Happiness is Great T-Shirts

In Lavender’s Blue, Liz wears a lot of t-shirt, in fact, she collects them. I’m obsessive about the details in my books, so all of the T-shirts have to be real, preferably something I own. There are many fine ones, but this might be my fave:

It’s because I’m a word freak, but I’m good with that.

What covered you with happiness this week?

[If you’re not a word freak, the joke is that, like a lot of seagulls is called a flock, a lot of crows is called a murder, but there are only two crows here so it’s . . . . Well, I love it.]

105 thoughts on “Happiness is Great T-Shirts

  1. Thanks for the explanation! This non-native speaker highly appreciates it and loves the joke!

    I’m happy to have almost overcome Covid. Am in the last stages and I’m so happy that this dreaded virus didn’t come with more unpleasant symptoms than headaches, fever, bearable caughing, blocked nose and lack of appetite. Which possible to endure thanks to sleeping a lot.
    I’m also happy that I had enough warning (dd’s bff fell ill earlier on so I had an inkling we were next) that I could finish the most important tasks at work and my colleague could take over and lead through a conference I had organized.
    I’m happy that the coming work week will be a shorter one: Christ’s Ascension on Thursday is an official holiday and I can take Friday off.
    Plus summer has arrived with a vengeance.

  2. I used to own a tshirt that explained the religions of the world as variations on the phrase “shit happens.” Taoism was simply, “Shit happens.” Hinduism was, “This shit has happened before.” Jehovah’s Witness was, “Knock-knock. Shit happens.”

    It was hilarious but, sadly, not something I could wear in public.

  3. I have a shirt with a bee on it that says God Save the Queen. It makes me happy. More of mine don’t say things, but have amusing images.

    This week I am happy because I am pretty sure I can officially say that I didn’t give anyone in my family covid by having an event last week. It’s a relief. I would have felt bad. Now it is back to trying to get the garden in order.

  4. I love t-shirts in all lengths short sleeve, long sleeve, three quarter and my new favorite elbow. That’s the one that covers that portion of my arm that sadly jiggles. In the coming weeks some will be earmarked for a new home. I can’t help it if they shrunk over the winter.

    1. I’m with you, Mary. Cover that jiggle! Many of my clothes have shrunk, too.

  5. I wore my “emotionally attached to fictional characters” t-shirt to Megacon in Orlando this week, where a friend bought me a mug that reads, “I like my men tall, dark, & FICTIONAL” on one side and “Book Nerd” on the other side. I wouldn’t exactly say that Megacon made me happy but it’s good to be visiting friends, great to get to see my dad.

    I don’t actually have a lot of t-shirts with words on them, but I’m fond of my Disney t-shirt that reads, “I want to be where the people aren’t.” It’s easy to miss the joke, because the font and typography make it look like an Ariel shirt, but it’s the most me Disney shirt I’ve ever seen.

  6. I am exceedingly happy that my plans for Spring Cleaning and Renovation, with allo the revisions, is complete. I even completed a totally unplanned project, which involved mounting my 1.5 gallon portable shop-vac on a relatively empty bathroom wall with all its accessories.

    In donating scads of t-shirts, there were several message shirts that stayed. My beloved Chocoholic t-shirt stayed, even though I seldom wear it. Both my “World’s Greatest Dad” shirts stayed. And my favorite, “You can’t tell me what to do – you’re not my daughter!” The dotter likes that one, too. The other keepers were either polo shirts or pocket tees.

    The dishes are caught up. The laundry is folded and put away. The electronics… I may have a problem, there. All the junk is gone, but that leaves me with one of my “hobbies” in plain sight. I am addicted to digital storage media. There is a little case open on the desk. In it are 18 thumb drives, 6 compact flash cards, 3 camera cards, and 5 micro cards. Not in it are 3 external hard drives and two Digital drives. There’s also an old hard drive and the gadgets needed to attempt to rescue its contents. If I can do that, fine. If not, I’ll run the drill through it a bunch of times so nobody else can, either. Having that stuff makes me happy! Managing it gives me the headache.

