Working Wednesday, August 17, 2022

We’re at 50,000 words on One in Vermillion, I’m clearing off and repainting my (very small) back porch so I can sit out there now that the weather is fantastic again (fingers crossed it stays that way), and I’m taking the dogs to the vet this afternoon. The days are just packed.

What have you been doing?

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  1. The year and a half process to complete my grandmother’s relatively uncomplicated estate is now done and I’ve distributed the funds to my eager relatives. Being an executor is such grinding work! I don’t recommend it to anyone. A sense of accomplishment nonetheless.

      1. Yes except now my mother informed me at lunch that she is going to use her share of the proceeds to escape her long term care home which is five minutes away from me and move up to a town in northern Ontario where she knows no one. She is on a walker, half blind, half deaf and 100% stubborn.

        1. Well maybe you could get her to take a small vacation there first, so she realises how inconvenient it is

          1. Excellent idea! I had a friend who moved to a small town only to discover that the people never warmed up to her and her husband. She thought it would be like the small town where she grew up, but after 3 years and opening a successful business, she and her husband were still treated as outsiders. And the only place her husband could get a job was at the sewage treatment plant. Please ask her to rent for several months before committing for long term.

          2. Hmmm, good idea – and I should take her in mid February when it’s at snow and ice maximum…

        2. Does she have some special attachment to this town? This seems oddly specific and inconvenient.

          1. My mom doesn’t try to pull my strings – but it definitely happens without her trying! She wants to move to place called Eliot Lake which has been positioning itself as a retirement community – so rents are cheap which is what she can’t find in Toronto. And really, it’s a community of ice and snow, so great for an 81 year old woman on a walker. She does not want to end her life in a long term care home – but those are subsidized. It’s a real dilemma.

    1. Wow, that’s wonderful. People don’t realize the work involved. And it can take that amount of time for everything to come to light as far as assets and bills even for a simple estate (spoiler alert: there’s no such thing as a simple estate).

      1. Oh just convincing one of the companies who had been paying her a pension for 40 years that they’d been doing and they could stop now was a pain. They kept telling me they’d never heard of her, she wasn’t in her records, etc. I almost said: “Fine, keep paying it for another 40 years, see if I care.” You’re right – no such thing as a simple estate.

    2. My mother survived being the executor to her brother’s will, and immediately went out and put her assets into a revocable trust, specify who should get legal and medical POA if she were deemed incapable, and — wait for it — which of her children should inherit which of her personal property. (Huge deal.)
      That was 20 years ago.
      Fast forward to today, and I’m blessing her foresight. I am stuck with distributing her possessions and handling her finances, since she’s been declared incapable of managing her affairs. (And if I can make it to 98 before having to deal with Alzheimer’s, I’ll be quite happy.)
      My life is SO MUCH EASIER since she took the trouble to spell out all these unpleasant details back when it was a theoretical future.
      Please, PLEASE, if you can, please put your assets into a revocable trust (avoids probate) and spell out who you want to handle your affairs if you can’t do so. And specify who gets what as far as your property is concerned. Various siblings threatened internecine warfare over the family silver (or whatever) but were calmed down when faced with Mom’s wishes in writing.

  2. Just brought my indoor/outdoor boy back from the vet. He’s got bad teeth, and this time there were a couple of extractions. I imagine that he’ll be a toothless old boy eventually. He’s hopped up on pain meds, confined to the house and restricted to soft food – both of those last are mental hardships for him.

    As for my activities, I helped my quilting sisters sort through about 500 yards (or more) of fabric bits on Saturday. I also did some prep work for a quilting class I’m taking this Saturday. Ruler work! You hold a guide on the fabric and run your sewing machine needle along it. In some cases, the way you hold it can let you have an effect similar to a spirograph for paper and pen. It should be fun – I just have to remember that it is a new skill, and I will most likely suck at it before I get decent.

  3. I’ve nose-dived back into feeling wobbly & light-headed since my vitamin B12 prescription ran out on Friday. Had the follow-up blood test this morning, and have requested a fill-in prescription to tide me over. Meanwhile, I’m having to cancel projected trips and walks.

    What with this and the recent heatwave, there’s been a lot of sitting around reading. I did a short proof-reading job, and will chase for more. Defrosted the fridge freezer, which I should have done months ago. Feels great. And have managed to buy enough Victoria plums for two batches of fridge jam, which I’m going to make this afternoon.

