Working Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Bob is ripping apart Lavender’s Blue, and I’m ripping apart the first half of One in Vermillion and forgot that today is Wednesday. I apologize.

What did you work on this week?

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  1. I took my class on ruler work. I learned a lot, and had my trusty seam ripper handy when I strayed off course. Afterwards I went home and practiced more the following day. It will get better.

    Meanwhile the kitty who had teeth extracted is healing up. It will still be another week before he’s allowed outside. He’s not happy about that. But at least now after his first follow up appointment, I can put some easy to chew kibble down so I don’t have three starving cats waking me up at 3:30 am every morning. It’s been a rough week sleep-wise.

  2. I found 3 possible publishers to submit my radical poetry chapbook to. Working on the construction of the actual chapbook now. Then I need to put it into whatever form each of them takes for submissions.
    Also found a direction for my wip romance novel. The first draft is going better now. I read a piece of it at critique last night and the moderator got so caught up in the story he forgot to call time – Yippee!
    I have a goal of 9/1 for the chapbook submissions because that is the date one of them starts accepting submissions again. I want to focus efforts on getting an author page together before then. I am the opposite of a technical wizard though so…ARGH!
    Renewed my efforts towards weight reduction by focusing on the works of Allen Carr on the subject.
    Got my early votes in a while ago but Florida democratic primary was yesterday. Charlie Crist needs to take down Ron Destupidsantis. Val Demmings needs to take down Marco Rubio.
    I need to tackle my laundry. All other projects will have to hold until I have more resources available.

  3. I’ve got more energy than last week, though still not full of beans. Apparently I am full of vitamin B12, despite my symptoms. So either I’ve got some kind of virus (which seems unlikely), or my body is not accessing the B12 that’s there yet. The doctor wants me to take it for another three months, and then see how I go without it.

    So I haven’t done much this week. Chased for more work, and nearly fell back into editing, and thus unretiring. Instead, did my accounts, which seemed extra bad this year, and submitted my tax return. Also tried on various clothes, and have put together a possible outfit for my niece’s wedding at the beginning of October, which is a relief.

    Also created a list of my direct ancestors – one line goes back to a 4x great-grandfather, so C18 – with the idea of gathering info on the places they grew up, that shaped them. Although I really do not want to get sucked into loads of research. So far they’re almost all from the West Riding of Yorkshire. I’ll go to the library and see if I can spend half a day on it, see where I get. There’s a Scottish line I’d like to know about – might be an excuse to go exploring.

    1. Has the doctor tested your D3 vitamin levels as well? Those can give similar symptoms.

      I had a bad B12 deficiency about 8 years ago, got a course of injections and will need to take a high-dosage B12 supplement lifelong as my body doesn’t absorb it well. From the feeling of growing old and decrepit at 50 bouncing back to my usual self during the course was miraculous!

      A few years later I got similar fatigue, lack of energy, and mental vagueness symptoms, but that time it turned out to be a D3 deficiency. More supplements to take.

      I’m having a third round of those symptoms this last month or two, but this time the blood tests haven’t turned up any glaring deficiencies (nor excesses, which can create the same symptoms). I wonder what it’ll turn out to be this time.

      At some point I guess it really will just be the fact that I’m getting older, but I have learned not to assume that is it, nothing to be done, and I just have to accept it. Not quite 60 seems too young for that, after my previous experiences with easily-remedied physical causes for the whole slew of vague ‘aging’ symptoms.

      1. I’ve never heard of D3, and the doctor hasn’t mentioned it. I’ll look into it. Although the doctor seems to think that another two or three months of B12 might sort it. It’s bizarre to me that my levels now are apparently going on for twice ‘normal’, while I’ve been feeling pathetic. I’m wondering whether it’s psychosomatic – but then I assumed that for way too long about my endometriosis, and really regret I didn’t push harder for help. (I did try, but kept getting stonewalled. Hopefully, things are now changing, but I lost chunks of my life to it.)

        Thank you.

        1. My doctor said, if you are taking strong supplements and some vitamin levels are much higher than normal, that could sometimes cause similar problems as you would get from having too little of that specific vitamin.

          Vitamins A and D are fat-soluble, not water-soluble, so your body can’t get rid of excesses of those by peeing them out, like it does with too much C. I don’t know about the B vitamins.

          If your doctor is monitoring your levels that should be safe, anyway.

  4. My son left for work at 6:30 A.M. at 6:31 A.M. the granddog whined at the side of my bed. So, I got up, got dressed, brushed my teeth, the usual and went to let her out at the back door only to discover her asleep in her dog bed. Lately she likes to play foolie with me as in I will open the door to let her in and she will do an about face and run into the yard. That got my day off to a good start so I did three loads of laundry lights, darks and towels. In between baked a sour cream cake with blueberries. So now it is after two in the afternoon and I am done for the day. After I make a reminder to get my son to bring the carpet cleaner up from the cellar to clean the carpet in the guest room.