    Then there’s food. I have cooked every day this month and probably this year. That means no more than five or six microwave dinners. Everything else was fried, stir-fried, baked, broiled, boiled, or slow-cooked. Or eaten cold, like BLTs or deviled ham on crackers. Thanks to my lettuce crops, I can have salads any time, and I do. I’m having one today. (That one’s self defense. The lettuce is encroaching on everything else.) I made meat loaf yesterday and it contained Thai basil and Genovese basil from Phredd, the herb garden.

    Happiness is as happiness does, and I does happiness. 🙂

    1. I tried to plant chives, parsley, and cilantro (because I use them frequently) in the built in stone flower beds on either side of my chimney. Sadly, the neighborhood feral cat problem put paid to that project.

      1. I’ve covered the front garden soil with netting and then poked pieces of my Christmas tree through it, which works until the branches get too threadbare. Luckily, this takes nearly a year, by which time there’s another Christmas tree to recycle. (My back garden is fenced – though I need to improve the height extension along the back wall, which is a cat highway.) If they can access soil, they’ll use it as a toilet.

          1. My husband put down wire mesh this week, but they’re still pooping on top of it. One section is a narrow strip of soil behind the garage, so he’s going to put pavers along that wall. I don’t know what to do about the planters around the chimney. I thought about cutting holes in the wire and planting knockout roses — they’re pretty, plus they have thorns. And then put marble chips on top of the netting.

  7. I love that funny Tee! I rescued a baby bunny from an actual murder last year, when crows were stalking it after uncovering its nest. I have a black Tee, which I have never worn, that says “I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one”. That pretty much sums up my attitude about Texas, the Supremes, capital punishment, and my sarcastic bent on life, in general.

    My happiness right now centers around the little Opossums that come to my yard every night to eat the piles of birdseed I put out, since every time I put out cat or dog food, a neighbor’s cat eats it. Opossums are wonderful creatures! They are polite, and don’t raid the garbage, like raccoons do. They are the only North American Marsupial. They eat ticks and roadkill. (When I go for my walk, I carry a bag, and stuff any hapless squirrel into it for the Opossums.) They don’t get rabies. They also share with each other. If a strange Opossum comes along and wants to eat, they let it in. If only people could be more like Opossums. Well, mostly.

    1. My observation of the garbage containers at work is that possums DO raid the garbage, just not as messily as the raccoons. I have come face to face with both when putting the garbage in the containers.

    2. I have to say that when I read your post, I thought you meant Diana Ross & Co. when you said “the Supremes.” I couldn’t imagine why you’d be upset with them. Then the bell rang. Derrrrrr.

      1. I would love to have your t-shirt.

        Just in case this lands far from the comment, it’s Jan’s “I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one.”

        1. There are bumper stickers for that, too.

          One of my fave T-shirts is the TV logo from Sanctuary Moon, the show Murderbot likes best. Sanctuary Moon Tee

          1. I bought that tee, then promptly tore it when I got locked out and had to climb through the dog door (he’s a big dog so I fit, narrowly). Haven’t had the heart to replace it.

  8. My current favorite is one that says “I am silently correcting your grammar.” When I wore it for the first time, a few years ago, a woman came up wagging her finger in my face. She said, “You aren’t correcting MY grammar!” I said, “First, it’s a T-shirt. Second, it does say ‘silently’. And, third, if you hadn’t spoken, I wouldn’t have anything to correct.”

  9. I love the murder shirt… fits my mood on most days. I have a collection of Pineapple Willy’s t-shirt as that’s one of my fave restaurants in Panama City Beach when we vacation there.

    Happiness this weekend is mixed with sadness as my sister in law has tested positive for Covid and had to turn around from their planned trip to come visit and help rip out carpet in the house. Which had the domino effect of my cancelling a weekend trip to visit a friend so that I could do the prep work since I’ve now hired someone to rip out the carpet and he will be here at 9 in the morning.

    But the happy part will be when the hard wood floors under this carpet are revealed and all this work will be worth it!

    1. I lived in Panama City from ’63 – ’66. We went to the beach and St. Andrews State Park often. Very often. So I DuckDuckGoed Pineapple Willy, since I didn’t remember any such restaurant. I love their live beach cams. But the splash screen, which looks at interior shots, then exterior shots, and then pans back from shore to show the high rise hotels that have taken over “the Miracle Strip” was totally and with no hyperbole unbelievable. Unrecognizable! They’ve turned PCBeach into Miami.

