Argh Author: Deb Blake’s Claws for Suspicion

. Our own Deb Blake has a new book out TODAY (Sorry about jumping the gun a couple of weeks ago): Claws for Suspicion, the third book in the Catskills Pet Rescue Mystery Book series.

When someone from her past comes to town to cause trouble, Kari Stuart and her sassy kitten Queenie will have to work hard to protect the Serenity Sanctuary in this new Catskills Pet Rescue Mystery. 

Kari Stuart is finally starting to relax into her role as the new owner of the Serenity Sanctuary and is looking forward to the various fun autumn activities in the beautiful Catskills town of Lakeview, like the annual Oktoberfest celebration. It’s time for friends and quality bonding with handsome vet Angus McCoy. Until the unexpected arrival of her unpleasant ex-husband, Charlie Smith.

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