15 thoughts on “Fat Bear Tuesday, October 11, 2022

  1. I love this so much!!! I did not know about Fat Bear Week, but it is absolutely going in my calendar for next year.

  2. I fear it might give Edward Bear, who lives on the chest of drawers in my bedroom, a complex. His embonpoint has never been quite the same since Mum insisted on putting him in the washing-machine after I dropped him in the compost heap while climbing a tree, aged four.

  3. Kind of sad Holly is out of the running but 901 could still take the crown for the ladies! Will be sad to see the end of Fat Bear Week, it’s been a source of joy.

  4. When I was thirteen, I went to Germany for a summer to stay with a family who had spent a year in the U.S. (the father was a medical researcher on a fellowship.) I brought back gifts for the family, and one of them was a small Steiff bear — about 6 inches (16cm?) tall for my 6-year old sister. She named him James P. Hotfellow, and he and his wife (simply “Mrs. Hotfellow”) have followed her through all the years since. They have many accessories as well as clothes made by family members, and if I’d had any idea I was buying a keepsake that precious, I would have felt very proud.

  5. Our teen librarian decided that we should have a Fat Squirrel contest at the library this year – it’s amazing how many pretenders snuck in! We even had a feline impersonating a squirrel to try to get votes…

    My personal favorite, though, was the photo of the squirrel in mid-leap, limbs splayed out, captioned “I thought this was the FLAT Squirrel contest!’

  6. I had a mama bear moment this weekend, does that count? A dance mum made my 14yo daughter cry. That bish is going down.

    Clearly she’s not, because I’m not that person, but my god I wanted to be. If only I could be as viciously bitchy out loud as I am in my head.

    1. If she made your kid cry, definitely go after her. When it comes to your kid, the high road has tanks on it.

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