Happiness is Falling Back

I am of two minds about Daylight Savings Time: Springing Forward is not my fave, but I love Falling Back. Picking up that extra hour of daylight in the autumn is a lifesaver for me because I have a major problem with SAD (working on that now). So today I am cheerful and on wheels because I just got a bigger morning.

How did you fall into happiness this week?

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  1. Cute, hardy little bird!! Thanks for sharing. My Juncos have shown up in Kansas. They turn up in the fall and leave in the spring. They are also small and perky, with a white breast and a dark gray back.

  2. As tempted as I am to burst into my anti-daylight savings rant (a twice-yearly rant), I will forego the pleasure in light of your delight. Suffice to say, falling back is not my bliss.

    I would love instead to discuss the plethora of flaws with Phoebe and the Traitor, but that’s best left to a GooBooThu post. The book so annoyed me that I bought Bodyguard of Lies: The Cellar: Policing of the World of Covert Operations and Lost Girls: The Cellar: Policing of the World of Covert Operations by Bob Mayer. I wanted their background, y’see.

    So it’s Sunday and I ask myself, “Am I still happy?” Self replies, “Don’t be a dope. Nobody can manage to be happy 24/7/365! Settle for being moderately pleased with yourself, and quit talking to imaginary people and vegetables!” Such a curmudgeon, myself. I’d ask myself whether we are a glass-half-full kinda guy, but I know the 47 answers to that and tend toward the engineering answer, myself, me.

    So, moderately pleased is my fallback position. Have a happy, Arghers!

  3. Spent most of yesterday outside as it was 23C (74F). At least 15 degrees above normal for Eastern Ontario but enjoyable to be working outside in a t-shirt. I emptied a one yard bag of mulch onto my vegetable garden and will mulch leaves today.

    Short visit with a friend I haven’t seen in several months. We stay in touch electronically but it was great to see her in person.

    Went to yoga for the first time in 2+ years. It was challenging as I expected but it felt good to be stretching my entire body.

  4. I really, really want DST to end permanently. I loved living in Arizona, and one of the reasons was that they don’t do this madness. My cat alarm went off at the usual time this morning, so I got to see the sun come up, anyway. It’s been a beautiful fall, and the leaves are mostly down after a full day of rain on Wednesday, which was so good for the trees and bushes and grass, and me! I still have flowers in bloom! But, by this time next week, it will be freezing in the mornings. Happy Fall, at last!

  5. Like most people I know, I feel the opposite: when the clocks go back, we lose an hour of afternoon/evening light – sunset’s now 4.30 pm – and I’ve never managed to get up an hour earlier to compensate. Besides, the days are shrinking so fast – and at the moment it’s so overcast – that it mostly doesn’t seem that much lighter first thing. When we switch to British Summer Time in March, everyone (pretty much) gets a boost.

    So I’m grabbing every bit of sun there is to go for walks or do some gardening – mostly at the allotment, since the garden’s now shaded most of the day by the surrounding buildings. Showed the garden off to my allotment neighbour the other day, who mentioned she’s getting into salvias. She loved it – and she’s going to have the salvia that’s got too big, plus my Climbing Etoile de Hollande rose. I’m delighted to have found a home for them.

    I’ve been buying plants – a (smaller) replacement rose (Gertrude Jekyll), a grapevine, a blueberry and autumn raspberries – which makes me happy and excited. Also been going for more walks, and generally adding more variety to my life.

    1. Do you grow salvia guaranitica black-and-blue? It is described as an annual but mine winter over. Not all do. It depends on where the seed were collected from. They are tall but they start blooming mid-summer and continue until frost. The hummingbirds love them. They really are blue.

      I used to collect salvias but with less and less sunlight in my yard, I have had to move to more shade tolerant plants. Indigo Spires and Mystic Spires are also really nice salvias but again the hardiness varies from plant to plant. Sort of like growing salvia patens: don’t fall in love, they will be moving on – unless you do cuttings.

      1. I’m more into the microphylla and jamensis types. Cerro Potosi and Rodmaston Red are favourites (the latter’s 8ft tall against a fence, and is still covered in flowers); plus smaller ones like Nachtvlinder and Merced Blue, and a couple of coral/salmon ones. Then there’s Amistad and a similar tall cerise one called Amante. They’re OK in sun to semi-shade with me, and don’t seem to mind having no sun in winter. I’ve been lazy about cuttings, but when I’ve lost them it seems to be spontaneous death, not related to extra-hard frosts. My one sapphire-blue patens has to come into the shed over winter though.

