Happiness is Sleeping Whenever You Want

I’m so far into the Book Zone now, I’m not really present for reality (until I go out for food, then it gets real). Bob signs off every night before eight and does human things (I assume), but I’m in this weird “work for awhile, sleep for awhile” cycle. The best thing about it is, when I get tired, I go to sleep. As somebody who had to be at work at 7:30AM for fifteen years, this is ecstasy. I wake up when I wake up, I write when I have ideas to write, I sleep when I sleep. This, Argh People, is bliss.

How did you find bliss this week?

This is a Good Book Thursday, July 14, 2022

This week I read Rest in Pink. Over and over and over again. One of my pre-orders came in and I read that and it was okay, but it’s part of a series and I think the author just got tired. And I got a book on pasta from one of the BookBub listings and now I am all fired up to put everything I have on noodles. Actually, I’ve always been a fan of putting everything I have on noodles, it’s just now I know America’s Test Kitchen’s way of putting everything on noodles. I’m educated.

What did you read and learn this week?

Happiness is a Plan

We are far enough in (very far in) to Rest in Pink to know where we’re going now (sort of). It means that at this point, we pretty much have a plan. We’re still exploring ideas, but 70,000 words in, we’ve got a general direction. We have a plan.

I don’t think plans get enough credit for happiness. The way forward is always unknown, surprises around every turn, and a plan gives you a map, whether it’s for a book, a garden, a quilt, a dinner, a party, or an upcoming good time. Plans, they’re a good thing.

How did you plan for happiness this week?