    Our granddaughter is coming this weekend with her boyfriend and they are going to the Marshfield Fair. Her girlfriend gave her tickets to the fair as a birthday present. Some people come up with the coolest gifts.

  5. Happy Working Wednesday! I did stuff this week. All trivial, but that’s my retirement in nutshells.

    I did the light things. Indirect lighting and mirror tiles and the new remote controller.

    I did scantily clad farming. With help from Arghers, I rescued a plant with two very nearly but not quite ripe yellow peppers, which the dotter has proclaimed “the cutest plant ever!” while I was harvesting lettuce for her chicken sandwiches. She also scarfed off with all my store-bought tiny tomatoes, since the garden ones are still green. (I counted 25 green balls!)

    I shopped. Then I shopped again! Then I shopped online. The boldest of my grandkinder wanted to annex my supply of potato sticks. For once, I said, “No.” Then I ordered a dozen 5-ounce cans (AKA 3-day supply) to be delivered to the dotter by tomorrow. (Gramps is a marshmallow.)

    I took the car to be inspected where they replaced the tires. Good for another year.

    I cooked. I cleaned. I folded laundry and put it away.

    I cut my own hair. (1/4″ long. A crew cut, if the crew is very short.) It didn’t take very long. There isn’t that much of it.

    I attempted to read. But that’s for GBT.

  6. Instead of working I’ve been perusing the programme book for the Toronto International Film Festival and picking out a bunch of delicious looking films to attend.

  7. I almost-accidentally put in 2 hours of yardkeeping Sunday evening. Went out intending only to water things, but once outside figured ‘might as well’ and one thing led to another. Its current state is sufficiently unembarrassing that I think I can safely leave it at ‘watering only’ this weekend, with very minor tidying-up right before we go on vacation.

    In writer business, I’ve done tiny bits of promo stuff and written a short to be linked to a relaunch post. Also submitted my holiday book to Actual Publisher.

    And in the ‘basic adulting’ category, did a couple hours of loooooong-overdue housework, such that visible dust no longer adorns every surface.

  8. What have I been doing? Mostly attending meetings (Zoom and in person) regarding elections. Some members of the county council took another stab at interfering with the board of elections. The last time they meddled, they sued the board over our decision to hold the DA race (long legal story). The board prevailed. Bottom line, the taxpayers had to cover over $130,000 in legal expenses. This time an ordinance failed so no lawsuits.

    Now I’ll be transcribing the minutes. And trying to stay abreast of all of the political turf fighting. As long as I maintain some detachment, I find it all fascinating. Still, it eats up a lot of time.

    Tomorrow I’ll probably pay my school taxes. Big plans.

  9. I have been working on a new plan of minimum adulthood. Essentially, I have to do one adult-type thing each day, on the theory that this will eventually lead to a clean apartment, organised finances, and basic nutrition. This morning I fed my balcony plants, and tonight I’ll make a pot of breakfast beans. In between I can do absolutely nothing without any guilt at all, because minimum adulthood has been achieved.

    1. I had to look up the “I can’t Adult Today” meme. There are lots of good ones.

      – I can’t adult today.
      – I can’t adult today. I haz the dumb.
      – I can’t adult today. Please don’t make me adult.
      – I can’t adult today. I’ll try again tomorrow.
      – I can’t adult today. Tomorrow doesn’t look good, either.
      – I don’t want to adult today. Therefore, I shall cat.
      – I don’t want to adult today. I don’t even want to human. Today, I want to bunny.
      – I don’t want to adult today. I don’t even want to human. Today, I want to dog. I’ll be laying on the floor in the sun. Please pet me and bring me snacks.
      – I’m done adulting today. I’m going to drink wine and watch Netflix.
      Me – Who let me adult?! I can’t adult!

  10. I *think* I fixed my dryer. Got the info from a YouTube vid. I can force it to rotate now and the motor doesn’t make a humming sound, but I don’t think I’ll be sleeping while the dryer is on anymore.
    Next trick, fixing the riding lawn mower – not affectionately known as The Demon.

  11. I grieved the loss of a good friend. That took up a lot of my energy. Today, I mowed the front and back yards, since the forecast shows rain every day for a week, starting on Sunday, and today was reasonably cool, and the grass wasn’t dripping with dew. Everything looks just a little sick. Some of my grass looks dead. In Arizona, I had gravel and sand “yards”. It may come to that here. Scary times.

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