I want to tackle – it’s hard to decide. What I hope for most, however, is that damn war to end asap.

    Wishing you all a wonderful year 2023.

  2. Best advice – okay, it was from 1986, but I’m still working on it. It was from my Chinese Thai boss who had a PhD in maths, who when I was stressed off my head “Can you change it? No? Well don’t worry about it”. Still trying to live by that…

    Best decision – okay, again, this was from last year, when I told the social workers that my ex was NOT moving back into my home when he left hospital. It’s been expensive, but I am finally working on eliminating him from my life. The nightmares have ended, and he’s buried under an oak tree on the other side of Australia, but it’s still a work in progress.

    Best food – the raspberry cake I bought to celebrate my vaccination. Yum!

    Funniest thing – an Australian political comedy show called Mad As Hell. Unfortunately, they aren’t going to make any more, but I can always go back and watch the rest.

    Best thing to look forward to – not moving again for at least two years. I’m going to sit in the new garden under the trees and spin, knit or read; then walk down the street and buy a coffee. Bliss!

    Happy New Year!

  3. What was the best advice you got this year? To write what I want to write.

    What was the best decision you made? To get a puppy. (Although next year this may feature as my worst decision ever.)

    What was the best food you cooked/ate/bought? Nothing memorable comes to mind.

    What was the funniest thing you saw or read this year? Probably 8-week-old Raven trying to dig a specific chew bone out of her toy box with her little butt wagging the entire time.

    What’s the best thing to look forward to in 2023? Finishing The Demon Buys a Soul and getting it into the world.

  4. Best advice – “it’s not horrible” – given during a cardmaking workshop by a company owner/designer. I love making cards but my perfectionism often gets in the way of enjoying/completing projects. This advice gave me space to enjoy the process, rather than focussing solely on the end product.

    Best decision – working part time on a flower farm. I gave great bosses and I love contributing to a small female owned business. I can feel my blood pressure drop as soon as I drive into the property.

    Best food – my brother’s vegan pumpkin pie. I love pumpkin pie but since I gave up dairy and sugar 15+ years ago, I haven’t had it. My brother is a baker and made it specially for me.

    Funniest thing. – Greta Thunberg’s twitter clapdown to AndreW Tate.

    Best thing to look forward to – gardening season and travelling with my family.

  5. Best advice? Don’t rent – buy.
    Best decision? Don’t rent – buy. (IOW, follow the good advice.)
    Best food? Chili. I made a dozen variations, and all but one were excellent. The one was merely good, and had too much sodium. Second best would be any of the Rock Cornish Game Hens with sides. There was a lot of good food this year. Even the salads.
    Funniest thing? Probably a webcomic. There were so many funny ones.
    Best thing to look forward to? Sleeping in my new home for the first time (which I haven’t yet.)

  6. What was the best advice you got this year?

    Read this, but “Don’t let people you don’t care about hurt you”

    What was the best decision you made?
    Going out for food with my sister whenever I can (she’s a foodie)

    What was the best food you cooked/ate/bought?

    Korean Fried Chicken Wings at Korean Cowgirls, Camden (weird name, good fusion food)/ pappadelle with beef shin ragu at Padella/ Boolay Crepes at Seven Dials Market/ Eclair at Maison Choux (just drool at the eclair selection) – 2 of those are on youtube

    What was the funniest thing you saw or read this year?
    Clip of a chinese drama, subbed in English. A newlywedded woman walks into a trap by her and her husband’s exes (they try to trick her into saying uncomplimentary things about her husband in front of him) So instead she goes full flowery Mills & Boon to her ex, on what a great/romantic husband he is, while her husband sits behind her trying not to die from laughter or embarrassment
    and his ex leaves sulkily. Ah just watching it reminds me of old books.

    What’s the best thing to look forward to in 2023?
    That it is a clean, shiny new year full of the possibilities of adventures and brimming full of potential

  7. Blank on advice.
    Best decision was to retire from freelance editing.
    Best food was my home-made apricot jam: I finally cracked it after thirty years.
    Funniest thing was probably John Crace’s satirical commentaries on the pathetic UK government in the Guardian.
    Best thing to look forward to is getting back to having fun with photography.

