Happiness is A Collaborator Who’s Still Alive

During one of our conversations last week, Bob said, “Oh, yeah, I almost died.” He bikes for miles, doesn’t smoke, and his only stress is me, but he still almost had a heart attack. . I was stern with him. “DO NOT DIE.” We have books to write. Still very happy he’s alive and unblocked now.

What unblocked your happiness this week?

49 thoughts on “Happiness is A Collaborator Who’s Still Alive

  1. I am so glad Bob is okay! I lost both of my parents a year apart (around this time of year) when I was in my 20s to heart issues, and they were healthy people in their early 60’s. It was so unexpected. Thankfully, Bob was proactive. Whew! That was a close one. Don’t anybody die. It’s nearly Christmas. 😳

  2. Wow! So glad Bob is ok. Had no idea he lived in east Tennessee and since I’m in middle Tennessee, I know those routes he bikes and I’m SO impressed!!

    I’m swearing to finish decorating for Christmas today so I can enjoy my holidays and finally relax!

  3. I just downloaded Shane and the Hitwoman to celebrate that Bob is alive and collaborating with you.

  4. My mother had something like this a couple of years ago. She kept having chest pains (she is currently 85, then probably 82 or 83, but also in good shape for her age). Even ended up in the emergency room a couple of times. Nothing showed up on basic tests, and she aced her stress test. But she kept pushing, so she eventually went in for an angiogram, which shows the blood vessels of the heart after they’ve injected a dye. Interestingly, after all the other doctors shrugged and said, “Oh, you’re fine,” the one who did the angiogram listened to her symptoms and told her afterward he already had the stent ready and the room prepped to put it in. Sure enough, they found one major artery 99% blocked. She was basically one good sneeze away from what probably would have been a fatal heart attack. (Interestingly, despite high cholesterol, all her other arteries were clear, so they think this was probably something genetic she’d had for a long time.) Now she’s just fine. But yes, I’m grateful neither she nor Bob are dead. As Bob said on his blog post, you have to listen to your own body and take pain seriously.

    Thanks for not being dead, Bob.

  5. I’m glad that Bob is ok. I’m looking forward to reading your new series.

    I’m visiting my brother and his family in California. It’s snowing at home so the sunshine is a treat. My brother has been baking me vegan treats. Lots of walking – hill trails, ocean boardwalks – a new adventure everyday. I’m grateful to have this time together.

  6. Happiness is knowing your friend didn’t fall for that “Pain is weakness leaving body” crap and got the treatment he needed. Yeah, I’m glad your collaborator didn’t die and that we can look forward to more books. (So many more books, I hope!) But that doesn’t compare to the happiness of knowing Bob, your good friend, will be around for awhile. 🙂

  7. I followed the link to Bob’s post. What he described has been happening to me. I am calling my cardiologist immediately. Thank you. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Yes! I ignored symptoms way too long, thinking they weren’t serious. I always thought heart symptoms were big and severe, but they can be subtle until they’re not. Don’t wait for the severe!

  8. I am happy that Bob got the treatment he needed. My Dad went through a similar scenario after which his heart lasted until 2 days before his 98th birthday. I hope Bob’s heart works as well or better.

  9. I am glad that Bob, whose many books on survival will be the reason I survive a major tragic event someday, is okay!

    The owners of the small press, Rebel Anthologies, that is publishing Fresh Voices and Visions Anthology, which includes some of my poetry, had a Zoom meeting on Friday. I got to ‘meet’ some of the other contributing poets. FUN!

  10. Kudos to Bob for persisting and for carefully tracking his time, noting “little” things another person might not.

    Unblocked happiness for me this week was Thanksgiving lunch with a friend, at a nearby historic inn. The pecan pie alone was worth the cost!

    I know it’s not Thursday, but I checked out four Georgette Heyer novels for the holiday weekend and have been enjoying re-reading them as well.

  11. Best bits this week have been being outside – photography day at Powis, two-hour walk on Friday, and planting up four big pots with tulips today. Oh, and film night yesterday. Plus my friend Yvonne, who usually comes to stay in the run-up to Christmas, is looking into other options if the rail strikes go ahead – she says she doesn’t want to miss our get-together. And I’m enjoying the chicken book (day job).

  12. What Deb said.

    My uncle (nonsmoker, nondrinker, bad food eater) was working in the back country when he started to turn a funny, dusky colour. His boss instructed another employee to drive him to the hospital after he tried to brush it off as no big deal. The other guy was really freaked out and he drove down the mountain with one hand on the wheel and the other taking Bill’s pulse. The higher the pulse, the faster he drove. One quadruple bypass later, he’s fine but the guy who drove him is traumatized for life. His cardiologist said that probably what saved his life was that his blood was so thin from all the green tea he drank.

    I watched both the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special and Spirited. I don’t know whether to try a little bit to be a better person every day or kidnap Kevin Bacon.

    The “theme song” for the Guardians special is Fairytale of New York by the Pogues (not exactly your happy fuzzy Christmas song) and it’s been an ear worm for 2 days now. I was singing along to it on my iPod and the puppy started to howl. Everyone’s a critic.

    This is the same puppy who loses her every loving mind each time the inflatable Santa pops out of his inflatable chimney in front of the living room window.

    I did some day job work this morning and now, as per husband’s orders, I’m going to go watch some “dumb tv shows” and relax. We’re having premade stuff for supper so all I have to do is turn on the oven and put stuff on baking trays. Score.

    I am also very much looking forward to the girls’ trip this upcoming weekend. We are hitting some Christmas markets in Calgary, but those are just an excuse to get together and relive our rowdy younger days. Nothing but good times ahead, but for real.

    1. ” I don’t know whether to try a little bit to be a better person every day or kidnap Kevin Bacon.”

