54 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, August 3, 2022

  1. Reading the words “speed of light” coincided with the grow lights for Phredd, Ethel, and Sheba coming on. Pure coincidence, I’m sure. Oh, and all six ranches lit up while I type. So what did I get up to this week? Indoor Farming. Scantily clad indoor farming. And playing with toys, specifically “Pipe & Connectors,” not suitable for children under 3.

    Also, cooking. Chili, stew, soup, steaks and vegetable, eggs and potatoes and toast, meals and snacks. Cooking. And that means eating, probably too much eating. Also, exercising. Probably too little exercising, because thunderstorms. (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.)

    I’m sure I did other things, like shopping and surfing the web and shopping on the web. I must have. I always do.

    1. I note that I left out Reading. I farmed. I cooked. I ate. I surfed and shopped. AND I read. Good Book Thursday has potential to be Fun.

      What am I reading? Most will wait for tomorrow, but the Murderbot Diaries are popular here and I’m in chapter 8 of 20, when SecUnit has found an anomolous block of code and opened it with the password, “Murderbot.”

      It was accepted and the storage space opened to reveal a large compressed file. Attached to it was a short instruction document with a few lines of complex code I couldn’t parse. But the instructions were clear. They said, “In case of emergency, run.” I pulled the code into the operating station’s processing area and ran it.

      “In case of emergency, run.” I think I love Martha Wells. I’d put that in a sampler, along with

      When in Danger, Dark or DoubtRun in Circles. Scream and Shout

  2. So, I finished another long dormant project. This one was started at least 15 years ago. When I did my inventory of unfinished things, I found several where the tops were completed, but the quilting never done. This was one of those.


    I basically outlined all of the knotwork using my home machine, which took most of my time for the last six weeks. I had to check the back to make sure that I hadn’t missed anything (so I included a picture of the back – along with some gratuitous cat on quilt photos)

    Other than that, I spent some time outside pruning a camellia that had overgrown. Two more of those to go, when it isn’t too hot. (Yesterday’s pruning was done as the sun was going down, but I still was sweating like a big dog by the time I was finished. Or should I say, I decided I was finished by the amount of sweat I was generating.)

    1. It reminds me just a bit about the maze puzzles that are on the back of cereal boxes. The kind that read “start here” and “end here”. Although I always started at the end and worked my way back. Your quilts are so gorgeous.

  3. I had a friend to stay. The 50 I also made two more batches of apricot fridge jam (compote) plus another strawberry, to free up some space in my small freezer. I’ve pulled up more marigolds, to make sure my young fruit trees aren’t competing for water. And – after losing my keys on the allotments for an hour – I’ve finally installed a key safe, which makes me feel a lot more relaxed. Nearly all my previous homes have had places I could hide a key, but the front garden here is only 5ft deep, so any ‘hiding place’ would be in full view of the street.

    Mostly, I’ve been going slow to be sure I’ve got enough energy this next week to drive down to Surrey to stay with a friend, and then down near the coast for my sister-in-law’s 50th.

  4. I’m working in a elementary summer program so no exciting trips or projects. And as a teaching retiree as of 7/1, everybody’s asking me “How’s retirement?” I feel like it’s too soon to know (though I do have pangs during Back to School commercials and when I go into the Dollar Store).

  5. I haven’t been working much! Day Job chilled TF out! Also it’s been hot AF. So I’m doing kind of the bare minimum, aside from a leisurely plod of writer business over the weekend, most of a day of world-building, and this morning’s reading on nuclear war. (It’s that speculative fiction thing.)

    Today, and with any luck through the end of the week, I’ll continue fielding legal email without being driven insane and nibble away at a no-deadline project that I’d’ve liked to start in March but the work avalanche started then so, nope.

    Outside the Day Job, I think I’d better prioritize the synopsis for my pitch on the holiday novel. (Brain (which wants to play with other toys) is all, but you finished that book, and I’m all, yes but I’d like to sell it.) Plus I need to write a blog post about the August title which launches on the 13th.

    1. I’m glad to hear the day job chilled – that’s been a while. And I can’t wait to read your entry into speculative fiction!

  6. Just came back from a stay in Concord, Massachusetts to visit the author who’s 30-year old MSS I’ve been working on. She’s so happy to have it in her hands, which feels good. Usually it’s an exchange of files, of course, when working with businesses.

    Trying to get a routine going after All the Guests, that’s what I’m working on.