  8. Best advice: Just sit on the couch so we can snuggle. From my cats, who improve my quality of life beyond measure.

    Best decision: Listening to audiobooks. My attention span is still shot, so focussed reading is difficult but an audiobook is a manageable proposition.

    Best food: Mango salsa. It’s magically delicious, but still healthy. Basically all I want eat for the rest of the summer.

    Funniest thing: Sandra Bullock in The Lost City. The woman’s a genius. Also Sourdough, by Robin Sloan.

    Looking forward to: moving beyond the constant anxiety of the past three years. I’m ready to be out in the world again, doing fun things for no other reason than that they will be fun.

    And separately, the thing for which I am most grateful this year is that I live in a country with a sensible gun culture and efficient policing, because it meant that I didn’t die in a mass shooting at work. So I wish the same for everyone here. Happy new year, and may it be better than the last.

  9. Advice? Hmm, normally I go my own way, which sometimes leads to wrong decision making. But that’s the beauty of it.

    Best decision? Not putting up the Christmas tree. Hands down the best and it only took me 59 years to get there.

    Best food? If I’ve made it more than twice it’s a keeper. Chicken enchiladas, make enough to put extras in the freezer. Calzone made with store bought pizza dough.

    Funniest thing? I’m sure there has been a lot and I’ll remember as soon as I post this, but what I thought was funny was in one of the last books I read where the family was on a group chat and what they were saying to each other struck my funny bone.

    What to look forward to in 2023? 2024!

    22 Skidoo!

      1. That would be any book from the Brodie Brothers Series by Kayley Loring. They’re interspersed throughout the books.

  10. Hello! Long time lurker, first time commenter, as I am a little nervous talking to people on the internet. Also, due to life situations I fell off reading this blog for a few years, but I’m back and I got to catch up on the archives which has been amazing.
    I loved this prompt, so I’m joining in.

    What was the best advice you got this year?
    “You define your own happiness.” changed my perspective on doing things other people expect me to be doing.

    What was the best decision you made?
    To quit my first real job out of university and find a better one.

    What was the best food you cooked/ate/bought?
    Quesadillas with Oaxaca cheese on corn tortillas. It’s simple and good enough that I’m actually willing to cook to make it.

    What was the funniest thing you saw or read this year?
    I read Martha Wells, The Murderbot Diaries for the first time this year!! They are definitely in my top books of forger list.

    What’s the best thing to look forward to in 2023?
    The stability of a full time permanent job with my very first vacation pay and holiday pay. Not having to worry about lay offs and how to plan for an unpaid two weeks off around the holidays.

  11. Best advice: That’s a good question. I don’t think I have anyone in my life I can go to for advice. Think I need to look into that some more.

    Best decision: Switching from three days a week to one day a week going into the office for my job when the price of gas went up to over $5US a gallon.

    Best food: The rice noodles and orange chicken served at the Chinese buffet hosted by my local grocery store at lunchtime every weekday. (I get it once a week when we go shopping on Senior Thursday.) 🙂

    Funniest thing: News clips of Trump standing in front of wedding guests at random Mar-a-Lago member wedding banquets, droning on and on about having the tragic experience of a stolen election. While the band occasionally played a bit of “offstage now” music and he kept going on and on and on.

    Thing to look forward to: Spring. Just Spring.

    Now, let’s see if I got these Boldface codes right….

  12. Best advice: change your life in one degree turns.

    Best decision: get married (worst decision may have been to have any sort of wedding at all, but that is hindsight)

    Best food: spicy seafood ramen and pork Bao buns on honeymoon

    Funniest thing: my husband doing the ministry of funny walks walk alone at night and scaring the hell out of the cat. She came running up to me.

    Looking forward: I don’t have resolutions this year, but I do have an intention to make my life more of what I want it to be, mostly by including more of what I love.

