Admin Update

You may have noticed you’re getting e-mail notifications again. The only thing we’re changing is that we’re turfing about a hundred people who signed up but never open the e-mails. If that’s you and you still want to get them, I think you just sign up again.

And as long as we’re here, let’s do a quick review of what you want from here. Right now you’re getting Working Wednesday, This is a Good Book Thursday, and the Sunday Happiness posts, plus the occasional Argh Author and Questionable, and then whatever random thought crosses my mind. Everything else about the blog has been around forever, so the place could probably use an update. So what other things would you like to see? Did we do something in the past you’d like to see again? Are we doing something now that’s annoying you? Speak up.

Like I had to say that last one with you guys.