Working Wednesday, October 12, 2022

We’re at the tag end of the trilogy, Bob’s doing a final edit on Vermillion and I’m going to try to get through paper edits of Lavender and Pink. Seeing the book on paper instead of a screen really is reading a different book, and god knows I need to see these as different books. I have read them way too many times. In the meantime Bob is working on the end of Vermillion which, while it is flawed and needs his rewrite, will not include rescuing a seven-year-old kid by dropping her out of a two story building onto a giant red teddy bear. I appreciate his innovative approach to endings, but just no. I think it’s because there hasn’t been enough violence in the books, which he complains about (along with my penchant for putting two spaces after a period and the disturbing lack of zombie pirates in the story). For example:

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