And Now Taglines

We’re closing in on the end here, ready to go to paper edits on Lavender and Pink and then Vermillion once we get the last of it done, and I’m starting to think about taglines.

My favorite is from The Royal Tannebaums: “Family isn’t a word, it’s a sentence.” I love that for so many reasons, not the least of which is I’m obsessed about families in my writing. My favorite one for my books is one the publisher wouldn’t use. It was “Fast Women: They don’t break for anyone.” They said it was because people would think it was misspelled. I disagreed but they went with something else. They took “The Unfortunate Misfortunes: There’s magic in the night.” I liked that, simple and to the point while describing the book. And then there were “Tell Me Lies: You can go home again. You just can’t leave,” “Welcome to Temptation: Population 2,158. And falling,” and “Faking It: What’s reality ever done for you?”

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