      1. I haven’t been to Panama City since the 80s and I’d never heard of Pineapple Willy’s. I don’t think I will look at the pictures.

      2. Yeah, our family started going there in the mid 80s. There were NO high rises at the time and now there isn’t a spot of beach without them!

  10. Hmmm. I have a shirt that says, “I was not made to be subtle.” I have a few from concerts I attended. I like wordy shirts.

    Happiness this week was brought on by watching all 20 episodes of K-series Healer. Damn if writer Song Ji-Na didn’t knock it out of the park with characterisation. The plot and pacing are good too, for a 20 episode series. But insight into people’s motivations were perfect.

    We have had bad rains again. Roads that were not fully repaired are further damaged. We didn’t have power for a bit so my spare mobile seems to be fried. Hopefully I can get a backup going soon. but I’m safe from the waters.

  11. I don’t have any T-shirts with saying but I have lots in bright colours with graphics. Flowers are a favourite but today I’m wearing a navy shirt with brightly coloured fish on it.

    A friend asked me what I did for myself these days and I replied, “working on the flower farm”. Lots of digging and planting this week and I loved it. Even when I’m covered in mud. I planted seeds in my own garden but we had a couple of heavy rainfalls so I may need to re-seed.

    Had a lovely belated birthday outing with a friend and delivered her a bouquet of spring flowers for her birthday on my bike. Working on a flower farm gives me the opportunity to share fresh flowers with my friends and family.

    Made pinto de gallo this week – apparently the secret to Costerican beans and rice is Lizano hot sauce. I brought my husband a small bottle from my recent trip to CR and added it. I gave some to my travelling companion and she agreed it was close to what we ate every morning on our trip. She broke her ankle very badly last week and had to have surgery. I took her to a doctor appt this week and cleaned up her kitchen.

  12. My favorite ‘received as a gift’ Tshirt is “I haven’t been the same since the house fell on my sister” but I totally love my two Sandra Boynton shirts:
    https://www.zazzle.com/sandra+boynton+womens+tshirts I won’t bother to specify my two, they are all good. I definitely love my Boynton mugs the best of all mugs owned.

    I am happy that I was of assistance to my friend who was recently in the hospital, even though it took more than an hour longer than I had estimated.

    I am happy to have read Paladin’s Grace which I really enjoyed. I know this belongs on Thursday, but I never manage to do Thursday on Thursday and I want to say thank you to all the people who recommended it.

    I made sugar cookies, which is a big project. Theoretically I could do a half recipe, but the work and mess would not be cut in half, so there is no point. I am now happy because I had cookies for guests yesterday, cookies to welcome my sister home, cookies in a box on the counter for semi-immediate consumption, AND cookies in my freezer for long term needs.

    1. Boynton is the best! Purchased last year: “Ready, Willing, and Vaguely Competent”

    2. Many years ago, my then husband bought my a Sandra Boynton pin with a cat on it that said, “Moody but cute.” I thought that captured me perfectly, and I’m sad I lost it along the way.

  13. Most of my slogan tees are long gone — too snug due to “shrinkage” — or just worn out. But I still have a few threadbare concert t’s, some supporting political candidates, and a couple of Read Banned Books ones. The latter particularly relevant now.

  14. My favorite (for several years) word shirt says Liberty, Justice, and Health Care for All. It’s a gift my from friend the doctor. She’s a member of spanohio.org which produced it. I cannot remember what span stands for except the P is for physician. I have tended to wear it to medical appointments. (Relevance-to-the-post moment: being her friend has made me happy since we were nine.)

    My other favorite word shirt (most of mine are image shirts) is more than thirty years old, so I wear it very seldom and very carefully: “Life without music would be a mistake” Nietsche

  15. One of my favorite t-shirts says in what appears to be words ripped out of magazines,”Hand over the chocolate and no one will get hurt”.

