State of the Collaboration: So Close

We’re closing in on the end of a first draft of One in Vermillion. The strain is starting to show. We were having a problem with codes at the end (the codes are now deleted) and then, somehow, there were zombies . . .

We really need to finish this soon.

27 thoughts on “State of the Collaboration: So Close

  1. I have fallen (but I can and did get up.) I have fallen from laughing too hard. I did not roll on the floor. I laughed at the ceiling. The hydroponics chose that moment to cycle the lights OFF, plunging the room into darkness, relieved only by eleven LED control panels and two night lights. The dotter came to check on the guffaws. Dotter said “You OK? What’s so funny?” I answered, “Zombie Pirates versus Pirate Zombies!” She said, “Oh. OK then.” and shut the door.

    1. Just trying to give you motivation! Keep it up! Enjoy the flow! You have loads of skill and talent! Readers and your fans believe in you! And my personal favorite….a bad Jennifer Crusie/Bob Mayer book is better than a good book by the majority of other authors LOL. Enjoy the weekend 🙂

  2. There had better be pirates and zombies in the next book. Pirate-zombies vs. zombie-pirates. With icebergs. Flaming icebergs. On the Ohio. Flaming iceberg shanty boats.

          1. In the original he was just dead. In 2 a Voodoo Queen zombified him, though her minions substituted a pigeon for a chicken in the ritual, with even more comedic results.

  3. oh my – y’all get funnier when you get crankier apparently. you are always funny but this exchange is the best. October is almost here and that’s when you are taking a break – right?

    it’s gonna be ok – truly!

  4. Collaboration. I need some. First, an excerpt from my blog, which you can see first-hand by clicking my name above and navigating to A September Farm Report:

    The Mason Jars are clamoring “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” There are six amber Mason jars. I name everything. Everything. There are, as yet no labels on these jars. They aren’t even numbered! What I’m contemplating are horrible puns. You see, my father was from Texas. Katemcy, TX. I’d mention that and people would ask, “Wherinell is that?!” I’d reply, “It’s smack dab in the middle between Mason and Brady.” If you haven’t Googled, just know that Katemcy is in Mason County. Mason jars – Mason County. I will name the jars after one of the unincorporated towns in Mason County – Art, Fredonia, Grit, Hedwigs Hill, Hilda, Katemcy, Loyal Valley, and Pontotoc. Four of six jars are in commission.
    * Art contains one Golden Harvest Tomato plant sprout.
    * Fredonia contains one Golden Harvest Tomato plant sprout.
    * Grit contains one Heirloom Cherry Tomato plant sprout.
    * Hilda contains one Heirloom Cherry Tomato plant sprout.
    * Katemcy is not yet in commission.
    * Pontotoc is not yet in commission.

    Before I go any further, let me point out that Katemcy and Pontotoc are now in commission. I’m hoping to grow wild strawberries in them.

    I have nowhere to put additional hydroponic units like the iDOOs or AeroGarden Harvests, nor room for more Smart Gardens-3s. But I can put another batch of Mason Jars in cracks and crevasses, or at least somewhere with a tiny footprint. If I can reach the jar to service it, it can be wherever my reach extends.

    I’ve named the six 32-oz. amber Mason Jars, as per above. I also own a dozen standard clear 16-oz. Mason Jars. The amber jars were chosen because that color blocks UV into the jar which promotes algae growth. I was thinking, “I’ll have to get some paint and make the other jars opaque.” But then I asked myself, “Self, do they make ‘Mason Jar Cozies and would Amazon carry them?’?” Well, they do and they do, and the first batch of three will be here Monday. I ordered six different colors. I ordered more grow lights, due tomorrow through Wednesday. I have sufficient adapters to replace the lids of six more jars. I have sweet pepper seeds due ant time now. The garden will grow, and I don’t need any silver bells nor cockle shells. What I need… and the reason for this post… is six more names. Six horrible pun names.

    I may have found the first – Freya is a Vanir goddess of sex, fertility, war, and wealth. The idea of a Freya Mason matches my scents of humor. I think Castor and Pollux might be stretching things too far. They were the twin sons of Roger and Edith Stone in Heinlein’s The Rolling Stones. “Stone” Mason jars… If I could force myself to that length for the pun, I’d also have Roger, Edith, Hazel, Buster, and Maude to draw from. I’ll keep all those in a pocket.

    Maybe I could name the one that gets the red cozy, “Rouge.”


    1. At one time, there was a ladies singing group in the Wheeler, TX called the Mason Jars. Just sayin.

      1. Thank you, Michelle. I suppose if I wanted to do a Southern Thing, I could name one jar after the famous prognosticator, Jeanne Dixon. It’d be a Mason-Dixon jar.

        Remember that southern show about two brothers and a car decorated with a confederate battle flag, the “General Lee?” Was that a Dixie Coupe? Just wonderin’.

      1. Thank you for that vote. If my Masonic jars get Stoned, I’ll have to give up Freya. Also, none of the cozies are red, so Mason Rouge won’t work, either.

        The name Binks has been voted down and trampled. Also, Wiki says “Higher-energy (more massive) mesons were created momentarily in the Big Bang, but are not thought to play a role in nature today.” Since hydroponic gardening is all about nature today, names like Lepton, Boson, Hadryon, Quark, et cetera are ruled out. No Meson jars.

  5. Closing in on the end is very good news, writing novels is hard work. Take a break to have some cake today.

  6. Of course there’s a difference! Didn’t you see Pirates of the Caribbean? Geesh!! Hee, hee! This is so far the best exchange you’ve put on here.

  7. I just got this from Bob:

    “It is only logical the zombie pirates would have an alligator.”

    We’re never going to finish this book.

    1. The alligator could have an eyepatch and be called ‘Mort’…

      Do we need a name for the zombie-pirate ship? 😀

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