    I’ve got zillions of things to do when I get my energy back.

    1. JaneB, I had very low B12 levels and my doctor told me that pills don’t really do the job. I go to his office and get a jab once a month (you can do it yourself at home if you’re brave).

      1. Yes: the doctor said I might need this – just waiting to see if that’s what this second blood test indicates. I certainly notice if I forget to take a pill.

        1. If it turns out not to be too low B12, you could ask them to test your D3 level. Too low vitamin D3 levels gave me very similar symptoms to the much too low B12 I had several years earlier.

      2. Actually, you only need to be brave the first time. After that, it is a known event, and you deal. I’m much less afraid of needles now than I was two years ago. I had to step up and give my DH a shot every couple of weeks. I had a friend coach me through the first one, and have been going strong ever since. Of course, it would be a little different if I was jabbing myself, but . .. I think it still applies.

        1. I find that jabbing yourself is easier than jabbing someone else. The first time I had a cat with diabetes (I’m on the second diabetic cat now), and I had to give her insulin, I couldn’t make myself do it for fear of hurting her until I finally took a new/empty needle and jabbed myself, and could barely feel it (really tiny needles for all the subQ injections that I’ve dealt with, both for myself and for cats). Once I knew how little it hurt, I was able to give the cat her injection without any stress, and as long as I wasn’t stressed, then neither was she (or my current diabetic cat).

          I’m hopeful that a provision in the Inflation Reduction Act (the cap on out-of-pocket drug costs for Medicare) will, for bizarre policy category pricing rules, make it possible for me to do my own monthly injections of an expensive treatment for my rare disorder, rather than having to go to the doc’s. I learned how to do it (and it’s pretty much the same as the diabetic cat’s injections, except location, since I don’t have a scruff of the neck!), but there are weird rules that currently make it much more cost-effective for the patient (and much more expensive for Medicare) for me to get the injections in the doc’s office than at home, and I think this provision in the IRA should change that. It’s not an intentional change, but a side benefit, so I’m not entirely sure of the effect. I guess I’ll find out next year.

          1. I’m not sure if home injections are treated like pills but thought that Medicare does not pay for drugs (obviously your drug plan does, in tiers depending on the drug cost, with its own copays, maxes, etc.). This would make your out-of-pocket costs much higher. Have you checked this out?

          2. Sake: Medicare part D covers drugs. It’s optional and it may be what you are calling “your drug plan”.

            The new law allows the Feds to negotiate some drug prices so eventually costs to both patients and the government will come down for Part D participants

  4. I am tired. The result of working 12 of the last 14 days. It’s the same number of hours as not working weekends, but somehow it feels different.

    Anyway, I am still doing small, fast paintings and procrastinating on other bigger projects. But they are making me happy, so I will run with it.

    Oh, and I scrubbed my bathroom last night. Always a sense of accomplishment.

    1. Sometimes it’s the little things. My employer is giving back one of its four floors in a downtown L.A. office building, so those of us on the 57th had to clear out our desks (we’ll be hot-desking in future, on the few days we actually have to go in). So I’d brought home this box with a few random bits and pieces, and it’d been sitting in my workspace at home for nearly a month, but this morning I finally emptied it out and put most of the stuff Away somewhere.

          1. Right here with you, the amount of time it takes to pack and unpack your desk, re position, the chair and monitor. Making sure you pack all your equipment, cause tomorrow it might not be there. The dark looks when you sit in someone’s usual place. Everyone trying to avoid sitting next to the loudest person. That since they’re not sitting there again tomorrow means they don’t clean up their mess. Company had to institute a clear desk policy. That there are not enough seats when everyone is in. That if you’re late, you practically have to shoehorn yourself into another random team. We even had a really stupid rule in the beginning that if you don’t come back to your desk in 2 hours, other people can clear it and take it. That one never took off, there was an important meeting and when the head of the department came back, some sales guy had dumped her stuff on the floor beside the desk. I’m not saying she did anything, but we never saw him again. If he’d done that to the MD of our small co. (part of big co) probably no one would have seen him again. We did manage to get them to agree, we needed to sit together as a team and team members who were in early just saved each other seats.

