20 thoughts on “Rest in Pink Progress Report: Plot Difficulties

  1. After today at work I am in favor of simplification through homicide. I vote with Bob.

    1. I have enormous sympathy for this comment. I’ve had one of those days today, too, and I was supposed to be on vacation this week!

  2. Just don’t resurrect people, after you broke everyone’s heart using their death for dramatic effect. I gave up on a series, when she killed a beloved character and then nipped off to a parallel universe, where they were still alive and the other characters who loathed her didn’t hate her.

      1. Nope Undead series, to be fair she had already lost me when her UK publisher stopped bringing out her paperbacks (I liked the covers) turns out they had reason.

  3. When I have a bad call at work – I sometimes hang up & then call the person a jack ass. Earlier tonight while dealing with a true cretin – I said jackass & then hung up. Yikes!

    1. Happened at my work, when he called to complain, his co-worker totally covered for him, claimed it was a temp who had since left.

  4. Have aliens beam them up. Then you get a prison break in space situation & a heist to spice things up.
    Ancient aliens accidentally summoned by the biker gang.

  5. I can’t nest off of Jenny’s comment to ask in the right spot, lest I break the blog…but is GAM an Argh acronym I missed?

    All I can come up with in this context is “Good At Murdering”…which seems wrong.

    Alternatively, a group of whales or a shapely leg doesn’t seem right either…and those are the only other definitions Google can offer…

    1. God Among Men

      I think I used it the first time when he sent me this thing from a tourist shop that I had wanted, a bunch of clams playing poker.
      I don’t have the post where I thanked him and called him a God Among Men, which the Cherry Bombs then took and shortened to GAM and ran with, but I have the post where I first saw them:


      Bob lost Moot after taking her away from me because he said I’d lose it. I still have the poker-playing clams somewhere. Should find those.

      1. Lol they’re suppositories, bend over.
        If I follow where you lead there is frequently a good laugh.
        Thank you, Jenny

  6. Thank you Jenny, these brought back many happy memories, the one about the B and B is one that I will Never forget, I always smile even now at the thought of Bob and the screen😪😂😂.

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