Down to the Finish Line

Lavender and Pink are done, and we’ll finish Vermillion this weekend. You know that old saying that books aren’t finished, they’re abandoned? I think these three are actually finished, but if they weren’t, we’d be abandoning them to get rid of them. When you’re done, you’re done, even if the books aren’t. But I’m pretty sure these are.

Here, have some taglines and short blurbs:

Lavender’s Blue:
Would it kill you to go home and see your mother?

Rest in Pink: Some Facebook blocks are permanent.

One in Vermillion: That red in the ledger isn’t ink.


The last place Liz Danger wants to be is back in her old home town, the best place Vince Cooper has found to be a cop. One traffic stop later, Liz and Vince would be exploring new passion if her return wasn’t bringing up so many dangerous old ones.

Liz Danger is looking at her boss’s copy edits, watching over a little girl, and seeing as much of Vince Cooper as possible, until she and Vince find themselves staring down real danger: arson, murder, and the suspicion that a month of one-night stands might just be a relationship.

Liz Danger and Vince Cooper are dealing with book deadlines, greedy politicians, embezzlement, broken hearts (not theirs), vandalism, determined exes, shady real estate, lying parents, murder, and a relationship they don’t want but can’t give up. It’s time to finally save a town . . . and their future.

42 thoughts on “Down to the Finish Line

  1. This has been an exciting year for J Crusie Fans. 🙂 Really looking forward to these.

    At risk of bumbling in where uninvited, I had only one ‘eh?’ moment about the blurbs: the phrase about ‘don’t want a relationship.’ I grasp that they weren’t intending to get seriously involved and that their involvement has created lots of complications, but … could it maybe be ‘didn’t’ want a relationship? Because they’re in it now, and ‘don’t’ sounds so we’re-still-fighting-this. 🙁 Apologies for spewing gray-early-morning thoughts.

  2. I am so excited at the prospect of having new Jenny and Bob books to read soon! Definitely will hit the preorder button as soon as they are available.

  3. Never apologize for helping. I’m always grateful for beta readers.

    The reason it’s “don’t” is that the whole blurb is in present tense. Also, they’re still in denial.

  4. Yay Jenny and Bob! Congratulations on finishing the books! I am so very excited to have your know I get to read these soon. As Gary and Lupe said – take my money! (I mean it’s Canadian money but that just means I will give you more on my end! Lol)

  5. Congratulations to you! Happiness for us!
    I love all the blurbs, and I particularly love “broken hearts (not theirs)”

  6. After having spent a week in corporate hell… this is what I needed to end my week/or start my weekend as it is now 1:30 am Saturday morning.

    Take my money for these books! I beg you!

  7. Congratulations! I hope your publisher will like the books, or else we still won’t get to read them.

    1. Starts with agent. If she likes them, then publishers.
      If nobody likes them, we self-publish. You’ll get to read them.

        1. They go to the agent on the 28th (she’s out of the office right now). Then, who knows? Traditional Publishing, probably a year.

      1. Yes, but self-publishing means e-books, and I’m conservative. I read paper. Your agent doesn’t seem to like demons, so I hope you have managed to keep the zombies out, or alternatively, that she thinks zombies will sell.

        1. Can’t speak to what is/isn’t possible in general but I follow several other authors who have managed to print their self-published works! Not sure exactly how it works but it is posisble!

          1. Yup! Self-pubbed authors–now called “indie” authors–can have not only ebook versions but also hardcover, paperback, and even audio books. Authors have so many more options now. Traditional. Indie. A hybrid mix of the two. It’s good for authors and good for readers!

      2. Hooray! I hope the agent falls in love with them and sells them to your choice of publishers, but if not, YES. Go the indie route. I’ve always thought you’d do well creating your own imprint. You have the fan base, the platform, the masses yearning for the next Crusie! I can’t tell you how excited I am to hear this good news. Well, I guess I just did. Cheers!

  8. OMIGOD! It’s been a minute since I’ve checked in here, and I am hit with this amazing news! Three new Jen Crusie books on the way. Can you tell I’m beyond excited? These sound fantastic. I can’t wait to read them.

    Now I’m going to go catch up on everything I’ve missed.

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