          2. Due to rusing energy costs and likely problems of heating (thanks, Putin!), there’ll be a major resguffle of working spaces at my company too. Management wants to reduce the number of offices that need to have heating (or cooling in summer). One new head of department (a narcissistic know-it-all) comes from a company with clean-desk-policy. I dread that it’ll will turn out as described by kay. I had planned to bring some plants to the new office my team has just moved in, but instead will move whatever personal stuff I have at work back home. Just in case 😞

  5. I need to find a new critique group or writing accountability partner or something. My current critique group is spectacularly unhelpful. I read part of a short story last night. Of all the comments only one was helpful and the rest made me want to stop writing. And I am supposed to be learning things from critiquing others and that is not happening.
    I did get some writing done yesterday and will hopefully go back to work on the short story anyway.
    Nothing else is progressing much right now. Still trying to decide where to retire to and how much money to put into this place so it sells for more.
    I was successful at getting the dentist office to adjust my partial enough that I can comfortably wear it – that’s progress.

    1. On Monday, the wound nurse evaluated my progress and agreed that it was time to remove the wound vac. I still have a small hole, but the new dressing is just a little piece of collagen packing and, essentially, a Bandaid. So, progress!

      I also got measured for a prosthesis. My bust size was substantially larger than I realized (thanks, post-menopausal weight gain). My question is: if they measure me as a 38DD, but I only have one breast, does that make me a 19D?

        1. Intriguing, Jeanne. I don’t buy the mathematically rendered result of 19D; instead, I foresee a complicated new sizing plan in your future.

          It was easier in the old days: when you were measured for a breastplate, your armourer forged the same piece she’d always made for you, so the size remained a 38DD. See a Walkyrie.

          May your prosthesis be more comfortable than all your old breastplates.

      1. Maybe, but that would make finding a bra even MORE difficult.
        Congratulations on another step towards health and normality.

    2. To: Judy/Clever Cherry

      Dump that critique group. If they cannot be bothered to give you helpful feedback, they are of no value to you. And if I’m reading between the lines correctly, it appears your critiques of their work are also being treated as not being worthwhile.

      Back when I did fan writing, the comments and suggestions from the other writers kept me perking along. Looking back at it now, it is VERY juvenile, but I have the best memories of working with all those other young women.

  6. Prepping for second voice recital this Sunday, much more ambitious than last week’s. I may have over-programmed just a leetle bit. Run-throughs almost daily to get my mind ready for the moment.
    Have a new editing project so that’s good.

  7. I mowed the lawn yesterday ( not all of it needed it, only the sections that were in the shade and therefore grew, but I mowed the whole thing so it looks even) and then made mini blueberry pocket pies for the Master Gardener annual picnic last night. They turned out fairly well and I only had to bring a few home to put in the freezer for future dessert cravings.

  8. I attended the first conference for work since the pandemic. It was good to see some of my co workers again- we work in various places in the country – but I did not enjoy the commute… or having to wear something other than shorts to work. 😀

    The food was good but the conference itself wasn’t that great. Still being able to visit with friends and actually see people in group settings was pretty nice!

    1. That’s pretty much how all my work conferences went. Glad I’m retired. I can see people and eat good food without the meh parts.

  9. I’m planning a surprise 75th birthday party for my husband.

    But — I’m recovering from abdominal surgery = Not a big deal. I have covid = Big deal. My anti-cellphone husband uses my cellphone and reads my emails and texts = Big deal. The party isn’t until October 2nd, but we’ll be traveling from September 6th through September 24th = Very Big Deal.

    So far — I have an email account to use that is only on my computer. My daughter is co-hosting the party, so rsvps will go to her. I’ve had the invitations made and mailed to her and have had stamps mailed to her, too. The blank labels should arrive soon so that I can print them and send them to my daughter. Also, I figure that I need to order a tent and tables and chairs, and I must, of course, figure out catering or food delivery.

    Also, the huge surprise — our son and daughter-in-law are flying in from Poland for the party!

    I’m spending a lot of time concocting excuses — the lies I tell my husband. Our town is having its annual festival on the same day as the party, so I’m asking guests to arrive at our house saying, “I drove to town for the festival and decided to drop by.” And, my daughter and I are figuring out how I can leave the house the evening before to pick up “a package” that will take me hours (my son’s flight will arrive in Boston in the evening, about 2 hours’ drive from us).

    It’s a lot of fun. But I’m not sure about the variables working out.