    During the eighties the Wisconsin State Fair had a fabulous ad campaign that they also used on their souvenir cups and t-shirts. Sadly, most of them have died of overuse, but some of the ones I can remember include a rooster dressed as Elvis (Elvis Poultry) singing, “Ewe ain’t nothing but a corn dog” and a pig in a corn field that said,”Still crazy after all these ears”. I also have one that says,”Eat right, Exercise, Die Anyway”. And let us not forget Mo Willems’ pigeon (from Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus) reading a copy of How to Drive a Bus with his tail feathers wagging under the caption, “Driven to Read” or the one that says, “Books Turn Muggles into Wizards”. I once had a large collection of shirts with snarky sayings on them, but since I wore those the most often, they all wore out first. Sigh.

  16. Happiness is having a bad case of the flu when I was sure it was covid. Also on the bright side, I’m off work for this week to recover and reading none stop.

  17. I used to wear t-shirts, but I stopped years ago because it’s difficult to find female-cut shirts, so you usually wind up buying an oversize man’s shirt. I already look short and dumpy enough, thank you.

    I do have a fun pen, though. When I retired, I bought my coworkers pens that say:

    CJIS* Writer-Editor
    Write without fear
    Edit without mercy

    *CJIS, obviously, is where I worked.

  18. Welp, it’s been a week. We had a great show weekend last weekend, followed by a cast party at someone’s house where apparently they are YouTube millionaires! There was swimming and karaoke.

    And then…covid. As far as I know 8 (out of around 28-30) people got it: director and her husband, stage manager, my fake kid in the show and their mom, some of my friends, one of the leads, and the crush. Since the girl who first got it was also in the next show (and went to rehearsal for it with no mask after going to the doctor and being told she was negative…sigh), apparently 3-4 people in the next show got it too. So it’s been really sad and depressing to hear about people getting it, and the show had to be canceled for its last weekend. I’m not the sort of person to say it’s been a “cursed” production, but at this point it kinda is…I feel like the Chaos Magnet that’s usually around me went off big time on my birthday, the start of tech week (when the jerky musical director got fired) and it’s just been nutterpants every few days since.

    An old castmate of mine recently said that his show was shut down for most of 2 weeks when they had an outbreak and he said that who got it vs. who didn’t was “totally random.”

    So what’s the happy here?

    (a) I don’t know how the hell I didn’t get it, but so far I haven’t gotten it. I have been trying to wear a mask at least before/after the show when nobody else was and finally even I gave the hell up on trying on Sunday, so by rights I should have gotten it since I was by pretty much everybody who got it. I don’t know how I got that miracle, but I did. Tested negative on rapid tests this week and on the PCR on day 5. Still feel just fine today.

    (b) I got to go to two theater shows this week, which I haven’t been able to do for months. Tootsie and Clue: The Musical, for the record.

    (c) Because Evita was canceled, I was able to go to a friend’s karaoke birthday party and she had an awesome time. Funniest part of the night was her doing a “blow job” shot, which her dad filmed and then was totally shocked that she knew how to consume it…and then she ended up spilling it all over her dress, darn it. Her dad kept going on about how traumatized he was by the video and never wanted to see it again, and then kept on showing it to everyone who missed it. It was all very funny. (I note I had a mask on except for when I was standing by the large open door, and for drinking one drink real quick.)

    (d) Assuming people recover/test negative/what have you by next weekend, they will do one last show next Saturday since that slot is open at the theater. I hope that can happen.

    On a related note, any suggestions as to what to do for people with covid when you can’t get anywhere near them and I am NOT a “home cooked meal” person? I’ve just been doing check-in texts for people every 1-2 days to make sure people are still alive and all that, and that’s kinda it. I feel some kind of survivor’s guilt for not getting it and then running around all weekend having fun while others are suffering.

    1. Can you get chicken soup from a store and deliver it? It’s actually supposed to help with the phlegm…since I am a home cooked meal person I have had some in the freezer all pandemic.
      It’s actually easy to make if you want to try… can’t really burn it or overcook it.

    2. I know it’s crazy who gets it and who doesn’t I there have been shows here in LA that have been canceled due to Covid. I got to see Hades town Hamilton and I have tickets to pretty women and Moulin Rouge and my absolute favorite come from my way. Stay healthy. Enjoy plays.