  7. Monday was the big remove-and-replace-my-IUD day. Holy Mother of Bad Words that hurt. Paul drove me (on 2 hours sleep) because my appointment was in the city and I knew I would be in no shape to drive for a while. He worked the night before hence the 2 hours sleep. He did do all the errands while I was in at the doctor though.

    We bought the peat moss and dirt for the blueberry patch but no blueberries (I was a little brain dead). We are going to dig up some wild ones (keeping a weather eye out for grizzlies) and then buy a few tame ones. We actually have room for a second patch so we might put that in next year. Costco is out of the raised beds we used this year and I like things to match. I just lied. I looked at Costco’s website and they are now back in stock.

    We are getting rid of our satellite tv and going to all streaming. Sports channel subscriptions are expensive but not as expensive as having some satellite channels and some streaming. It’s a huge pain in the ass though, especially since there are some shows (like Great British Sewing Bee) that are only on at certain times and/or only available on 1 channel that comes in a bundle I don’t need. That’s what waiting for all the episodes to drop and then getting the 30 day free trial is for! The guy from Telus did tell us to use up all our reward points and we got almost $250 worth of really useful gift cards so that’s a bonus. He also didn’t try to talk us out of it, which was appreciated.

    I reviewed some paperwork for the new casual job. Most of it pertained to management/office workers/pharmacists but I have to sign it anyway. We are only allowed to use company-approved box cutters to open stock or we risk being fired. Okay then. That’s a first for me.

    1. I worked for an office supply company that sold OSHA approved box cutters, but only used cheap NOT approved box cutters in our own warehouse. That always amused me.

  8. We got a lot of work stuff done about a month EARLY, so that’s great.

    I am currently working on costume elements for a Scooby-Doo spoof online play–I made an ascot and headband and need to make another scarf. I am still working on the Encanto skirt hem.

    I finished a Spencer (Austen-ish) jacket last week and frogged and restarted it–it came out too big and awful. It’s Safire on Ravelry, and I should have read the reviews, I guess–everyone says it’s too big and people with my size boobs have had to make it in EXTRA SMALL, so that’s what I’m doing now. What a pain.

  9. Working on yardwork catch up now that we’re getting a little relief from the heatwave. I harvested peaches and rhubarb, I got some weeding and pruning done, spread Sluggo Plus on everything that needed it, and started going back to taekwando class because I could not do that kind of HIIT in 116F heat.

  10. I’m back to giving fencing lessons again after three weeks off dealing with an eye infection. Not 100% yet, but my eyesight is back to 20/25 and hopefully still improving. So I overdid it yesterday and of course I’m extremely sore today 🙂

  11. Not working. Just melting in the heat.

    I’ve always hated hot weather, and it’s only gotten worse with age and thyroid issues that make me more susceptible to heat exhaustion, even if all I’m doing is standing still in the heat.

    1. Maybe a Cool pad will help, my friend uses them to cool her feet before she goes to sleep, perhaps you can use them during the day

    2. I also find a cold wet wash cloth on the back of my neck can provide some temporary relief,

    3. I have started using a cold-water mattress pad (there’s probably a better descriptor for it—basically, it’s a mattress pad with tubes running through it that you can set at a temperature, warm or cold, that suits you, the water running to a control unit that sets the temp). It’s truly marvelous. You know how when you’re warm you are constantly reaching for a cool spot in the bed? This gives you a cool spot all the time. I sleep better, and I feel better.
      I really hate the heat, and, of course, the humidity, because I can’t do a damn thing outside. My garden is entirely overwhelmed with weeds, and I’m huddled inside waiting for a break.

  12. Has anyone out there had a groin hernia? Over the past two weeks I saw that my front was no longer bilaterally symmetrical, got in to see a nurse practitioner, did an ultrasound, and saw a surgeon. Next Thursday he will sew the thing up. Apparently, this is commonly a guy thing and patients are in pain. I guess that I had some weakness in that area, gave birth vaginally, and am aging at 67.

    Just wondering if the surgery is as simple and the recovery as speedy as the surgeon says. Thanks in advance for your advice.

    1. Gosh, that sounds complicated, Elizabeth! I’m posting just to say that I’ve read your post and don’t know anything at all about the procedure, but I’m wishing you very very well. I think hernias inside anyone, male or female, are things that should be treated promptly as soon as you know about them. All I could suggest would be to ask in advance what symptoms might mean you’re having healing issues afterwards that you need to check up on, and note that down for possible future use in communicating with your doctor. Good luck!