    1. Oh those aren’t lies – as my husband says, paraphrasing Alec Baldwin (I think?): “That’s a business lie so it doesn’t count.”

    2. Ohmigosh Elizabeth, you are juggling elephants there!

      Where is the tent going to go? Can you tell your husband that a friend from college is starting a circus and has asked you to practice tent setup in your backyard so she can be sure she knows how to do it?

      Could you tell him that you need to assist that friend in picking up the clowns at the airport? Promising that said clowns have vowed that they will NOT get makeup all over your nice car seats?

      Play circus music vaguely in the distance on your computer while you do other things?

      Pull up a circus image for your desktop view just to create some vibes?

      I hope your covid recovery and surgery recovery both go extremely quickly and without any glitches, because you really need no more challenges while you are in the middle of World War Birthday!

        1. Thanks for your ideas!

          A variable in my planning is this: At what point does my husband figure out what’s up? He expects a small family gathering of maybe 8 people coming by (I’m inviting 75). The absolutely necessary condition is that the plans must be far enough along so that his only possible response is to sit back and enjoy.

          If any of the guests accept who live a long drive away, I’ll get them rooms at a local motel and ask them to show up for dinner the night before. They will then be the first ones to use the line about the festival. My daughter and they will then cover for me when I disappear to get to the Boston airport.

          I think I’ll have to have the tent set up in our yard by the guys from the rental place — otherwise, I’d have it delivered to our neighbors. Right now I’m trying to contact the neighbors and friends who I need to help out. I can’t do that while my husband can hear (he is home with covid, too). I really want to get the invitations out so that I can follow up using my extra email address.

          I like the circus idea, but I need something a bit more plausible to tell my husband to explain the tent in the yard.

          1. One of my biggest successes at a surprise party was telling my husband we were meeting two families for dinner at a restaurant (something we did regularly) and then inviting everyone else to meet us there . Not only that but my husband was so focused on a new camera (he is a gadget guy) tbat he didn’t really think about us being shown to a room instead of a table. So maybe you can 1) use something usually do as cover 2) give him a distraction so he won’t pick up on details ?
            Can a friend get your son ?

          2. Okay, is it possible for you to get him out of the house on the day the tent is due to be delivered/set up? Having the rental company do the tent setup is a super idea, and maybe you could rope your neighbor into handling with the tent crew, and taping a very visible note to the front of your door when you and your husband return saying “EEK – my son’s graduation tent got set up in YOUR back yard by mistake! Any chance we could hold the bash there this weekend? They say they won’t have a crew available to move it between now and then!”

            Still though, have you thought about getting some rent-a-clowns for the birthday entertainment?

    3. Have courage. My sister called a friend of mine and said, “You don’t know me, but I want to have my sister’s surprise party at your house” and then proceeded to lie to me for 5 weeks about birthday plans. When the big day came, I thought she might be up to something, but I had no idea about the party. She drilled any co-conspirators about what to say to me so that there weren’t any gaps in the story. I now tease her that I no longer believe anything she says for 6 weeks before a significant birthday.

  10. Hello, hello! It feels like forever since I’ve been here. I spent two weeks in July with my eldest daughter in England. Luckily, we spend most of that time in the North, where it was still hot, but tolerable. Then I got myself an e-frame and mounted it next to my computer at work so I can spend my days re-living that fabulous trip.

    My daughter is wonderful to travel with.

    I came back from England and discovered I have to have an embarrassing surgery. So I’ll be off for another two weeks at the end of August. Not really fair for my co-worker, but it can’t be helped.

    The surgery is embarrassing because if I’d made a different choice in my 20s I wouldn’t be having to do this now. I’m paying for the bad decisions of my youth. Also my mother’s bad decisions – she talked me into (and paid for) the bad decision in the first place!

      1. Yep. Dodo got it in one. My breast implants are leaking into my body. The scar tissue that surrounds them have cracked so not only are the implants leaking but the silicone isn’t contained and the whole mess has to come out. Ugh.

        My mother was afraid I’d never get a husband if I didn’t have larger breasts. My mother was never wrong.

        1. That’s appalling. Makes me appreciate my mother, even though she tried and tried (and failed) to make me an acceptable woman. The only physical change she insisted on was contact lenses, and I was with her there.

          1. Wasn’t enough to get me a husband, of course. That would have required a complete personality transplant, as I understood it.

