Oh, Hell, I Forgot Working Wednesday


Sorry, sorry, sorry. I’ve been distracted here. Have a post to comment anything you want on. I’ll get get Good Book Thursday set up.


29 thoughts on “Oh, Hell, I Forgot Working Wednesday

  1. It’s so easy to be distracted these days.

    I’m making good progress on my NaNoWriMo-lite (30k goal instead of 50k) project. Might even hit the halfway point this weekend.

    1. I’m a bit similar – just uncovered several primroses in flower as I sort out the border that’s rather swamped by passionflower.

      1. My passion flower vine is done. I generally have to keep pretty close tabs on it since left to its own devices, it will run rampant over everything else in the garden (and lawn).

  2. It’s Tech Week for A Christmas Carol: The Musical. Which means way too many costume changes, no time to do ’em, and we’re stressed out. Feh.

    I still have to decorate two signs for the show, I don’t know WHAT I am going to do about this and I have no time except for opening night day. Feh.

    1. I love the word feh. I don’t know many other people who use it. When people would ask me about it, I’d say, “It’s a Yiddish word that means ‘feh.'”

      1. When “meh” became a thing I wondered if it was somehow an offshoot of “feh” and also why we needed it. “Feh” is so perfect.

  3. Work all week was hydroponic gardening. Getting all the Kratsky mason jars in synch, Getting the light bars over the wild strawberry just so, fighting green slime and white mold, moving the gardens around because they needed to…

    Phredd and Ethyl changed places again. The tomato plant in Phredd is in the #8 pod bay, which means it grows out to the right and left. Left is no problem, it’s still under the lights. Right meant it was growing out over the wild strawberry. Now left is still no problem and right goes over half of Ethyl, still under lights.

    If I’d had any appetite, I’d have harvested a couple of lettuce pods. I didn’t, so I didn’t. I let the dotter know I was self-quaren-feeling-sorry-for-myself. I think I need another nap.

  4. I’m pretty relieved about the US elections, at least at this point and if some more Democrats win in the undeclared races.

    I was anticipating much worse.

  5. I’ve returned to my plan of minimum adulthood (one thing per day, don’t try to do all the things) and have managed to get more done around the apartment in the last two days than in the previous two weeks. I really must try to remember that the system works.

    1. I have been tracking election outcomes. Does that count?

      I’ve also been writing four different versions of recommendations on how to count more young kids in the 2030 census. Time to get back to it .

      1. Census recommendations sounds like next level adulting. I just washed some sheets and made a pot of soup.

      2. As a 2020 census field worker and a prospective 2030 one (if I live long enough) I am most interested in your recommendations.

  6. Did a massive gardening job on Saturday, achieved another chapter of the WIP novel on Sunday, did a sizable chair-rescue job yesterday (long story involving outdoor staging of a dining set not intended for outdoor use + a whole lotta rain), am completely caught up with day job following my two days off, and have completed fundraiser gift/ticket purchase and hotel booking for The Rom Con next summer. My BFF wants to go with me 🙂

  7. I did laundry that I have been procrastinating about. Got some poems out the door. I’m behind on nanowrimo but I wrote some everyday.
    For some reason I am exhausted. Going to bed very early tonight!

  8. Um, we took down the downstairs blinds and installed the new ones. Looks amazing. And now we no longer have boxes of blinds filling the hallway so that’s nice too. I dunno what else I worked on this week, surviving the time change?

  9. I finally solved the problem with my new book cover looking grainy. I spent two full days watching Youtube tutorials about downloading from Canva (the cause of the grainy covers), Photoshop, dpi, and converting psd files into PDF files. My brain needs a break. LOL

  10. Arghers – I’m looking for a quote I read a long time ago. The gist is – my mother is the rocks I beat against to make myself strong.

    Does anyone remember that quote or who said it?

  11. I only realized I’d missed Working Wednesday just now, when I wanted to boast about having dug out the bottom layer of my garden compost heap. I’ve also planted the raspberry canes as soon as they arrived, and cut down the too-big climbing rose I’m replacing: about to dig it up and swap the soil for some from my turf stack, to avoid any risk of rose replant disease. The new rose is arriving this afternoon, but possibly after dark, alas.

    I’ve just taken delivery of the printer I’ve finally bought, after 18 months without one and a couple of days research. And I’ve got a small proof-reading job on the go, plus more proofs coming on Tuesday – and they’re both interesting/not depressing.

  12. Survived the election (which I am relieved as hell about, despite some mixed results). Worked a bit on the new oracle deck, which isn’t due until next year, but I want to get it done and out of the way so I can start on a new novel. Cleaned the two cat water fountains.

    It’s a glamorous life.

  13. I am moving and grooving. Having a quickly upcoming deadline is very motivating. I don’t have time to second guess or overthink, so I am using up the low hanging fruit: Unfinished projects, easy bits, and it feels great! I want to get rid of so much stuff that has built up in my studio, which is a mess. Out with the old, then organization for the new year… It feels wonderful to be moving again, metaphorically speaking.

  14. Carefully did NOT watch the Talking Heads on Tuesday night, didn’t want to be bummed out. (Election Night in the US.). Was pleasantly surprised Wednesday afternoon by the results. I got shot, both Covid #4 and flu, and my arm aches! Made more appts (found a new hair salon to try). Made stew in the crockpot, my son visiting from Hawaii (and staying with his dad) asked for it. Did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and that’s enough adulting for me! This retired lady is now curled up in my recliner, with a fire, playing games on my iPad. Whee!

  15. I took the old brackets off the wall that are remnants of the big valance that used to go above the window/sliding door. Embarrassed to say that the valance has been gone for years (decades?) but the brackets remained. At least they are gone now.

    I just spent the last 4 months working on my parent’s old home to get it ready for sale, I’ve decided I deserve to spend at least that much attention on my own home. Today I’ll be cleaning/sanding the grout in the kitchen floor — nothing but good times here!

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