Argh Author: Jeanne Estridge’s The Demon’s Secret Baby

Our own Jeanne Estridge has a new book out October 4th: The Demon’s Secret Baby!

Passion, revenge and a night destined to overturn the power structure of Hell…

Samael, Demon of Pride and Devil’s Advocate, rarely leaves Hell. He has everything he desires there—except his ex-wife. Their divorce was inevitable for both their sakes, but eons later he still burns for her—and Lilith still loathes him. Now an Aboveworld assignment forces them together for three weeks. His powers of persuasion are legendary. If he can’t have her for eternity, twenty-one nights will have to do.

Over the past ten thousand years, Lilith has clawed her way to the top of Satan’s Operations staff. Aboveworld assignments are her get-out-of- Hell-free card, allowing her to escape her history as the dust wench who married into Hell’s elite and then got dumped. Her next assignment is as assistant to the Demon of Pride himself in her favorite stomping-ground, the Big Apple. She’ll never get a better chance to even the score.

Sam’s determined to seduce his beloved. Lilith’s out for revenge. Sparks fly, and a moment of weakness yields consequences that could upend the universe.

Jeanne Oates Estridge is the award-winning author of the Touched by a Demon books, a series of paranormal romantic comedies set in a Hell that’s a cross between Dante’s Inferno and your average American corporation. (This may or may not have something to do with the years she spent working in IT for Fortune 1000 companies.) When she’s not imagining a business whose divisions include, Sloth, Greed and Lust, among others, Jeanne loves to hike and to photograph birds and wildflowers. She lives in a 99-year-old house with her husband and a pair of teenage grandkids.

Jeanne Estridge
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Author of the Touched by a Demon novels
The Demon’s Secret Baby , available on Amazon  October 4

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  1. Beautiful covers. Not my genre to read but my daughter is very excited that all 3 are on Kindle Unlimited.

    I offered to buy them for her but she says it isn’t necessary because authors get paid when their books are read on KU.

    Congrats Jeanne! Hope it is a fun, successful pub day.

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