State of the Collaboration: New Book, New Fights

So while we have agreed not to start writing a new book yet–I have Nita to finish, he’s doing publishing stuff–we are talking about what might be in the new one, Rose and the Guy Hiking the Appalachian Trail with His Dog. I know you all have been wondering what we’ve been talking about (if you haven’t been, keep it to yourself, I need my illusions) so here are parts of the conversations we’ve been having:

Sadly, Bob does not appreciate my sense of humor. He did finally name his guy:

But the important thing is that Bob is still trying to make me crazy, even though I’m COOPERATING.

So basically, nothing has changed. Except I got a blog post out of screenshots again. And now you can talk amongst yourselves about anything you want. See? Everybody wins.

31 thoughts on “State of the Collaboration: New Book, New Fights

        1. Why did I offer or why did he turn it down?

          I offered because he kept mentioning it and if he wants something that much, he should get it.

          I think he turned it down because he was just using zombies to poke at me. I offered him Vikings, too, and he turned that down,

          I draw the line at icebergs.

  1. Icebergs. Can we have it be paranormal with glaciers suddenly (re)-appearing in the Appalachians?

  2. After reading Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary Stewart my sister and I both decided that we should name our son Raoul (me) or Raul (her). Since she had 2 girls and I never had any kids, I think this is a perfect time to use the name. Choose whatever spelling you prefer.

      1. I am doing nanowrimo but my usual way, i.e. stealth, where I’m not accountable to anybody because in my day job I’m accountable to about 100 people and can’t tolerate adding to that.

        1. I totally understand. If you ever feel the need to buddy I am logicaljudy but I will not be offended if I don’t hear from you.

          One thing though – did you know about the author pep talks archive on the site?

          Some inspiratuinal writers on there!

  3. So is there still going to be a fourth/final Liz/Vince book, or is it staying a trilogy, or is this a “we’ll write the fourth one later” sort of situation?

    1. Right now, it stays a trilogy.
      God knows what the future brings. We don’t even know if this next book is part of a trilogy.
      I think we might have a title: Rocky Start. It’s the name of the town. So if it’s a trilogy, then the second one could be Middle something, and the last one Finish something. Big Finish.

      1. Ah Tontine’s such a boon to Murder Mysteries and the eccentric wealthy that want their heirs to fight to the death

  4. Yay, more books! Now I have something else fun to look forward to. Also, I know it’s not the real title, but I would absolutely read “Rose and the Guy Hiking the Appalachian Trail with His Dog.”

    1. You know, I liked that, too.
      Agnes and the Hitman was just the label we put on the drafts, but Jen saw it and said, “That’s the title.” Worked out great for us.

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