Admin Note

1. I don’t know what’s going on with the e-mails, but I know that Wednesday is Working Wednesday, Thursday is Good Book Thursday, and Sunday is Happiness posts, and I do get them up early most of the time, so if you show up then, you’re good.

2. I am tired, Bob is tired, but the book is at 35,000 words, so we should be done next month. We’re just peering at each other blearily over the internet at this point.

3. There will be a real post tomorrow, an Argh Author post, but today is not the day.

4. I keep whining about the title because I really did love Yellow Brick Roadkill, but Bob had an objection to it that I can’t remember now although I remember thinking he was right. He likes One in Vermillion which also fits this book, and I do, too, except we have a hit and run in this so . . . Bob thought some of you might have opinions. No idea where he got that impression.

5. I just got an e-mail that says Petsmart has 25% off on lizards. I’m still kind of foggy–it’s almost ten AM so that’s the crack of dawn for me–but that seemed bizarre.

6. I’ve been cleaning up the living room and found a box in there that had a very nice white mug in it that said, “In dog years, I’m dead.” That pretty much summed up where I am right now, so I’m going to go drink Diet Coke in it for breakfast while Liz has Eggs Benedict in the book. Which probably means that if I ever wake up, I’m going to go into town and have Eggs Benedict. Or maybe not. I’m really tired.

7. This is another non-topic post. I don’t know why I keep saying that, all posts here are non-topic. I start ’em, you guys finish ’em any way you want. Have at it. And have a nice day!

Happiness is the Spam Folder

Akismet does a really good job with the spam on this blog, so I only need to go into the spam folder every month or two and delete the porn and general grunge and rescue the Argh People who have tripped and fallen in there. But this week I went in there and found this:

“Magnifіcent goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff prior to аnd you’re simply too wonderfuⅼ.”

I’ve been struggling this week, and that cheered me up enormously. I really needed to hear that I was producing magnificent goods. I kind of want a t-shirt with that on it, although possibly not a good idea to emblazon it on my bust. Still, that spam was simply too wonderful.

What magnificent goods made you happy this week?

Admin Note: Email Notifications

I think we’re going to go to weekly e-mail notifications for posts. It’ll cut down on the number of e-mails you get, you can physically check the blog if you want to see if there’s anything new, and you already know what goes up on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

What do you think?

Also One in Vermillion is at 18,000 not every good words, so we’re deep in discussions and rewrites.

State of the Collaboration

One of things I always do when writing alone and that’s even more crucial when collaborating is google for pictures. It’s not enough to know that the Blue house is a big blue house, I need a picture of it with floorplans. It’s not enough to know that Vince gets Anemone to help him find a ring Liz will like (Liz is not a jewelry person), I need to find a picture with a price ($2500). It’s not enough that there’s an abandoned factory that’s the setting for a lot of action, I need pictures.

Bob sighs and says, “This stuff can look like anything we want.” No. I need pictures. Such as:

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