  13. Hmm. . . . I agree with others that these are tough questions.

    Best Advice: I don’t know where it came from, but this year I started identifying clear, short term goals and achieving them. The first time occurred in January when I decided I was fed up with foot pain from surgery in October 2021. I took doses of different OTC pain killers timed so that one was always acting at full strength. For three full days. Then I stopped. No more pain.

    Best Decision: I surprised my husband with a big 75th birthday party. You guys know all about it. Definitely the Best Advice category made all the difference in my Best Decision.

    Best Food: Dinner at Le Cénacle Restaurant in Toulouse, France, with my husband, son, and daughter-in-law.

    Funniest: In my case, not something I saw or read at all. This year I could talk with people again (post Covid), and I heard many wonderful, hilarious stories and reminiscences. Some are from friends and family; some are from strangers. And I’ve recounted these tales to other folks.

    Best thing to look forward to in 2023: travel and working on improving the health of my woods.

  14. Great questions! Thanks for asking. The best advice was to wear a mask in crowded places. The best decision was to wear a mask in crowded places, even when it wasn’t required. The best food was from my Birthday Dinner in January. The appetizer was Crispy Tofu with Awesome sauce from Blue Koi restaurant in Overland Park. That sauce really is awesome! Funniest things were all the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons from their FB page. I’m looking forward to some ugly things in my neighborhood, and in our nation, getting resolved for the good of all.

    Happy New Year to you, Jenny, our fearless leader, and to all who are a part of this group! This has been a wonderful part of my year, and so have all the great books I’ve found and read from your suggestions.

  15. What was the best advice you got this year?

    I don’t think I got any, good or bad. People told me I _ought_ to do things, and mostly I disagreed, but that’s not the same.

    What was the best decision you made?

    I don’t think I made any striking decisions: what to eat, what to read, whether to try to accomplish a lot on my days off or just rest.

    What was the best food you cooked/ate/bought?

    Far too many choices. Nearly every meal is sheer delight. (I do love my own cooking. A lot.)

    What was the funniest thing you saw or read this year?

    Again, far too many choices.

    What’s the best thing to look forward to in 2023?

    Being able to draw Social Security and cut my work hours back some, and hope to end up with more money than this year. And possibly get out of debt. We’ll see.

  16. Best advice: to take some time to recover from burnout.
    Best decision: to quit my job and do part time consulting . Second best probably was to read the NYT recipes and try one new thing a week. A related decision is to keep a list on my phone of all the dinners we like so that we don’t end up eating the same 10 or 15 dinners all the time.
    Best food: lots of options here. One is that I tried to order juice glasses and due to pandemic distraction ordered shot glasses. It turns out there are lots of fun dessert recipes you can make in shot glasses and get a little calories with a lot of flavor. I’ve been making tiramisu cream with miniature chocolate chips and berries: I have a mango recipe I want to try. Other good foods…I had forgotten how good the Pierre Franey recipe for chicken and noodles in sesame sauce is.
    Funniest thing; a lot of competition here, but lettuce outlasting Liz Truss, the real
    Liz Truss on Twitter, many things Andy Borowitz said, the Russians posting their website announcement that they had made it to Kiev in 3 days before they invaded, which they then had to take down (obviously most of that war is not funny at all), …
    What I’m looking forward to: my daughter’s commitment ceremonies, and feeling better after my upcoming parathyroid surgery. Also, my bulbs flowering.

  17. Best advice: I’d just about given up on submitting to major publishers, because my stuff keeps getting rejected as not fitting neatly in any given box, when a friend encouraged me to try one more time with the absolutely center-of-cozy-genre premise/setting, and I did, and while it hasn’t been submitted yet, so I don’t know if I accomplished that, I really like how the story is shaping up.

    Best decision: Spur-of-the-moment decision to send a trilogy I’d planned to self-pub (but was dreading doing) to the tiny publisher who published my first books, and she loved it, and it’s now under contract, to come out in 6-month intervals, starting in the fall of 2023. (Three Sisters B&B mysteries, set on the bourbon trail in Kentucky.)

    Best food: the unexpected handful of black raspberries I found in my garden in late August (they usually ripen the first week of July).