    2. I was born with one. It took them six weeks to figure out what was wrong and operate. I feel certain that explains my cranky nature to this day.
      Best of luck there.

  13. This is what I get for having a lazy weekend and jinxing myself saying we were done with renovation projects. Because we had what I thought was a minor plumbing problem blossom into completely replacing ALL the plumbing under the house… and if we are going that route, we should bite the bullet and replace the 20 gallon cabinet water heater with a tankless unit… and so more renovation will now occur to make way for the changes.

    I’m almost too old for this…

    1. I love our tankless water heater. I would advise getting the most powerful one you can afford, you won’t regret it.

    2. Ouch!
      On the theory that tankless hot water is the same as the instant hot water systems in Oz I’d second Office Wench Cherry’s comment on buying the most powerful one you can afford.
      Flow rate of the hot water is key, which I discovered _after_ I put in a new shower head and kitchen tap. There’s a setting on my HWS that reduces the gas flame when it senses the drop in water flow, and the combination of too low pressure in the HWS, and the low flow rate, means I have about a millimetre in my mixer tap between too hot and too cold for my shower and for my kitchen tap I always have to have the tap on high flow if I want hot water. Very annoying.

  14. Someone I work with lost her house today in a fire. I am trying to put together a care basket for her to go with the collection we are taking.

    What does one give someone who has just lost everything? She and her husband and dogs made it out, which is a blessing, and she is going to stay with her son.

    So far I have a blanket, some nice mugs, tea, coffee and some paperbacks. A bar of nice soap…

    1. That all sounds good to me. I’d think comfort stuff like that, but not too many things – could be overwhelming. I’d appreciate paper and pens, but that’s because I need to write.

    2. It’s the thought that counts. But if you are collecting donations, then maybe gift cards to the pharmacy, Target, etc., so they can replace things as needed? They know their own needs best, right?

    3. Super thoughtful of you. Anything that someone would pack for a trip – hair dryer/brushes, razors, slippers, etc.

    4. What about a gift card to some place where they can buy staples like socks and underwear, toiletries and that kind of thing? Then they aren’t hitting their bank account too hard for the day-to-day things that they need right now. I second the idea of dog treats, they are going to be stressed too. It’s good if you to think of them.

    5. I remember being very overwelmed. We were in a small hotel room with no storage.
      A friend gave me two of my favorite books. A couple of pillows were appreciated. Photos especially of our kids were great, we lost a lot of pictures. I

      Take a video of where you live and everything you have and keep it offsite. The inventory for The insurance is like the most tedious boring game you will ever play, Except it’s for real. Everything from tampons and toothpaste to underwear and furniture and what year you bought it. And we were lucky. No one was hurt and we had jobs and insurance.

  15. Lupe, I bet your generosity will matter more than what you bring. That said, I think your list is great. Brainstorming: a trip to a pharmacy? O, asking for their favorite brands of toiletries? Dog bowls, toys, food, blankets?

  16. Just cleaning; Anoia tried to ‘help’ when I was putting things away.

    Watching the news and being happy about the abortion vote in Kansas; choice won in a landslide.

    Also finding the Alex Jones trial satisfyingly humorous. (He’s claimed that the Sandy Hill massacre was faked and is being sued by some of the children’s parents.) Seems his attorneys sent the parents’ attorneys a copy of Jones’ cell phone contents and didn’t claim any privilege in the time allowed. Fun times.

    1. Wow. Over the last few (several) years I not only fell away from writing a blog but also from reading them. I’ve been AWOL from Argh. I’m so psyched and happy to catch up and learn that you and Bob are on fire in your collaborations! Congratulations and thank you for the joyful anticipation.

      Life’s been good. I have Covid right now but not too bad. Other than that, I’m healthy, fit, and happy.

      Looking forward to reading these books – even if my brain keeps thinking that the second one should be Rest in Puce. #sorrynotsorry

      1. Puce is a terrible color.

        Welcome back, Mary Stella, I missed you. Are you still swimming with dolphins?

        1. Puce is indeed a horrible color. But, fun to say. Yes. I still work at Dolphin Research Center but am retiring at the end of this year. We are currently raising a two month old whose mom didn’t know how to mother her. Among other care, this involves someone in the water with her 24/7. I love taking a shift so, yes, am literally swimming with her. 😄 In my off time, I cuddle my slightly neurotic, fear- motivated, but loving, rescue dog and find places to plant more milkweed to help monarch butterflies.

  17. I talked myself into giving the grandog a bath tomorrow and asked my husband to help. He said yes to holding the towel.

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