This is a Good Book Thursday, November 10, 2022

Well, I totally ballsed up Working Wednesday, distracted by the election on Tuesday, and moving my usual phone call with Mollie to Wednesday, and trying to figure out cuts to Lavender and how we were going to organize the new book this time through with Bob, and I just forgot it was Wednesday at all, until the sun started to go down (so early) and I thought, “Better check the comments to make sure nobody did anything horrible” and it turned out somebody did: Me. I forgot Working Wednesday.

So here’s Good Book Thursday, right on time! I haven’t read anything recently because it’s been nuts here except for a YA fantasy that was good but not re-readable so I won’t mention it. And now I have to go cut Lavender and revise the start we made on Rocky Start (prophetic) because Bob wants to finish the book by Thanksgiving. And you wonder why I’m scatter brained.

So what did you read this week? (Aside from the election results if you’re American. I’d say it’s tense being an American right now, but then there’s Ukraine. At least our parties aren’t bombing each other. Yet.)