Argh Rerun: The Suitcase Posts

Somebody in the comments mentioned the suitcase posts, so here, have a look at back when I was traveling and had need of a suitcase:

The Starry Night suitcase post was on here:

Starry, Starry Suitcase, Smelly, Smelly Dogs

And the Pig posts are here:

Fix the Pig: First Day

Fix the Pig: Second Day

Fix the Pig: Third Day

Fix the Pig: Fourth Day

And there were bats:

Bat Country

And now back to Lavender’s Blue, although Bob has just told me to knock it off, I’m overthinking things. And he’s right. So moving on to Rest in Pink . . .

9 thoughts on “Argh Rerun: The Suitcase Posts

  1. Pigs. (shakes head slowly) I have no luggage and haven’t for years. I’d have nowhere to keep it if I did. It would have gone to Goodwill in one of the sporadic attempts at finding joy with my possessions (or dispossessing them.)

    I think if I drove somewhere, I’d use a cardboard box. Bus, train or plane? I’d buy something. I don’t travel anymore.

  2. I love the pig posts, Jenny. I think I may have once heard about the way you transformed Krissie‘s luggage, but I’m pretty sure I never saw a photograph. Totally adorable, and, yes, they remind me of Sandra Boynton.

    Sidenote: last week when you posted a picture of a giant red teddy bear, out of curiosity I clicked on the link. Ever since then my daily email has included Amazon offerings of oversized teddy bears of various shapes and colors. (I’ve never personally owned a stuffed animal so large, but last Christmas my younger son bought my granddaughter a 6 foot tall stuffed sloth.)

  3. Last suitcases I bought were from ALDI. I ended up with red but ALDI is v. popular, lots of red cases last time I traveled. But mine were decorated, specifically because of that starry suitcase.
    My version was to set them up in my living room and invite everyone who came near to draw on them with metallic sharpies. Most people needed serious encouragment, so many adults think they can’t draw and then don’t want to just play. Wish I’d taken photos. I loved those suitcases. I only have one of the three now.

  4. Lol this makes me want to reread Welcome To Temptation again even though I just reread it 2 or 3 months ago.
    I need someone to tell me to stop rereading, open my laptop and do some writing.
    Maybe tomorrow. Today I visit Sophie and Phin in bat country.

  5. My sister picked me up at the airport a number of years ago and asked me what my suitcase looked like. I pointed at about a dozen plain black carryons and said “that.” Then I went out and bought a set of nesting turquoise ones.

  6. These put the fun into travel! And smart too–though I’m not COVID-phobic the fewer people pawing my bags (to check name tags, whatever) the better I think. 🙂

  7. Re suitcases…my DD visited from Auckland, (she just left today sob) her suitcases 🧳 have New Zealand in big letters, she saw a Canada 🇨🇦 one when she was here and wanted to buy it!! Maybe next trip she said.

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