Argh Demands an ABC Exercise

MAY 20, 2022 AT 10:12 AM EDIT
So… if we, your readers, were to work on your alphabetic exercise… it would start something like this:

As dawn was breaking over the burning river, the last Viking zombies returned to their aluminum boat en masse.

(Guantlet dropped. Someone pick up w B)😎

MAY 20, 2022 AT 10:33 AM EDIT
But they were oblivious to the shapeshifting dragon lying in wait.

Office Wench Cherry
MAY 20, 2022 AT 10:41 AM EDIT
Before Bob could even say anything, Jenny picked up the automatic rifle she kept with her for just such occasions and opened fire.

Cherries” she muttered.

“Damn Cherries.”

Deborah Blake
MAY 20, 2022 AT 11:44 AM EDIT
Cherries tend to be crack shots, however, at least with sarcasm and book recommendations, so Jenny was able to hit the shapeshifting dragon right where she was aiming, taking out the medallion that caused it to be able to shapeshift in the first place.

Questionable: What’s the Difference Between Plot and Structure?

Lakshmi asked:
“Are plot and story structure the same? Is plot mostly driven by goals? Are twists necessary? How do you define plot?”

So I’m going to reorder your questions from simple to complicated.

“How do you define plot?”

Plot is the events of the story.

“”Are plot and story structure the same?”

No. Story structure is the framework, plot is the content. Continue reading