        2. Kate, That sounds like major surgery. Please don’t be embarrassed among us.

          Have you had the surgery yet? Having just reread The Wyrd Sisters, I’m using headology to send you a complete recovery and renewed good health.

          And please return here to let us know how you’re doing.

  11. A working wednesday question for arghers:

    I have a client who I have a good relationship with, but who I think has an incredibly unappealing idea about telling people they can “put their feet up” when they do business with her company and wants me to help her make a giant web banner with someone’s feet front and center for her website.

    Note: the company has to do with financial services, nothing to do with shoes/feet/running/orthotics, etc

    Is it just me that thinks that’s not a great visual to associate with your new brand re-launch….”here, have some stinky feet in your face!” ?

    Is it worth the effort to push back on it because it is a potentially distasteful thing to people, and I should try to steer her to a different idea that would be more universally appealing…even if I suspect she’s ultimately just going to make me do it anyway?

    Or do I just suck it up because the client is always right, and she tends to be very sensitive about her ideas, and when things like this have happened before, and when I try to tactfully point out that it might strike people differently than she intends, she’ll often just override my concerns anyway?

    Or is she right and it’s brilliant and I’m the only one who looks at giant images of feet and thinks “Stinky”/”Gross”/”No Thank You” ?

  12. Actually, nevermind. I think I have away to do it and make her happy. Found a lifestyle image that’s still relaxing and technically the guy has his feet propped up, but it’s not so foot forward.

    Thank you for letting me work through this in a public forum…I think I just needed a sounding board

    1. I think it really does depend on the execution.

      When we hired a professional designer to do this website (only a fragment of which remains) I had a lot of ideas and gave her a ton of pictures and written descriptions as to what I wanted.
      The design she gave me wasn’t anything what I had in mind, not even close, but it was exactly right, I loved it on first sight. She’d looked at everything I’d sent and extrapolated what I wanted from that and then gave me something new and different and exciting and perfect, even though it wasn’t what I asked for.

      So it’s pretty much what you said above: you know what she wants, you just have to figure out a way to give her that and still present a professional image.

  13. Jenny, you’ve made me remember that I have a copy of the complete “Calvin and Hobbes” on my bookshelf and that my time would be joyfully spent re-reading it.

  14. I am slowly checking off my To-Do list.

    Speaking of To-Do lists, does anyone else add items not initially on their lists after completing them just to have the satisfaction of crossing them off?

    1. Are we not supposed to do that? How can we get present to our achievements in their fullest sense unless we do add them??

    2. Absolutely! Not so much the digital lists, but paper lists, probably half the items were added after I finished them!

  15. I’ve been working mostly on writer business, when not up to my ears in work email. Have now completed six of the re-designs (rebranding; changing the typography and some of the images on my book covers) and have compulsively tidied-up-and-tweaked the text. This morning I had to re-do one of the re-dos because I read the proof copy yesterday and found 1 typo, 1 continuity error, and 3 word-choice irritations that I didn’t want to live with. And then when I was reviewing the paperback text on KDP I noticed that one of the chapter headings didn’t get spaced properly on the page, so I needed to go back and fix that. 🙂 OCD much?

    And it’s time to sign in to the day job. Happy Wednesday.

  16. I finally got my truck back!! I was without it for a whole week, and had put off many errands because I was dog-sitting before that, and would have had to lock the dog in “her” room while I was gone. So I have been running errands. I actually walked to two of them because the weather has been great, here! It feels like the beginning of Fall. Wonderful! Tomorrow, I get a badly-needed haircut. Life is good, again.

  17. I tried to save the price of a stamp today by registering on line for the television we purchased last month. First they wouldn’t accept the model number I typed in which I had taken a screen shot of from the back of the tv on my phone. Next I sent the screen shot to the code number provided on the registration form. Also I went to settings on the tv which said to tap the mute button three times and the model number and serial number would show. Sent that too. The message I received back said they were unable to read both. Lastly I filled out the registration and used the bloody stamp and mailed it.

    1. It really doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in a company’s electronics when they can’t get their own website to work, does, it? And yes, I know that manufacturing and website design are each done by separate people, but it does make me wonder.

  18. Wow. You are all so busy. I ate. I slept. I did scantily clad indoor gardening. I cooked. I cleaned (not enough). I stared at unfolded laundry, which did not take the hint. I watched videos. I read. I reread.