    2. JaneB, I feel the same as you. I’d rather not lose an hour of daylight in the early evening. I figure it this way…the extra hour of morning darkness isn’t as depressing as the extra hour of evening darkness because the sun will rise soon, therefore it’s still a hopeful time of day. But when the sun sets at 4:30, everything is so dark so early with no light until tomorrow which makes the evening more depressive. That may sound weird, but that’s me. LOL. Besides, I’m more of an evening person than a morning person. I can’t wait until they do away with DST.

  6. I’m with you. I really love getting the light back in the morning. Mind you, I don’t have to drive home from a job in the dark, so there’s that. Still, a very mixed blessing that I’m not sure I want to give up. I have a much easier time switching in fall than I do in spring.

    Unusually warm here still (and I’m loving it, although I know that this probably means the end of the world is nigh). Yesterday I got some last-minute outdoor tasks done, including playing with my new Kobalt (blue!) battery-powered hedge trimmer. I am woman, hear me trim. Or something like that.

    Not getting as much done on the writing front as I’d like, due to a combo of headaches/eye strain and fatigue. But I unclogged my bathtub drain that was backing up into the sink when I took a shower, so I’m still calling today a win. Besides, my bestie is coming over to watch Doctor Who and play Scrabble. Definitely a happy.

  7. Last night we saw a really good performance of Carmen. Fantastic music and a great love story about amoral and passionate woman and the controlling and abusive man who loves her. As they say about opera: passionate nights, no regrets in the morning.

    It was a much needed break from the high winds and the rain. Summer is at last over. Two weeks ago, eighty degree days. Now continuous rain and freezing weather in a day or two, possibly snow (although my own take is that is an exaggeration).

  8. I treated myself to a walk on the beach at low tide yesterday and was rewarded with a glimpse of dolphins. Well the walking itself was a reward. I love the beach. The dolphins with the icing on the cake. Last night I got in my thousand words and went back to reading the hippopotamus pool. All in all I am extremely happy and I love that extra hour of sleep.

  9. I made chicken enchiladas with a sour cream and cheesy sauce for the first time this week. And got a fist bump across the dining room table from one of my sons for my efforts. Rotisserie chicken what an invention.

  10. Alpine strawberries STILL growing and ripening on my deck! In New England! In November! I ate half a dozen a few minutes ago, and there are probably several dozen in various stages of ripeness, from just set to green to pink, but we’re getting a hard freeze later in the week, I think, so today’s harvest was probably the end. Of course, I thought that a month ago too, and that didn’t happen, so who knows?

    1. I’ve got a little lobelia, roses, and parsley and lavender still growing, in southern Maine. Waiting for that frost, still, but it looks like it will be warm enough for me to finish some house painting this week.

  11. I finished my Camino hike a couple of days ago (Sarria, Spain to Santiago de Compostela, Spain) and enjoyed most of it, despite a couple of blisters, and some rain showers. Tomorrow I am taking a bus tour to Fisterra and Muxia and am heading home on the 9th. I have to admit, that although I am enjoying the trip, I am getting homesick and can’t wait to get back home.

    1. Brava, Peregrina! I adore Muxia, and thought Fisterra was fine, so curious to see which way you go. That church out on the rocks just does it for me.

      1. My trip got cancelled; not enough people signed up for it so I spent another day roaming around Santiago de Compostela. Now I am really homesick and can’t wait for Wed AM so I can head home

  12. My four-day birthday break has made me happy. Thursday was running errands. Friday was cleaning out my email, then an outdoor-mall walk & early plein air dinner with my BFF. Saturday was nearly four hours of yard work, including moving five osteospermum, stabbing a lot of weeds, ‘planting’ my new Mexican honeysuckle (raised planter, much easier / safer because no digging (utilities are close to the surface here)), watering things in, then getting cleaned up and crashing in the den to re-watch ‘Fire Island’ and ‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.’

    So far today, all I’ve done is feed myself and re-read ‘Final Curtain’ by Ngaio Marsh and watch a short and fascinating documentary about Michael Giacchino (tremendously talented film composer who’s just directed his first film for Marvel). Now that I’ve made it to the computer, the plan is to try for another chapter of the book-in-progress. If I manage it, that’ll make me happy too.

    Changing the clocks: ultimately it’s all about whether I’m signed on for work or not. It’s the same number of hours of daylight either way. 🙂 Now that I don’t have to commute every day, I don’t mind it being dark when I wake up *and* when I sign off.

  13. Now that I don’t have to commute, I will give up DST. Driving I81 at night was horrible.
    I always have a harder time going from DST to Standard rather than the other way around. I think it’s dog-driven. How do you convince them that no, it’s not dinner time for another hour? No, it’s not time to get up yet?

    My election work starts tomorrow. It’ll be a real trip.

    So I’m being happy today.

