Happiness is a New Binge

I don’t watch a lot of TV, not because I don’t love TV, I do, but because I’m all caught up in other things right now, mostly books. I do prefer books. But every now and then I trip over a TV series I didn’t know anything about that’s really good, that makes me think about the stories it tells and the characters it builds over the long haul. I didn’t find Leverage until it was over. I found Person of Interest midway through the second to last season. The Art of Crime purely by accident. And this week it happened again, a British detective series (come on, nobody does mystery like the Brits) that had one of those unlikely partnerships that evolved over three short seasons into something really lovely, not a romance but a real partnership between two people who value each other, all the while telling nicely twisted mysteries. This week McDonald & Dodds made me happy.

How did you tune into happiness this week?