    Best laugh: Hanging out with a friend on Christmas, getting caught up, after not really being able to spend much time together in ages, due to life in general and covid in particular.

    Looking forward to: Two new books from Martha Wells, and more black raspberries, and a slightly scary project in January when a developmental editor is going to take a look at the proposal I wrote in response to the “best advice” above, to see if I can get some best advice for 2023, to shape the proposal to avoid some of the rejection issues I’ve had in the past.

  18. Oh, this takes some thought.

    Best advice: ??
    Best decision: no more heels!
    Best food: dinner at Honey & Co, London
    Funniest thing: Elon Musk
    2023: being healthy again (knock on wood)

  19. Best advice: masking up in public
    Best decision: masking up in public (with the exception of our trip to Ireland where I didn’t heed said advice and caught Covid which led to a miserable two weeks.) I’m back to masking up in public.
    Best food: easy to make stir fry or omelettes. Though we also had a great meal at the Winding Staircase in Dublin.
    Funniest thing: Vinny: Galactic Federation Interviews Earth. It’s super short and worth a watch


    Looking forward to: Getting an actual greenhouse. I’ve been managing with a plastic one and finally decided it’s time for an upgrade.

  20. Best advice but not really advice: my calligraphy teacher asking someone who was finding it difficult to do: « are you always so hard on yourself? » so now I try to say to myself when needed: « don’t be so hard on yourself ».

    Best decision: a spur of the moment decision to go and see our oldest son who now lives in Prague. A lovely 4 days spent with him.

    I haven’t got anything for the rest. I love to eat too many things to pick one and I am looking forward to embracing new experiences whenever possible next year!

  21. What was the best advice you got this year?
    I’ll pass on that one.

    What was the best decision you made?
    To visit my mom in Israel. I did that in September. She is 89 and not too well, so it might be the last time.

    What was the best food you cooked/ate/bought?
    In the spring, my daughter came for a visit from Toronto. She took me to a wonderful seafood restaurant. I don’t remember what fish I ordered, but it was the best dish I ate in a while.

    What was the funniest thing you saw or read this year?
    Dee Ernst’s novel Maggie Finds her Muse. I smiled and laughed from the first page to the last.

    What’s the best thing to look forward to in 2023?
    I don’t usually plan ahead. But the best hope for me for the next year would be to stay healthy. Or as healthy as I can manage at my 66 going on 67 in February.

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  22. Best advice: ‘It’s none of your business what other people think of you.’ (Credit: RuPaul. This is difficult to remember because so much life experience is colored by what other people think of you. I mentally add ‘as a person’ to this advice.)

    Best decision: getting serious about seeking editorial reviews and a traditional publisher. Both efforts paid off. Of course this decision is 100% contrary to the best advice.

    Best thing I ate/cooked (the prep was a team effort): smoked-turkey eggs Benedict the day after Thanksgiving with my husband, mom + dad, sister + her wife.

    Funniest thing: Star Trek Lower Decks has its moments but I think my biggest laughs of the year came from the new ‘A League of their Own,’ specifically the scenes with Gbemisola Ikumelo as Clance. She is SO GOOD. Everything she says feels like an ad lib.

    Looking forward to: my first trad-published book coming out, completing the renovation of my ‘garden,’ continuing the trend of better-than-average health, going to at least one dance with my husband, and our late-spring vacation plans.

    Happy 2023, y’all!

  23. Best advice?
    Let it go.

    Best decision?
    Bring our adult children (24 & 22) on our 25th-anniversary trip to Hawaii.

    Best food?
    Too many to choose from. I had many occasions of happy tastebuds.

    Funniest thing?
    My karate student informed me of an error in Wilde Christmas. The line was supposed to be “3/4 carat diamond ring.” I wrote “3/4 karate diamond ring. I laughed so hard at that one…especially since me, my beta readers, and my editor all missed it!

    What’s the best thing to look forward to in 2023?
    My 50th birthday luau in July (I’m trying to be optimistic here. LOL)

    Happy New Year!