  14. I really shouldn’t eat a third buzz bar from the secret stash in garage just before bed I thought.

    Arghers, I should. Went in to the garage and discovered I had left the iron on.

    Moral of the story: chocolate may have just saved my life.

  15. If anyone follows Bob Mayer on Medium – the last posts have been about his travels through the Smokey Mountains and include some breathtaking photos.

    I am behind on nanowrimo – argh. So what am I doing responding here? Procrastinating of course.

    I finally broke down and ordered bathmats & a shower chair. The mats came today. When the chair comes maybe my showers can be less harrowing and more relaxing.

    Not a lot happening otherwise. My writing group is in some flux recently due to a key, valued person dying unexpectedly and another key person moving out of the country. I am on the board and it is a bit chaotic and time consuming.

    Now I need to get off here and get on to writing my story!

    1. My oldest has mentioned a time or two about taking his motorcycle along the Dragon’s Trail. I wish he would tell me after the fact like all the things he and his brothers got up to when they were younger.

  16. I’m with Jenny on enjoying falling back with an extra hour *today* and with JaneB on hating it the rest of the time. Definitely not a morning person, so losing that hour of daylight in the evening (when the days are so short anyway) is demoralizing.

    I had a rough June-September with life, overwork (and lack of work), aging parents, being behind on everything, etc., but I’m starting to come out of my fog. I’m finally Getting Things Done, which is a huge relief, even though it seems there’s a mountain still to do.

    Also, I started a yearlong, online mixed media class which has been amazing so far, only five weeks in. Plus it motivated me to organize my supplies, which meant organizing my bedroom, another win.

    It has also involved buying more supplies which is not in the budget currently, but has undeniably been another (big) source of happiness lately.

  17. I sent off a book proposal, finally. That means months of waiting for a response, but I’m glad to have finally pulled it together. These are things written 10+ years ago, so they’ve had time to mellow.

  18. Here in Europe, Daylight Saving Time ended last weekend, and I’m still bummed that it’s darker an hour earlier. Since retirement, my inner not-a-morning-person has taken over, so I like my light at the end of the day.

    Happiness this week included finally finding a handyman to change the bulbs on the sunroom’s 12-foot high ceiling’s light fixtures. Whoever chose the lighting for this place did not Think Things Through, so after we renew our lease we’re going to replace them with something that hangs down to a more reasonable height, so we can change bulbs ourselves instead of letting them burn out, one by one.

    1. Energy-saving bulbs should last a really long time: maybe this won’t actually be a problem once they’re changed (assuming that in Portugal, as here, you can no longer buy tungsten bulbs).

  19. Happiness was walking around the neighbourhood with the family while R and G got candy. Dinner before the T or T walk. Opening G’s birthday presents afterwards. The rest of the week has been Ho Hum. The balcony reno came to a halt for a month and now we are back on track. Finally found the design for the in-between the posts railing, something which gives us privacy and open enough for us look at the garden. On the negative side is the wet weather on the west coast. Sourcing the wood tomorrow, painting in the shop, (lots of light and dry), and installation. The weather is supposed to be sunny for most of next week. Fingers crossed we get it done.

    Have been without a dishwasher for two months. The new one is coming Tuesday. Yeah!!

  20. I got the Halloween decorations down and mostly put away, which included sweeping the porch, coiling the hose, tidying the back deck, and other prepare-for-winter things that I feel virtuous about. It is now my policy to always put the Christmas lights along the walkway in the same day that I take the Halloween ones down, so I also have a sense of being ahead of the game (briefly). Though I don’t turn them on until Thanksgiving. Which reminds me, I need to go light the candle in my pumpkin, since that is the oen thing I keep going until mold takes over.

  21. I just found out that a couple of my students did well today in tournaments that I had no idea they were even competing in! So that made me happy 🙂

  22. I had fun this week. I went to a 50th wedding anniversary party. We got to visit with some extended family we don’t see much.

    I took my parents to see the Mummenchanz,(I hope I got close with the spelling) a Swiss puppet/mime company. My father was in theater and is a big fan. I remember seeing them when I was around 9 or 10. It was a wonderful performance and I had such fun. Y husband had never heard of them and was skeptical but he walked out of there talking about his favorite parts.

  23. Happiness is a fantastic trip to Disney–just me and my girl–to celebrate her 22 birthday. We had a blast, ate great food, and rode almost everything we wanted to (missed out on the StarWars: Rise of the Resistance). But we did get to ride the brand new Guardians of the Galaxy ride in Epcot, which was by far our favorite ride in all of Disney, and of all the amusement parks I’ve ever been to!! It was totally amazing.

  24. I’m sure I told you about seeing Tom Paxton on Wednesday. Have signed on for a medieval Catalan talk, a forest mapping course, and a retirement party.