    3. There’s a research study somewhere (read about it in Washington Post, I think, about a week ago, but can’t find it now) for people who have had exposures to covid but appear to have some sort of natural immunity. Like health care workers that have been exposed to positive patients and somehow never caught it, even as all their colleagues did. The researchers theorize there may be a genetic reason, and are trying to identify it using … I dunno, either a genetic swab or blood sample or both. They’re recruiting volunteers, but unfortunately I can’t find either the article or a listing on clinicaltrials.gov. It sounds like you might be eligible!

      1. I’d love to sign up, though it kind of looks like they are looking for people who work as medical professionals and other SUPER exposed high risk (per whatever article I read, Washington Post) jobs, more than the likes of me.

        1. They still might be interested in you because you personally have had contact with people who had it or have been exposed when you had contact with them. I don’t know anyone who either had it or was coming down with it when we had contact. The fact that you have escaped it so far after having – what 10 or so contacts?, might make you an extreme person of interest.

    4. My next door neighbor developed COVID yesterday. My husband mowed her lawn today and we both offered to run errands for her. She said she doesn’t feel much like eating. I think I’ll make her some soup tomorrow.

    5. Is it possible you had a very mild case of it, no symptoms, and that gave you enough immunity? Your immune system is pretty good anyway since you’re so young.

      Or maybe it’s just percentages. Only 60% of the population has had it. That’s a lot, but 40% is still over a hundred million people without it.

  19. My former husband had a t shirt that tickled my funny bone. It had the image of a futuristic looking dog on it with the words “ he wouldn’t sit, he wouldn’t beg, he wouldn’t heel, he was a bad dog”

  20. I have a bunch of Roy Troll t-shirts: Mona Lisa Cod, Dark Side of the Loon, Paleo Nerds. .https:// http://www.trollart.com/store/. I am a big fan.

    But my favorite one at the moment is two disreputable looking cats in dark glasses that says “They stayed up late. They trashed the house. And they didn’t even care. They were BAD KITTIES”. I can’t wear it too often because my husband is offended it and takes it personally (We do not have bad kitties.)

      1. I bought mine from cafepress.com. It comes up when you do a search on “bad kitties”. They have every kind of t shirt imaginable.

    1. My sister’s name is Kitty and the Hell Kitty t-shirt I gave her for her birthday is her absolute favorite. It has a picture of Hello Kitty with horns and carrying a pitchfork.
      The Bad Kitty magnet on the side of her fridge shows a cartoon of a kitten with poop raining down on its head.

  21. Happiness is being up at our cottage for the (Canadian) long weekend. Today we held our annual Spring Cleanup for the cottage road and accompanying woods. Which would be unnecessary if the ATV drivers didn’t toss their litter onto the ground through the winter, but at least it gives the neighbours a chance to,congregate.

  22. I give my DH funny tshirts. Two favorites are “National sarcasm society: like we need your support” and (from seattle) “ if you must smoke , smoke salmon”

    And when the pandemic hit, he had to stop traveling for work (used to travel 1/4 of every year for the first 33 years of our marriage until the pandemic hit so being happily married now, when he took his first work trip in 2 years thus spring, is a definite milestone) so I gave him a shirt thst says “Travitude:n. When you start feeling grumpy and irritated from the lack of traveling”

    I also gave my son, the knitter, a shirt saying “knitting takes balls” (with two balls of wool on it”.

    1. I know it’s crazy who gets it and who doesn’t I there have been shows here in LA that have been canceled due to Covid. I got to see Hades town Hamilton and I have tickets to pretty women and Moulin Rouge and my absolute favorite come from my way. Stay healthy. Enjoy plays.

      1. I love T-shirts. My favorite is one I did for my mother with a unicorn and a dragon blowing fire on it that says “reality is the leading cause of stress”. It’s hard to decide on the others although I love “beware of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.” And I have a teenage ninja turtle shirt that has no writing on it at all it just has a turtle painting Leonardo point picture. They were all wearing out. We have a factory near us called Jerry Leigh and they make T-shirts for Disney for Harry Potter and for so many more things. Yesterday I bought one that has Dia del Muertos Coco portraits front and back. I already had all the Harry Potter ones. Happy Sunday.

        1. I didn’t have the t-shirt, but I had a poster that said, “Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for thou art crunchy and go good with catsup.”

