Lavender’s Blue Update

We’re almost there. All my scenes are done and I think Bob has one to go, so now it’s rewrites and clean-up and then we’ll leave it be as we write the next one. If we manage to get all three books done, we can move back and forth among them, shifting details and foreshadowing things, but this one is really strong already. And the next book is going to be a blast.

Of course, we hit some problems. Remember the 5ft purple bear? I found one on Amazon but it was red and larger so I changed it to a 6ft red bear ($219), and got an e-mail from Bob that said, “apparently the bear is red now? Well, that just screws everything up.” This from a man who wanted burning zombies. I think we’re just both giddy because it’s done, and we’re starting the next one together from scratch. It couldn’t have been easy coming into a half-done book. I am grateful to Bob Mayer.
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