      Having watched both, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

      My good thing: last night’s show went well, with no errors or costume problems or broken sets or anything. Which is great since that was filming day. WHEW. Thanks be to the theater gods.

  13. Like everyone else, I’m so glad Bob’s story took the turn it did and ended up okay. Happiness for me this week was lunch with friends who I haven’t seen for ages, getting up early to watch the sun rise and the birds fly across the sky, and getting very close to handing in my WIP.

  14. So happy Bob is well. Glad he avoided sudden death. And possible zombie-dom.

    I unblocked by updating my happy birthday sign for our Bill of Rights. It’s 231 years old on December 15th. I put it out every year around December 1st. I was really worried about it last year but less this year. It’s something to celebrate.

  15. I am coming out of a strong reaction to my bivalent COVID vaccine. There went my holiday weekend — just painful muscle cramps & tossing/turning in bed, mixed with fatigue. Today I was able to sit up in bed, slowly get up, and make myself some oatmeal. Getting better from something that’s knocked you out of normal is a great source of happiness.

  16. +1 happy Bob was persistent and his cardio team got the job done. My sister-in-law had a very similar scenario not too long ago. Her angiogram and stent (via wrist catheterization) were delayed by pandemic; fortunately, they got to her before anything bad happened. She said the worst part of recovery was having to NOT stress her hand for a week (she is a chronic gardener).

    Also happy to be home from our jaunt to the East Coast. The birds are happy I was here to refill the feeders. The new honeysuckle is happy I was here to water it.

  17. I’m grateful for modern medicine!! Bob was right to persist. My dad died at age 55 of a massive MI, just about a year before the first human bypass surgery was done. Things are so much better for that scenario, now. I’m also glad to hear they use the wrist, these days. Another family member had a stent put in, and nearly bled out when he tried to get out of bed. A nurse’s quick reaction saved him.

    I got back on the Total Gym again, after neglecting it after my trip to AZ. I’m a little sore, but that will pass. I’m glad that unblocked, because I actually feel better after working out.

  18. I am very happy I made myself wrap, pack, and get two of three Christmas packages ready to mail. I took a break from this to go out and watch the local Christmas parade, which they said would be held no matter what the weather. It rained steadily the whole time but I was glad I made myself go; not only did I get a lot of steps in, but there was hot chocolate (with whipped cream) provided for parade goers.
    Now to get the final package ready and then tackle the Christmas cards.
    I am participating in an online bookmark exchange on another site I visit; we have been doing this for years. I don’t even remember when it started and I have way more bookmarks than I am likely to use, but I can’t resist joining in. It’s so much fun to get the Christmas cards and see what kind of bookmarks I will get. This year, I picked up bookmarks from my visit to Spain to send out.

    1. What a lovely tradition! I have a friend who brought back bookmarks from her travels for members of our book club. Since both she and I have trips planned for next week, I will have to buy a few book marks to exchange when I get back.
      Thank you for reminding me!

  19. Glad Bob is alive and kicking! My happiness was visiting my sensei and his wife (both 84 years old) in California this weekend. It’s always good to see them. Flying back to NJ tomorrow morning.

  20. Another cheer for Bob still being here.

    My happiness is that Midwestern possums are not aggressive toward humans. Even so, I think I’ll take our kitchen scraps out to the compost barrel in the daylight.

  21. My Sunday happy was having my dad released from the hospital. He’d been recalled on Friday for a positive culture for staph – and given his generally weak constitution, I thought he was a goner. I got a ticket to Texas immediately and flew (amidst all the Thanksgiving crowds). My sister and I stayed with him Saturday and Sunday, and accompanied him back to his assisted living when he was released (they believe it was a false positive, since he had no other signs). He’s determined to get stronger and walk again, and we’re all for that.

    I’m also happy for my family’s care for Dad. I’m the one farthest away, so am generally limited to phone calls and face time. But my siblings all pitch in to make sure he’s taken care of.

    Cheers for Bob’s health, and best wishes for Susan.

  22. I like how Bob ended his post: that pain is an indication that something is wrong. Can you imagine the difference in behavior and health care if we actually accepted that sentence???

  23. Happiness is hearing Bob is alive. We need Bob in this world. Spend the weekend in St Albert visiting family. AGM meeting via Zoom. Flew home today. Auntie and I are planning a quilted wall hanging for a big event next year. Lots of ideas.

      1. For about a day. First snow of the year in Vancouver and area. Unfortunately many drivers just do not drive well in snow. I, of course, can do. I grew up in Prince George. Lots of snow.

  24. I’m glad for all the people mentioned. It is good to hear stories when medical care worked

    My personal happy – Christmas music (over loud speakers at the park, not so much) was set to Sesame Street music. Could be the other way round, I know they borrowed often but I’ve never heard it as Christmas music before.

    On a seperate, and probably too late, hand, but if anyone could way in I’d be so grateful.

    Anyone have a opinion on going to Bosnia for a skiing holiday? I am so angry at some of the circumstances around the possibility I can’t be certain that the part about Bosnia itself is not blown out of proportion.

    I’m not going because of circumstances but I need to know how hard to fight to keep loved ones from going.

    1. I’m afraid Bosnia’s not on my radar. Obviously, the Bosnian Serbs committed atrocities in the civil war of the 1990s, but I know nothing about the (non-Serb) Bosnian state that was formed after the war. I’ve only travelled through the area (long before the war) in summer, when it was beautiful.

      1. Yeah, my emotions are informed by that war. A downside of paying attention to the news back then. And I’d a roommate who’s parents were from there. She didn’t talk about it much. But the way she didn’t talk about it…

        The facts as presented on UK.gov don’t scream carefree skiing holiday to me either.

    1. That’s utterly fascinating. North America is in better shape than I would have thought. Keeping this!

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