24 thoughts on “State of the Collaboration: One Good Thing

  1. Sometimes it pays that my j.o.b. is overnights and I can make the first comment – teeheehee

    This week there was a pic of a girl with an emotional support alligator.

    Who would need emotional support the most – zombie pirates or pirate zombies?


    1. I was going to say Peter Pan, time catches is all in the end …

      Maybe Pirates-alligator is a reference to a sports team? Isn’t there one in Florida with a Gator mascot?

      Shows what I know.

          1. There’s a gator featured this week in People magazine (which I do not read cover to cover weekly) that is a kind of comfort pet – gives hugs to kids.

          2. Nope – there’s a picture of the little gator putting its scaly forearms around a human child. I am not making this up.

  2. In other news, Audible is having a pretty big sale. I got Charlie All Night and Getting Rid of Bradley:)

  3. I think Moot should appear in all the books. Imagine all the places she could travel.

    Ooh… maybe Moot is a zombie gator! Explains why she doesn’t seem to die and how she appears in all the books!

  4. Nope. Can’t use alligator – he (Godzilla) is in southern Louisana with Jana DeLeon’s Fortune series. Not a pirate in sight. Moot is lounging on a muddy bank, snacking on wayward pythons and other invasive species.

  5. Diversion!

    EGS (eldest grandson) just toured the farm and was told all the names and stories behind them. After the Texas names, his suggestion: “Why don’t you name one of them for where your favorite writer lives? New Jarsey.” (guh-ROAN!!!) So, I’ll name it Jenny and put (from New Jarsey) on the back. Maybe I’ll name one Deeling, like Jar Deeling Tea?

  6. ‘Don’t mix the streams’ hahahahahaha

    One of the many things I love about these free-for-all posts is it’s a place where I can drop in a random writing-related comment and feel that someone will actually read it, unlike anywhere else in my life. πŸ™‚

    Today’s random writing-related comment: was sitting in bed staring at the wall with my first cup of coffee in hand, realizing I’d better take an antihistamine because I have an allergy hangover from doing some yard work after Day Job last night, and suddenly the hook for my new book sunk in. I mean the big change in a main character’s life, the one that makes it possible for him to consider looking at a new relationship in a different way.

    Which happily also makes it possible for me to develop a project that a couple of previously-featured characters have worked on but which was off the page, i.e. part of their backstory. As with many of my books, this is midlife – the character in question is 40 – and career evolution is a natural conflict (or obstacle) generator, but I wanted him to have a positive change in his creative career, not a settling-for-stability change involving his day job, and I didn’t want relationship conflict stemming from his career dissatisfaction. Because it would be quite easy to take this character to High-Risk Bitch territory, but that’s not the kind of character I enjoy writing. Sometimes a half hour of staring at the wall can be very productive!

    1. I don’t think the power of absent-mindedness can be overestimate in writing. It’s the reason I get ideas while I drive. Bob bikes. Anything that’s not writing is good for letting stuff from the Girls percolate up.

      1. The writers chat group I’m in, there’s a running joke – If you’re stuck, go take a shower. But it works!

        1. I like Chachal’s idea of 40 being a great age for a broadening-strengthening-challenging-altogether new career change. The issues are so different: a woman is about at the end of her child-bearing years; the years of trying out different persona and training up in a specific path of jobs/career are done; one is ready for self-discovery even if it means chucking everything one has already learned (often referred to as “worked towards”).

          At 40 I fell into a job teaching English in a local boarding college-prep high school. My family was a bit dazed by my transition from being their servant to requiring that everyone adapt to everyone else’s schedule, including mine: I’d been a stay at home mom and a convenient helper at my husband’s business for 13 years.

          So, I relate to stories about this sort of life change. That particular teaching job was the best job I ever had. Both my family and I grew as a result.

  7. So is this post evolving into an actual Random Thoughts day? If so, cool!

    I’ve placed library holds on two books: “Nothing but the Truth” by Holly James, and “Nora Goes Off Script” by Annabel Monaghan, and both of them have quite pretty all-pastel covers. They’re just a fraction of the ones I see at my library.

    So I have a question — how long has the all-pastel, no figure-outline style been used to identify/sell chicklit? The last fashion used to be cute cartoon figures, but I don’t see those any more on the New Books shelf.

    Gosh, I always seem to be way out of tune with the Modern World. πŸ™

  8. Maybe zombies can wear Lacoste shirts with pastel pants and mall bangs. And listen Duran Duran on a walkman.

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