    Today we met friends at an exhibition of medieval sculpture in wood, then everyone came back to taste 3 kinds of cider and munch on gingersnaps and lemon squares. It’s fantastic to be hanging out with folks again.

    1. Dare I ask what a forest mapping course is?? Clearly, I’m a philistine because I don’t know…

  25. It’s so overcast and dreary here that it’s hard to be excited about the extra morning hour today. Well, that and the 6 or so inches of snow we have. Or the -16/-23C with the wind. Winter arrived on November 1 in a very pissy mood.

    But, that said, I made pumpkin muffins and dog cookies and rested a bit today. Supper was delicious (pork tenderloin with chutney) and the dogs are finally calmed down. Hannah was a very crazed beast today, she spent most of the day running around and barking at me because I was in the kitchen and not in the living room like I was supposed to be.

  26. Early voting made me happy this week because it is so much easier and calmer than waiting for the whole city to do it at once. What I appreciate much less is having to listen to all the nasty and untrue ads after I’ve already voted. I keep wondering how many people we could feed with all the money that was spent on all the vituperation and outright lies.

    Tomorrow I have my first appointment with my new internist. I know my now-retired doctor thinks very highly of this guy, but the idea of starting over with someone who knows nothing about my body’s idiosyncrasies after almost 30 years does not fill me with joy.

    I guess I’m a little pessimistic about starting over because last week I got a set of exercises from a knee doctor to do with a therapy ball and when I asked what the device I needed was called all anyone could tell me was,”buy one on Amazon” as though they only sell one item on Amazon. When I called the PT place to ask what the item that I had used at their gym was called, they had no answer. I dragged myself over to the shop in the lobby of the Orthopedic hospital where I saw the doctor, they didn’t have any for sale, but at least went online and printed off some listings for possible options. In the meantime, my knee is not being very cooperative and I have not gotten any exercise because of it.

    1. I can really empathize with the challenge of having to train a new health care professional! I find it extra-complicated these days, when “I did my own research” is a rallying cry for those who didn’t actually do their own research, so for those of us who really do read the journal articles or are talking about our lived experience, which we’re definitely the expert on, it just feels extra awkward to say, “I really do know what I’m talking about” when meeting a new health care provider. I’ve been through a number of new providers in the last few years, and it’s always turned out okay, just awkward in the beginning, so the worst part was just the anxiety ahead of time, and once we got to talking, it was fine. I hope the anticipation is the worst part of the situation for you too, and the rest goes smoothly!

  27. I got to video chat with a friend, and we realized we hadn’t really talked in a full year. It felt so good to chat and see her face and hear all about how she’s finally found a job she likes and can see herself in long term.

  28. Did a lot of yard work and putting the container garden stuff away. This year I decided just to put the dirt into the other flower beds, especially around the roses. I applied cow poop by hand, it was very authentic.
    An organizer and retired friend organized a group of brunch buddies to go to down to Boston to a recently gentrified formerly light industrial part of town to a 5 story building converted to art studios for a First Friday of open studios, and some wonderful Chinese food. We made it through about 1 1/2 floors before overload set in. I loved being in the city, and I loved a lot of the art, and what I didn’t love was still worth taking a good look at, and I loved the Chinese food. Even with the noisy music in the restaurant, when did that become a thing with me? But mostly it was groovy.

  29. I got into a local holiday craft show, about a month away and now I am low-key panicking because I haven’t done an in person show in three years or more. All of my stock is posted on Etsy and it’s a pain to go through and deactivate the listings. Argh. Got to make things, got to set up my stand and nit pick…

    But the energy it gives me is fun. It’s nice to have something to work towards with a firm deadline. I can sell different things in person than I can online. And the social aspect of it is nice. You get to know other vendors and regular customers.

      1. It’s up! I won’t know if I sell anything until I go take it down at the end of the month… Thanks for asking.

        1. Hey I have to travel to Allentown for work – do we like Allentown? Is there anywhere good to eat there?

  30. I had a whole weekend off on an actual weekend, which was a novel experience. I even went to see a delightfully weird movie with another person who has a “normal” job. (Amsterdam, with Margot Robbie. American history is seriously nuts.) I then had to pay for it by getting up at 430, but that’s unavoidable in my job and it could have been worse. Apropos of daylight savings time, the thing I really object to is that it’s a lot harder to get out of bed at 315 when you know that it’s really only 215.

    Also, my parents are getting a poodle puppy and I will get to play with it at Christmas! Happy dancing is happening.

  31. This year I decided to make birthday cards for my siblings, their spouses and kids – about 40 total. I got stuck around June and finally fell back into it this weekend (“you’ve been celebrating for 4 months, right?”). So, 27 down…

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