Happiness is a Rewatch

We talk about rereading all the time in here, but this past two weeks I’ve been rewatching. For some reason, I stopped watching TV and movies the past couple of years. It wasn’t a decision, I didn’t decide I was too good for film, I just lost interested in that kind of story. But this past two weeks I’ve been catching up on things I’d watched before, mystery (The Art of Crime), fantasy (Doctor Who), home improvement (Love It or List It), just a catch all of comfort re-viewing. I’m looking at Legends of Tomorrow, Person of Interest, Leverage, all kinds of favorites along with suspiciously eyeing new shows that I might possibly consider while I’m writing the series-that-will-never-end (we’re contemplating a fourth book maybe). But mostly I am finding a great deal of happiness in revising old favorites. Doctor Who, in particular, is hitting all my pleasure points because when that show was good, it was spectacular. Anybody here remember the one about Van Gogh? Bill Nighy at the end of that one still makes me weep. Incredible TV. And then there “Blink.” Or the first Matt Smith, an almost perfect hour of narrative. But I digress.

What made you happy again this week? Or for the first time?