Almost Forgot . . . (Okay, I Did Forget)

In 2015, I posted this:

Thanksgiving is over, and it’s Christmas time, so here’s your Argh tradition:
[YouTube URL]
(Full disclosure: it’s Dec. 26, 2015, as I type this, but I forgot to post this in time this year. It’s not going to happen in 2016, you betcha.)

And it didn’t happen again in 2016. It happened again in 2022. Look, it’s been a rough week here, but we made it through Thanksgiving–those of us who are Americans and also not turkeys–so now it’s time for us to withstand the Christmas season, about which I am ambivalent. What am I not ambivalent about? the Drifters. Here’s your yearly intro to the season, Argh People. Happy Holiday, whatever you celebrate.