  24. What was the best advice you got this year? Make art. Go to France.

    What was the best decision you made?
    Went to meet my best friend in Paris for a week.

    What was the best food you cooked/ate/bought?
    Lots of great food in France, of course. My first meal was a duck confit with perfect fried potatoes, a green salad, and a glass of white wine that I’ll always remember. My mom’s pear pie is up there, certainly!

    What was the funniest thing you saw or read this year?
    Hmmm, so many funny things, but for sure there were dogs involved.

    What’s the best thing to look forward to in 2023?
    Making more art, making music. Making more money. Also, starting a wild flower field in maybe half an acre of our lot.

  25. Best Advice: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. For me this applies to everything from business, to home organization, to health goals.

    Best Decision: To let go of old things that weren’t working for me and bring in new life. This translated to letting go of friends who weren’t really, getting a new couch, and downsizing my cookware. Space to breathe!

    Best thing I ate: The lovely traditional Portuguese cakes I discovered in the Azores.

    Funniest thing: I had forgotten, but someone sent me the you tube link to the Monty Python skit of philosophers playing football.

    Looking forward to, as Kay said, a bright shiny new year. The potential is there for all sorts of wonderful things. Good times ahead.

  26. Best advice: “Think about retiring earlier than you’ve planned, and spend more money.” From our financial advisor. I asked him: “Are you allowed to say that??”
    Best decision: To start purging stuff I don’t use.
    Best meal: An apology meal from the property management company in Aruba. A great chef, a delicious meal, flavoured with remorse.
    Funniest read: Husband Material
    Best Thing to Look Forward to: a drama free year (you didn’t say the thing had to be realistic)

  27. Wishing Jennifer Crusie and all arghers a fun, prosperous 2023!

    Best advice:start seeking publication

    Best decision: 1 move my work office out of my bedroom 2 substitute a new Instagram account for less Facebook

    Best thing I ate: Daughter made some good chillis and good pink pasta sauce

    Funniest thing: the final season of the Derry Girls

    Looking forward to: new book/s by Jenny Crusie

  28. Best advice: I’m not really sure, probably Paul telling me to not worry so much about money and just get new glasses if I needed them.

    Best decision: Going to my eye appointment early before the 2 years was up so I could get new glasses because I really needed them. The best fun decision was buying 2 really nice fountains for the front yard and upping my gardening game.

    Best thing I ate: The good chicken soup I started making this year. It’s so easy and I’ve made it so many times now that I can make it even though I have no sense of taste or smell and it still tastes good, at least that’s what Paul tells me.

    Funniest thing: There was a you-had-to-be-there moment when I got to beat Paul at a game and zing him pretty hard and he pretended to be offended which made it funnier. In the realm of things that other people would have encountered I think effin birds is pretty damn funny.

    Looking forward to: All things being equal, in 2023 we will go on a 20-anniversary cruise, pay off our mortgage, and I will continue to up my gardening game with tons of containers and flowers everywhere.

  29. Best advice ignored. Don’t become a 911 operator.

    Best Decision: to become a 911 operator. I like it and feel I’m doing good in the world. Also, it’s all overtime which is helping me pay off bills. I like the people I’m working with and I’ll be able to travel sooner. So glad I ignored that advice.

    Best thing I ate?? Hmmm. I can’t remember. Oh, a meal I had at a restaurant called Pig in the Lake District. So much food and so good.

    Funniest thing? My coworker sends me videos of dogs doing the craziest things which always makes me laugh. Also, there is a little white pony on Insta that dances around, walks on his hind legs, and gets himself in every shot – whether he’s wanted or not. There is also an Emu that is an attention hog and is also pretty funny.

    So many things to look forward to – Camping in my friend Sara’s vintage camper called Duchess! Going to the Maine coast with her again this summer. Looking forward to the flowers blooming in my garden and getting more bees. All the things.

  30. Best advice: I can’t beat the advice my older sister gave me 34 years ago, when My first child was born; Pick your battles. That has helped me so much thru my life!

