Argh Author: Nancy Yeager’s When We Were Friends

Frannie and Lexi were best friends. Sisters of the heart. Partners in crime. But when they got caught, only one of them went to prison.

Five years later, ex-con Frannie is back to claim her share of the money they stole, then she’ll disappear and start a new life.

But with her ex-best friend, a lonely kid with a mangy mutt, and even Frannie’s high-school crush pulling on her heartstrings, leaving doesn’t look as easy as it once did. When an old enemy surfaces, though, Frannie realizes her staying endangers everyone she loves. And even though she might have found her heart’s true home, there’s no guarantee she can keep it.

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20 thoughts on “Argh Author: Nancy Yeager’s When We Were Friends

        1. 2022-10-30 05:01:00 Finished!

          Some parts were annoyingly slow, but overall, well-paced. Excellent ending. I enjoyed this book very much.

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