This is a Good Book Thursday, October 6, 2022

I’m reading the last book in a trilogy I love, and I’m having troubles with it. It makes me wonder if by the time you get to a third book, the juice isn’t gone. I’m still completely wrapped up in these characters, but this book does so much explaining, so much description, so much introspection, that I’m skimming big blocks of text to get to the action, which is really well motivated. I want to find out what happens, but there’s all this static stuff in the way. And of course, I’m just finishing up a trilogy with Bob, so now I’m paranoid about third books. I think our situation is the opposite: the first book is the longest because there’s so much set-up, and then they get shorter. But at the same time, the first one’s plot is the simplest, and then they get more complex. So I dunno. Thoughts?

Oh, and what did you read this week?