Quick Question: Do You Know How to Pronounce Anemone?

Bob and I are having a discussion.

At the moment, we have solved it with this:

“I’m a ghostwriter. I go where my clients are.”

“And your current client is here?”

“Anemone? No, she’s in Chicago, which is why I must go there as soon as possible.”

“Who again?” he said.

“Anemone Patterson.” There was no recognition on his face, so I went on. “Anemone. Ah nem oh knee. Very famous woman.”

“Weird name.”

“It’s a very beautiful flower,” I said in her defense. “And also a predatory sea creature. She’s very aptly named.”

He let that one go. “So what are you doing back here?”

I thought it wasn’t necessary to put the pronunciation in there, but he had no idea how to say it. And it does matter that readers know how to pronounce it in their minds.

So do we need that in there?