Admin Note: Email Notifications

I think we’re going to go to weekly e-mail notifications for posts. It’ll cut down on the number of e-mails you get, you can physically check the blog if you want to see if there’s anything new, and you already know what goes up on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

What do you think?

Also One in Vermillion is at 18,000 not every good words, so we’re deep in discussions and rewrites.

37 thoughts on “Admin Note: Email Notifications

  1. It’ll make me even less able to interact here, because it’ll increase the amount of searching around I have to do. Without reply notifications I have to keep visiting the site and searching for my posts or responses to find if any activity has happened, and this will make it a bit harder. Note also that “searching” is a more involved process than doing a fast visual scan of the replies, because I can’t do a fast visual scan of anything — non-functioning visual equipment does things like that. The joys of a physical disability)
    But if it’s better for everyone besides me, I’ll figure out a way to cope.

  2. “18,000 not very good words” That’s because One in Vermillion really wants to be called Yellow Brick Roadkill.

  3. I didn’t sign up for emails; I just check most days. So go for it if it makes things easier.

    1. I’m another one who didn’t sign up for emails and just checks every day or so. So it doesn’t really make any difference to me either way.

      1. I check daily, I may not comment but I hit the ♥️ because I agree, therefore I don’t have to post. OK, I’m lazy,

  4. I prefer the daily e-mail notifications so I don’t have to remember to check the blog every day, but I could make it work

    1. Same here. An ARGH email sends a happy reminder amongst the incessant, unrelenting requests for $$ from my political favorites.

  5. I get way too many emails already so I didn’t sign up for notifications. I just check when I get a chance.
    Thanks for this blog that has created this community that I enjoy being part of!!!

  6. Off topic: I have four different bunches of Surprise Lilies showing up in my back yard. Pink and cheerful as all get out. Presumably the leaves back in March and April didn’t interest the dam deer. 🙂

    1. Arrggh. I can’t get surprise lilies to grow for me and I don’t even have to cope with deer.

      Enjoy them for me too.

      PS To console myself, I grow plumbago auriculate (leadwort) as a perennial most years and blue milkweed.

      1. Are you in a coldish climate or a warmish one, Jessie? It may be that you can give them protection from other things in various clever ways — thick mulch, extra drainage help, that kind of thing.

        (Ancient gardening lore popping up occasionally dating back to pre-deer days….)

        1. Portland, OR in USDA zone 8b, supposedly they grow here as perennials. However I have to amend my soil constantly because there is so much clay I could probably use it for throwing pots. So maybe it is a soil problem.

  7. I would much rather you wrote than sent emails. I’ll make a reminder to check.
    Instead of sending an email you could go outside for one minute and breathe in the world. Love you!

  8. Definitely in the pro daily email camp, but whatever works best for you. These are email I don’t mind getting, and they remind me to check the blog when I’m busy. And close to when something isposted so my comment isn’t to an empty room…

  9. I’m fine with not getting another email. I check the site fairly regularly, and if I’ve missed a post, I catch up.

    I’m glad you and Bob are still writing lightning-fast!

  10. Since I already get notifications the day after you send them, this just makes everything worse for me. I really get an emotional lift from seeing you in my inbox. And I agree with KarenB about posting to an empty room.
    But you are busy writing 3 new books so I completely understand why you need to spend less time tending to this blog.

  11. I like hearing daily or as often as it sends.

    Some of the (very few) lists I am on give people the option of weekly, daily, or only for major hoo-ha.

    Do what works best for you, we will adjust…

  12. I prefer the daily emails too. A) I get swamped and forget to look. B) It’s one of the few guaranteed pleasures in my email box, which is otherwise filled with news, bills, and gloom. I know it entails extra work, but they mean a lot.

  13. Maybe because my job involves juggling hundreds of emails a day, I’m in and out of my personal mailboxes as fast as possible and sometimes resent even the mail I want! Checking Argh every day is a personal treat on the same level as checking my AMZ wishlist to see if anything’s on sale. 🙂

    De-railing to add an admin note of my own: just finished prepping new text block for a re-launch (updated cover requires updated text in my world) and am about to do that. May spend the rest of the day on other writer business and get myself well ahead of the to-do list. Or maybe I’ll leave some of that till tomorrow and do a read-through on my holiday novella instead. Hmm. Odds favor option 2. /talking to myself

    I disbelieve that those 18000 words are not very good. Happy weekend to all!

  14. I love the emails. They’re one of the few almost daily ones that I don’t resent. I’d much prefer things to stay as they are – I’ll just forget about visiting otherwise.

  15. I had unsubscribed to the daily emails because my main email account has about 13,888 “unread” messages (not actually unread, but triaged) *plus* filtered emails and has just about run out of free room. 14K is actually good because I had hit 22K and my kids made fun of me.
    I would consider resubscribing to the weekly emails from my new account but can’t handle daily.
    Congrats on your writing!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!! Also am not a jewelry person, but love that ring.

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