    But then… I mentioned that writer/editor Eric Flint passed away. He created the Ring of Fire universe, the Ring of Fire publishing company, the Grantville Gazette eMagazine, gave hundreds of writers their starts in the Ring of Fire family…

    Friends, I have not very good news. Lucille Robbins, Eric’s widow, has decided that she cannot support the amount of debt Eric had in 1632 Inc., and she has decided to close 1632 Inc. We have not issued any new contracts for either Ring of Fire Press or the Grantville Gazette since the day Eric died, and we cannot do so at this time. If you have written a 1632 novel and published it through Ring of Fire Press, you will likely be a creditor in the proposed bankruptcy of 1632, Inc. Reversion letters for rights to non-1632 works are being prepared.

    We are NOT going to close down the 1632 conferences on Baen’s Bar. Just as we did when Jim Baen’s Universe went out of business, we will keep the writing forums going. Bjorn and I will continue to be the moderators of the 1632 conferences, including the Universe Annex conferences.

    We hope that we will be able to continue publishing stories in Eric’s universes in the future once all the dust settles.


    Walt and Bjorn

    The books that had a contract with Baen Books vs Ring of Fire Press will still be published. Nothing new from ROFP. I was saddened when Eric died. I have moved on to devastated, especially for Lucille, but also for the future of my favorite book series.

  19. I finished the current Llewellyn book yesterday and sent it to my editor. I need to write my column for Witches & Pagans Magazine and then start the next book (which is a Workbook to go with my Eclectic Witch’s Book of Shadows). I was going to do that today, but between my mini-vacation to visit friends in Connecticut and the ragweed trying to kill me, I’m just too damned tired.

    So I did some catching up on emails, a little housework, and now I’m going to figure out what dinner is besides fresh tomatoes from the garden. Tomorrow I have a realtor acquaintance coming out to look at my house. I’m not planning to move any time soon, but after 20 years of improving the place (and finally paying off the mortgage) I’d like to get some idea of what it is worth so I can at least consider my options.

  20. Did my usual Wednesday cleaning.My progressive group is meeting tonight. I’m really looking forward to that.

    I need to figure out what to do with a bunch of really nice red bell peppers that are ready for harvesting. Crudite, maybe? But not with guac or salsa. That was a dig at Dr. Oz and his PA senate campaign for those of you not in Merika. We are having too much fun with his latest ‘I’m just a regular person’ bit.

    Easy rest of the week for me.

  21. I’m supposed to be editing a novella that my freelance editor has slotted to start editing on Sept. 1, but I’m having trouble keeping myself focused. And I really don’t like to miss deadlines, especially when it would adversely affect someone else. I like this editor and don’t want her to lose out on a day’s work because of me. (That was my lecture to myself to get my act together. I still have time, even if it’s tighter than I prefer.)

    I’m also supposed to be helping a disorganized friend organize some papers that sort of have their own deadline (although it’s vaguer and further out than Sept 1) and just heard from her that she just found out she was exposed to Covid over dinner on Sunday, so while she’s still testing negative, I won’t be visiting her to work on the project anytime in the next week or so.

    I’m just so annoyed (Okay, I’m angry, not just annoyed) that covid is still a thing. I was at the grocery store today, the only person wearing a mask, and quite a few of the other shoppers had obvious pre-existing conditions that made them high risk. Probably explains why my town has the highest covid positive test rate in the area. Argh!

    1. Same here. Mandatory mask wearing on public transport. Only half of the commuters wear them. No controlling, so why would they?
      Dd and dh went to a festival last weekend. While they wore masks on the journey to Belgium I’m pretty sure they didn’t manage to wear them at the concert. Un the open, but still: hundreds of young folk from all over Europe.
      Mate of our son’s went to another festival also last weekend. Got home, tested positive. So far so good. I hope the defences from our covid-time in May still hold. My dh’s covid-asthma sure does. My persistent cough since then also.

      It’ll be a nightmare after the Oktoberfest in Sept/early Oct here in Munich. But nobody wants to cancel the big event (earnings!). I wouldn’t mind, am not a big fan of thousands of drunken tourists in fake-Tracht…

    1. We have three New Zealand Palm trees in our town on Vancouver Island!!! How do I know they are from N Z ? there is a plaque. Your painting looks like one of them.

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