  23. I am so happy to be home after 17 days in the arctic. Finally completed dealing with MIL’s estate and buried her ashes beside her former husband. They couldn’t live together but had respect for each other. Hind sight being 20/20. I wrapped container with two smaller fur pelts she had and tied with leather twine. It has taken four years. Two years of not being allowed in the territories to finish dispersing everything. So happy and physically spent. Ate a lot of junk food and still lost over 2 lbs. Best three days at the cabins in the middle of the MacKenzie River is a lovely memory.

    Now onto the back garden and redoing the deck. And catch up on the Argh posts.

  24. Not many T-shirts with sayings. I did have a long necklace with “SHIT” medallion which I loved wearing in my 20’s. Like the almost a murder T-shirt. I would wear that.

  25. I once saw a man on the tube wearing a t-shirt with a human skull made up of cute white cats, which my co-worker (heavy metal, cat lover) would have loved

      1. I used to room with a girl who collected men’s shirts. She delighted in getting them to take them off, in public, and hand them over. She didn’t even need it to be a warm day. In spite of witnessing this multiple times I still couldn’t tell you how or why it worked for her. Of course, at the time, I had trouble so much as asking for the time but I really wanted to know how she did it just in case.

        1. Charm, complete lack of shyness and sometimes the element of surprise I am guessing. It is amazing what you can get if you ask nicely, especially if you don’t fear rejection

  26. I have a cool t-shirt from a solar eclipse event, produced by Brevard, N.C. where they have a population of white squirrels and also had near-totality viewing. So it’s this cool graphic of the sun’s corona with a white squirrel (Totality Squirrel).

    One I’ll wear sparingly so I can make it last is ‘Bring Me Your Revolution,’ which is a quote from a love scene in K.J. Charles’ ‘A Seditious Affair.’

    And my 2022 favorite is ‘Ukrainian Witches Unite,’ a fundraiser shirt.

    But I love ‘attempted murder.’ LOL

  27. My favorite when I was in my 20s said “Sleep is good, death is better. Never to have been born is, of course, the miracle” I’d get another if I could find one.
    A friend has one that I also love: “I can make only one person happy a day. I choose me”
    But I think I need to get a couple of those attempted murder shirts. I know people who’d love them.

  28. I just plain feel happy. The gardens are moving into the next, late spring, set of flowers. A mama Mallard is bringing up six ducklings in a vernal pool along our driveway. Red salamanders (called efts) are appearing in damp places always looking as if they lost the sheet with the directions telling them where to go.

    I’m still keeping off the 30 pounds I lost last year. (I want to lose 10 more, but it’s harder to diet now that I’m seeing more people, especially when I’m drinking wine and eating chocolate with them.)

    A friend came over for dinner last night. She was my boss in my first corporate-type job back in 1981. I’m amazed by how much history we share — it’s awesome.

  29. Years ago my husband gave me a t-shirt with the line: The Book was Better. Guess what I invariably say when leaving a movie theater? Anyway, I stopped wearing it after several people asked if it referred to the Bible.

  30. I’m not a T-shirt wearer — I need a collar or my neck looks weird. And I always feel as if I’m choking. If they would slogans on Polo’s, I’d be there! 🙂

  31. My favorite old t-shirt (from the 80’s)
    Bloom County “Don’t Blame Me- I voted for Bill ‘N Opus”

    1. I used to have a Bloom County T-shirt, but I wore it to death. I don’t remember what it said.

  32. My most commented on shirts are “Save the floaty potatoes” (with picture of a manatee). “Science! It’s like magic, but real” An alphabet of Shakespear’s characters has a depressing number of people ask me if these are characters they are supposed to recognize.

    I just sent my brother Berkley Breathed’s. Save the Bassalope shirt. He sent me a stuffed bassalope last year so I thought it was a good trade.

    I am happy my pathology came back clear. My boob still hurts and is now noticeably smaller than the other. I didn’t have any boob to spare so it is a bit of a bummer. Worth the trade off though.

  33. I currently have 3 favorite t shirts: History has its Eyes on You from Hamilton; a rabbit surrounded by stacks of books that says This is my Happy Place; and one with the names of all 338 Canadian federal electoral districts.

    My daughter is home for the weekend. That’s my happy 😁

  34. Over the decades, many many T-shirts have graced this body, mostly feminist, political or cause-supporting, or combinations thereof. Plus workplace events. Plus some just for fun.

