32 thoughts on “Brainstorming the Ending

  1. Okay, an earthquake swallows the factory, the Wolves, and sends Vince and Liz straight to Hell, where Vince discovers he’s a lost prince of Hell and. . . . – oh no, that’s the Nita book!

    1. No, no, Nick isn’t a lost prince of hell, he’s Satan’s fixer. A dead human.

      Don’t make me post more of Nita.

      1. Where the hell is Nina, anyway? I thought she was about to be a book. Although you have so much to do maybe wait until the other 3 books are out.

  2. What I choose to take from Bob’s comments is he’s up for another trilogy. Maybe Alice, Anna, and Nadine instead? : ) Only at a slower pace, so you don’t go into orbit with your speed.

  3. Oh, icebergs with zombies on them. Sounds like the church I had to go to as a teenager. Chilling.

  4. I think you two should publish a book of all the back and forth emails. They are hilarious, and would give insight into the working process. I laughed out loud. 🤣

  5. Last night I dreamed of Manderley again – no that’s not it. Just wanted to get your attention. Last night I watched Lost City with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. Truly a farce but the opening sequence is about an author, Sandra Bullock and the model on her book covers, remember Fabio but is now named Dash, Channing Tatum. They’re on a stage at a promotional tour quibbling and I kept putting Jenny and Bob in their place. Brad Pitt is also in the movie and I wanted him to be Dash but that was not meant to be. Of course I know Bob is smarter than the character Dash. The premise was so funny. Just saying I enjoy reading about your collaborating and wishing you so much success.

  6. So… taking it a step further… the flaming zombies climb up on the iceberg and it melts causing a flood that the Viking ship passes through…??

  7. I think your brains may be severely altered by sleep deprivation. On the plus side zombies would probably reject you as food at this point.
    Loving this.
    And I would love it if you and Bob kept collaborating – but where would I get my survival guides?

  8. Yes! Just think what opportunities for fortuitous entrances and exits they’d create for you guys!

    Also, the flaming river would provide a touch of vermillion. So handy!

  9. How much brandy would one have to pour on the iceberg to set it aflame? I’m trying to picture the Ohio Glacier from which the iceberg calved. When did this ice age start?

    1. Mayperhaps the Zombies were drunk on the brandy and that’s how they got their flame on! Can zombies be drunk? Inquiring minds want to know.

    2. Enough to cover the surface, but once the alcohol burns off, the flames would die off because of lack of fuel. In short, it would be a somewhat short term disaster. But it would be a very impressive way to illustrate Global Warming. Just be sure not to use the good brandy.

    1. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen whim? How much iceberg can a whim carry? And which do we mean, African or European whim? Elon would do better to have the iceberg flown in from Antarctica on a migratory African Swallow.

      1. Elon is an egotistical whimsifyer who runs rocket factories. Money no object, the sneer is free of charge.

        1. An egotistical whimsifier? Does he ride a whimcycle? Really, he must be transporting the berg on his rockets. I am forced to wonder if the part of the iceberg we see is just a tiny fraction, and 90% is hidden above the clouds.

  10. I love brainstorming. 🙂 There are half-a-dozen files in my writing directory that are nothing but ‘well I woke up with this scene in my head and now I have to put down all the Who Where When & Why so this becomes something actionable.’

  11. It’s the last day to get Bob Mayer’s ‘The Green Beret Pocket Sized Survival Guide FREE on Kindle.

    I may have got the title slightly wrong.

  12. True story. A sheet of ice dropped out of the sky in Spain a number of years ago. I looked it up when I was researching natural disasters. There’s also been rains and frogs.
    That doesn’t help your ending. I feel for you so hard! I still can’t get my ending. I’ve tried throwing in a zombie but it didn’t feel right.

    1. Susan Berger – spoiler alert but I think you’ll like it – ice falling from the sky kills the bad guy in Marian Keyes book Brightest Star In The Sky. It’s so satisfying!

    2. I read a news story once about a jet emptying the waste tanks while in flight. The air was so cold at that elevation that the stuff froze into poopsicles on the way down. Hopefully, the Spanish ice sheet was of a cleaner nature.

  13. Humor me.
    Today’s SHOE comic by Gary Brookins and Susie MacNelly contained the following exchange:

    Biz: “I bought this wig at the truck stop for a dollar.”
    Cosmo: “Oh?”
    Biz: “It’s a small price toupee.”

    I laughed aloud.

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