Argh Author: Deal on Deb Blake’s Forbidden Fatality

Hey, Deb Blake’s Furbidden Fatality is on BookBub this week for $1.99.

A lottery winner uses her good fortune to save a local pet sanctuary, but when a body is discovered on the property, she just might be in the doghouse in this first book in a new, charming cozy mystery series from author Deborah Blake.

Kari Stuart’s life is going nowhere—until she unexpectedly wins the lottery. The twenty-nine-year-old instant multimillionaire is still mulling plans for her winnings when rescuing a bossy black kitten leads her to a semi-abandoned animal shelter. They need the cash—Kari needs a purpose.

But the dilapidated rescue is literally going to the dogs with a pending lawsuit, hard to adopt animals, and too much unwanted attention from the town’s dog warden. When the warden turns up dead outside the shelter’s dog kennels, Kari finds herself up a creek without a pooper-scooper.
With the help of some dedicated volunteers, a cute vet, and a kitten who mysteriously shows up just when she needs it, Kari must prove her innocence all while trying to save a dog on death row. Now she just needs to hope that her string of unexpected luck isn’t about to run out.

Deborah Blake is the author of the Baba Yaga Series from Berkley (Wickedly Dangerous, Wickedly Wonderful, Wickedly Powerful), as well as the Broken Rider Series, and the Veiled Magic series. She has also published eleven books on modern witchcraft with Llewellyn Worldwide, along with a tarot and an oracle deck. When not writing, Deborah runs The Artisans’ Guild, a cooperative shop she founded with a friend in 1999, and also works as a jewelry maker, tarot reader, and energy healer. She lives in a 130-year-old farmhouse in rural upstate New York with various cats who supervise all her activities, both magical and mundane.

6 thoughts on “Argh Author: Deal on Deb Blake’s Forbidden Fatality

  1. My Deborah Blake books are a mess.
    I read all the Baba Yaga series and loved it.
    I am missing books in Broken Rider series even though I loved the ones I read.
    I somehow missed the entire Veiled Magic series.
    And now this cozy mystery series that sounds perfect.
    This just won’t do y’all!
    I’m gonna have to hit Amazon and pick up everything cause I don’t want to miss out on any Deborah Blake novels!

    1. LOL. You’re not going to find the Veiled Magic series at the moment because I got the rights back to them last fall and haven’t managed to get them re-released yet. But soon!

  2. Thanks, Jenny! As far as I can tell (never having had one of these before), the sale is anywhere eBooks are sold. It should last until the 19th. But, you know, feel free to run out and get it today and make me look good to my publishers.

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