    One of the oldest, still intact, is from a long-ago boyfriend, with front-and-back captions of Cat wants in/Cat wants out, each showing a cat and a screen door.

    I realise I seem to have stopped acquiring them, and yet there they are, still neatly sorted (by colour) in my closet and many are still worn, though usually as the layer under the sweater in winter. Many others have had their essential parts removed and saved for that someday-I’ll-make-it T-shirt quilt.

  35. A friend gave me black shirt “Talk nerdy to me” to wear to computer science classes. Didn’t work to encourage other students to talk to me but at least I was happy wearing it.

  36. I’m happy about the play we went to yesterday. Genesian Theatre’s Hercule Poirot’s First Case. Very fast, minimal setting, and they had a really good Poirot. Much better than the last movie Poirot I’ve seen. I love the theatre building too, tiny converted church in downtown Sydney. Well worth the trip even though I’ve hurt my back shifting boxes and even walking is painful.

  37. I have a new T-shirt that reads: “Sorry I’m late. I saw a dog.”

    It’s from an American group that feeds street dogs with the profits from the shirt sales. Facebook popped it into my feed. Makes me happy everytime I wear it.

  38. “Flogging will continue until morale improves” I bought it at Disneyworld.

  39. My favorite is: Surely not everyone was Kung Fu fighting
    Favorite bumper sticker of all time: Nuke the Whales For Jesus

  40. I’m happy because reading about all your t-shirts has FINALLY broken that little voice in my head that’s been screaming for the last 5 years or so: “You’re too old to wear clothing with print/text/crazy things on ’em!” I am in desperate need of new clothes. I do have a bunch of band/concert shirts somewhere, but I’ve always been hesitant to wear them. Not because I don’t want to, but because soewhere inside I am a collector, and I don’t wanna ruin shirts from concerts I’ve visited… on the other hand, it’s a real shame NOT to wear them and show their glory in the light of day. Or dark of night. Or wherever. Anyhow, I really need to get myself some snarky shirts!

    Sort of on the subject of shirts: I’m mixed-up happy about Chili’s vet-visit last Thursday. Mum took him there and that went fine, he didn’t even mind the pet-carrier, but the vet refused to vaxx him since the neighbour’s devil of a cat had attacked him again and ripped him up good a few days before (this is NOT a happy). Apparently, they don’t vaxx cats with wounds. It was a good thing mum went there however, for one of the scratches had got infected with a pretty deep-going fistula as a result, heading bellywards. So instead of shots and chip and passport, he now got a cleanup, a drain and house arrest with cone. The cone he flatly refused and kept crawling out of, so my mother made him shirts out of tube-shawls (is this a word? anyway the shawl-kind you have to pull over your head to wear and thus get a sort of turtleneck-thing) instead so he can’t get to the wound and drain.
    (Should be a thread, so hopefully you can see all pics from Thursday until today.)
    So, I’m happy she went and got him patched up, or we’d had an infection on our necks and possibly a very sick cat. Less happy he didn’t get his shots. The drain should be removed today, then we have a second attempt for shots etc. Monday next week. Whew. Long story. Anyway, now that even my cat has shirts, I seriously need to fix my wardrobe…

  41. P.s. Shirts. I think I might need to move to the UK.
    Of course I miss out on the designs, but the text-descriptions alone sometimes already speak volumes even to me. Like “I came, I saw, I made it awkward”, “Tea Lover”, “Never refuse tea”, “Tea Life Support”, “Expecting disaster” – they all just make me want to know what it’s all about* and I bet it’s all perfect.

    * Unfortunately the designs or complete text/image is not included in their product descriptions, so I have to guess. For instance the one called “I Forgot” they talk in the description about how it’s easy to forget your grocery list, which makes me very curious about the actual t-shirt… Gotta grab someone sighted by the neck someday soon and plough through them all. 🙂

    1. The I forgot tee is just lettering, no image.

      In big letters: “They didn’t have any.”

      In smaller letters in parentheses: “Translation”

      In smaller letters beneath that: “I forgot to look.”

      Tea Lover is three rows of different outlines of tea cups, seven to a row, in red and light blue,
      Then “TEA LOVER” is all caps in different red and light blue letters,
      then another three rows of cups.

