Argh Author: Gin Jones’s A Dozen Days of Death

Gin Jones’s A Dozen Days of Death (Helen Binney Mysteries) is out now!

With less than two weeks left until Christmas, Helen Binney’s social calendar is peaking, even as her energy is waning due to her lupus. She’s managing to balance enjoying as many holiday events as possible without triggering a flare, until she stumbles across a crime that requires her unique insights to investigate.

This time, it’s “only” a theft, not a murder, but the elderly victim at the Wharton Nursing Home is so brokenhearted by the disappearance of the handmade Christmas gifts she’d made for her friends that she’s starting to fade away.

What started out as a simple—and safe!—investigation becomes complicated due to the influx of holiday visitors to the nursing home, all of whom are all potential suspects. And then there’s the near-mutiny by the residents over the introduction of an ugly Christmas tree.

The dozen days of Christmas are rushing past, each one marked by another, even worse new ornament on the tree, and the thief’s victim is drifting closer and closer to death by despair. Can Helen bring back the nursing home’s holiday spirit or will a thief become a killer?

A Dozen Days of Death is exclusive to Amazon for now.

See Gin Jones’s website for more info! 

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