    Best decision: not to return to arranging day trips for the Seniors at my Senior Center. I enjoyed it, but my were there hassles with the seniors arranging trips at the other branch of the Senior Center! Finally remembered my sister’s advice.

    Best thing I ate? Roasted carrots with goat cheese, hazelnuts, herbs that my niece prepared for Thanksgiving. Awesome!

    Funniest thing? I enjoyed the BBC version of Ghosts on TV. And, whenever I see email conversations between Jenny and Bob, I start giggling even before I read them.

    Looking forward to in 2023? Seeing more of old friends, doing more at the Senior Center, traveling this summer, Ashland’s Shakespearean Festival in the fall, just getting out more, now that Covid is fading away (and I’m fully vaccinated.)

    Happy New Year!

  31. Best advice – one day or step or bite at a time
    Best decision – walk every day
    Best food – the birthday celebration meal at Yasma, so fresh and delicious
    Funniest thing – and poignant writings of mother-in-law
    Looking forward – gardening, another cousins cruise

  32. aw, I wrote but it didn’t post. Using a new browser, got taken for a possible robot, filled in the catchpa and then: blank page. made my way back here and no post. No time or energy to do over but I want you all to know I tried to join in. Mostly because I enjoyed reading yours.

  33. Best advice: don’t try to be a superhero at work; do all your work the best you can and don’t be an overachiever because it will get you nothing but upping the bar on what’s considered your normal workload.

    Best decision: starting EMDR therapy. Omigod, I may actually–finally–graduate from therapy this coming year.

    Best food(s): coconut cream cake from La Madeleine, the specialty margarita from El Fenix: it has Jose Cuervo Gold, Grand Marnier, and Cointreau in it.

    Funniest thing: I don’t laugh a lot these days, but probably a cat video on reddit.

    Looking forward to in 2023: graduating therapy, getting another amazing job (2022 launched me into a new subject in my career), moving back to the Oregon Coast, getting two kittens. Almost in that order.

    Happy New Year’s, y’all. I am spending the weekend packing and moving to a new rental home with my same roommates and same landlord. I decided to accept this as a kick in the butt from the universe to get moving.

  34. Best advice- you can’t have any expectations of other people. Not even basic good manners. It’s pretty harsh, but it’s actually helped me a lot.

    Best decision- letting go of a person I thought was a friend, although it was decades of me making pretty much all of the effort. The advice above, and an excellent therapist, helped me make and stick to the decision. It also helped me appreciate even more the true friends I have. I am extremely lucky in my friendships.

    Best food- I make truly excellent, roll your eyes up into the back of your head, chocolate chip blondies.

    Funniest thing-https://www.instagram.com/reel/CkI_VwauIb4/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
    Watch with sound

    Look forward to- getting closer and closer to the true me.

    1. Idk why the link’s not working. Search “Daniel LaBelle, If People Rode Dinosaurs Instead of Walked” on YouTube. 😊

  35. What was the best advice you got this year?
    Not advice, but more a very apropos quote, that came just when I needed it. That nothing is either good or bad, but thinking will make it so.
    What was the best decision you made?
    Therapy. I’m still hunting for someone I can work with, but I’ve learnt a lot so far.
    What was the best food you cooked/ate/bought?
    It’s a toss up between a banoffee pie from one of Melbourne’s top restaurants, or a steak with green butter at my local. The banana in the pie was caramelised banana, made by vacuum packing caramel and banana together, and not cooked. The banana takes on the flavour of the caramel and is still firm. Just delish!
    On a crappy day, the steak was just the right amount of charred and fatty, and the salty green butter added zing. It brightened my day considerably.
    What was the funniest thing you saw or read this year?
    An Instagram video of a guy on a snowboard, talking to the camera, and suddenly a shape zooms past yelling ‘I can’t stop’ and then another shape zooms past yelling a name. Watching it a few times in a row, cracks me up.
    What’s the best thing to look forward to in 2023?
    For me, I’m looking forward to seeing what I can shift my life to being. I’m making a number of small and large changes over the next year, with the aim of building an awesome life. I’m looking forward to seeing where I get to 😀

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