      I couldn’t find “Never refuse tea,” or the awkward one on the site you linked to, but Amazon has the awkward one, just lettering, no image.

      I couldn’t find “Tea Life Support,” either, but they have one that says

      In big letters: “Life.”

      In smaller letters in parentheses: “Translation”

      In smaller letters beneath that: “Making it from one cup of tea to the next.”

      Expecting disaster is

      In big letters: “What could go wrong?”

      In smaller letters in parentheses: “Translation”

      In smaller letters beneath that: “I’m expecting nothing but disaster.”

      There are no images on any of the translation shirts, just very nice plain lettering.

      1. Thank you for all the shirt-clarifications, and for taking the time to look and write them down, and . . . well I can go on forever.
        It’s been confirmed: I need to move to the UK. Or at least bribe someone to get me nice, tea-related shirts.

  42. I went with some good friends to a AA Portland Seadogs baseball games. It was sunny, got warm, the bleachers have their backs to the sun, and there was good beer. I got tickets for my parents, and we all had fun. I bless my friends for making it not a big deal to have two quite elderly people along on a fun day, and to so naturally look out for them without it being a big deal.
    Also, Portland won!

  43. I get a lot of tee shirts from a great company called Life is Good. (My pal Skye turned me on to them and now I’m addicted.) All cotton, wear forever, and they donate part of their proceeds to children. My favorite has a sleeping cat on it and says “There’s a Nap For That.” Right this minute I’m wearing one from them that has two cats and says, “Do cats know that we know that they know we know.”

    Happiness was getting more plants for the garden, then getting rain which we definitely needed (without the major thunderstorms they called for, which I definitely didn’t). And watching Saturday’s horse race on Sunday with my bestie, which is one of our traditions we had to skip for the last two years. (We always watch the big three together.) Huge happiness was having a friend’s husband come on Sunday during a major early heatwave and put my air conditioners in for me. They’re too heavy for me to do on my own, and my house was getting pretty toasty. Of course, this week it is going to be cool again, but at least I’m set for the rest of the summer.

    Not so happy is having my area and all the counties around it go back to the high transmission level and watching most people (not my friends, who are sane, thankfully) act as though everything was fine. The woman who replaced me as manager of the shop I ran for 22+ years immediately took down the plexiglass guard at the front desk and I wanted to go in and slap her. Reader, I did not. Do I get an award for restraint?

    1. My cousin works in a shop in Edinburgh (lots of tourists) even though everyone else stopped wearing masks, the staff have to. It’s was only common sense, 3 of their staff went down with Covid

    2. Same here – the restrictions got loosened and most folks pretend everything has suddenly become fine again. At work we still have restrictions but last week when a colleague had his goodbye-party we sat side by side – albeit outside in the garden – without masks after dinner. One was positive without knowing, shortly afterwards at least three that I know of went down with Covid (me included).
      Before I’d tested positive on Tuesday, we went to a concert on Sunday. All of us kept our masks on though the majority around us went without. I’m glad I did, as I hope that I kept to myselfwhat might have been already infectious.

  44. My favorite t-shirt is one that says ” Feminism: the radical notion that women are people”. Mine is worn out, but my daughter is going to make me a new one. Snarky t-shirts. That makes me happy.

  45. Our son was in a couple death metal bands, and whenever we went to shows we’d buy t-shirts to support the musicians. I have a decent collection of black tees with band names scrawled in overwrought fonts. When I wear them on my walks, people leave me alone.

    1. Funny that. People seem to think the hardrock- and metal-people are the bad guys, when I think 99 % of the ones I’ve ever met (including at concerts and festivals) were the nicest people one could imagine. More than once the most badass-looking ones were the kindest of the lot.
      Now, if you’d approach me wearing a Rihanna- or Ariana Grande-tee instead. . . . . !

  46. Too many comments to read before I leave work. (It’s quiet this afternoon.) I’ll come back later.

    My happy was my youngest daughter graduating with honors! No one knew – not even her. She hadn’t read the email telling her! She is now an unemployed engineer.

    Then she got Covid.

    At least we got the ceremony first, and so far none of us has come down with it. Fingers crossed.

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